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About the Chad Valley Designafriend Layla Doll

The Chad Valley Designafriend Layla Doll comes with a stunning embroidered denim jacket, a pretty white and pink flower T-Shirt which compliments the denim jacket nicely, and a charming organza skirt. To complete the ensemble Layla comes wearing a pair of pink iridescent shoes and a flower hair clip which matches the top nicely. 'Hi, I'm Layla and it'd be fair to say I'm a bit of a globetrotter! With so much beauty to be found throughout the world I adore visiting countries I've never been before, learning about different cultures and people. Locals tend to be so warm and welcoming which is just as well as I'm quite the chatterbox! In fact it's mostly the people I meet that inspire me to keep travelling, they open my eyes to many things. When I'm not chatting away I like nothing more than to stare out across the ocean as I contemplate my experiences with an ice cream in my hand, it's so relaxing. When I get home I pass on my thoughts and the things I've learned to my Designafriend besties, I love our catch ups!'. The Chad Valley Designafriend Layla Doll comes carefully gift packaged in a boutique style box with soft tissue paper and contains a lovely silver heart pendant for a Designafriend doll charm bracelet, which is also included. Size H46cm.

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Chad Valley Designafriend Layla Doll Reviews

5/5   'Layla is absolutely gorgeous. Her hair is great and outfit very adaptable. I'm sure any little girl would love this doll, she's very lifelike.'

5/5  Mia 'So adorable doll . It looks like very expensive and pretty good. My daughter loves it even I love it as well ❣️'

5/5  Alibob 'My granddaughter loves this doll, and her friends love it too!'

5/5  Nic 'This doll is really good quality my daughter loves it. Hours of play'

5/5  Deja 'The prettiest brown doll with Afro hair includes 3 outfits and 2 accessories. Bought 3, good quality and size. Good price worth more that what I paid. Love her ! The Best Doll Iv ever had or seen ! 5*'

5/5  Natalie 'Great doll, very pretty my daughter loves these dolls'

5/5  Hevs 'Beautiful product, I can’t wait to give this to my little girl for Christmas!!'

5/5  Raz 'Lovely doll worth every penny granddaughter will love it at Christmas'

5/5  JJ 'My daughter loves everything designafriend at the moment and I was very happy with this purchase as it was in sale it beautifully made, plus the outfit is 3in1 which is fab. I now have one happy little girl.'

5/5  Nan 'Can also buy extra outfits which girls love trying on their new doll for hours of fun'

5/5  SUISUI88 'An absolutely beautiful doll, with stunning pretty lovely curly hair too. Which you can put in a hair band or add hair clips or finger style, but not comb. Her outfit is cute and fun too, which can be worn many different ways. She has a cute friendly face which is great for fun happy imaginative play. Very good for most ages, even adults! A superb Christmas or Birthday or reward gift idea as beautifully boxed too.'

5/5  Nicola 'Both my daughter's love these dolls, they both play for hours with them. Such a great price for such a brilliant toy.'

5/5  Jo 'Presented well in a lovely keepsake box, doll is lovely.'

5/5  Jen 'Do buy and don't miss out'

5/5  Esma 'I bought this doll for a xmas present and when my grandaughter was younger she loved them all I would recommend this 100%'

5/5  Louisex 'I purchased this for my niece who loves it my daughter used to have a collection of these dolls they are good quality'

5/5  Kelly 'My daughter asked for this doll for her birthday can’t wait to see her face when she opens it'

5/5  Piccola15 'I was really pleasantly surprised by the quality of this doll. It was on sale for less than the others but was absolutely beautiful. I thought maybe the quality wouldn't be great but it arrived in a lovely boutique style box and wrapped in tissue paper. It's now the gift I am most excited about giving. We got a 2nd one for another little girl we know as well who will be 8. I think it would suit a variety of ages.'

5/5  Sue 'Looks good would buy again my daughter will love it'

5/5  Jan 'My daughter loves this doll. The clothes are really good as it can be'

5/5  Chloewebster 'Best price I’ve seen compared to other shops. Love the fact you can collect them all. Cute little charms Perfect gifts for little girls'

5/5  Sam 'Great doll. Really good quality for the money.'

4/5  Arnolda 'Bought as a Xmas present to add to my little girls collection she will be very happy with this, great quality'

5/5  Becca 'Beautiful doll, great quality as it is just like an Our Generation doll but at a fraction of the price.'

4/5  Nn 'It’s a lovely doll.. nice and big so my 6 yr old has no trouble changing outfits for it unlike the lols... I had to exchange this one coz my daughter wanted one in which she could easily style the hair too so bought a straight hair one...but this one is much more stylishly dressed also got great accessories.'

4/5  Shez 'Nice doll, well made.'

5/5  Bee22 'My daughter loved this doll. She is really pretty with great detail'

5/5  Bubs 'Love this doll excellent value for money well presented.'

5/5  Catihzy 'Bought it as a gift for my friend’s daughter and she loved it.'

5/5  Rach 'Really good value for money, but the sunglasses are just too fragile and dint last 5 minutes'

5/5  Standardmark 'My 6 year old wanted this, similar curly hair! She loves it and accessories seem fab too, even the box is well presented. Great!'

5/5  Rachael 'Great gift for my niece. Very durable'

5/5  Miche 'Wonderful doll - great quality and worth every penny.'

5/5  Sssskins16 'Brought in the sale .. great price'

5/5  Patsyg 'Bought this doll for my granddaughters 6th birthday the joy on her face was priceless it is fantastic quality a great size and it can be added to with outfits it's just brilliant'

5/5  Clara 'Beautiful doll and great quality for the price. My little girl has hours of fun with her design a friend dolls and loves the fab outfits that come with each one.'

5/5  Judy65 'Very happy granddaughter she absolutely loves this doll & plays with her a lot she is very pretty & very sturdy at a great price.'

5/5  Angel 'When got this doll granddaughter was very happy to get her she loves it'

5/5  Louise 'Bought this for my niece. It comes in a lovely box. The doll has amazing hair and the outfit is fantastic. It is really good quality. My daughter has several of the others design a friend dolls.'

5/5  Nata06 'Lovely doll! Really like it as a present!'

5/5  Annie 'My 7 year old niece loves this doll and the cute little bracelet for her.'

5/5  Nat 'Lovely doll comes in a lovely box with a charm bracelet my daughter collects these and loves them all , rearly well made , best not to brush the dolls hair as brushes ruin the hair other than that its perfect.'

5/5  Jellybaby910 'My 10 year old is over the moon with her Layla doll. She loves changing her outfit and style.'

4/5  Sugarpuff 'I got this for my niece's 8th birthday and she loves it, my only problem is the rest of the dolls are expensive and she can't buy more unless she saves her pocket.'

5/5  Nanny 'Such a great quality product I would highly recommend'

5/5  Tasha1085 'Lovely doll bought for my nice. She loves playing with this and undressing her and putting new outfits on her. Only thing I would say, is when we took her out of the box her sunglasses broke. It didn't look like they would stand play from a child for too long.'

5/5  Shadow 'Bought for Christmas for my daughter she loves these dolls so i know there wont be any complaints.'

5/5  Steph 'Lovely doll lovely clothes'

5/5  Beattieblue 'My daughter loves this doll and uses it all the time for her imaginative play. She will no doubt it use it as she gets older too due to the face that you can also buy additional outfits from Argos.'

5/5  Kaceyko 'This doll is beatiful my granddaughter will love it wen i seen it i was tempted to keep it for myself and im 53!!!!!!'

5/5  Favvy 'I am very pleased with her and know my granddaughter will love e'

5/5  Didomimi 'A beautiful doll, which is really well made, with a lovely outfit and accessories that will give hours of fun. A special present.'

5/5  Carol 'Lovely item my niece will love playing with it'

5/5  NancyNat 'These are great dolls. My daughter has several. The outfits are good and they are very durable.'

5/5  Jess 'My daughter loves her design a friend dolls. She wants them all'

5/5  2013 'My daughter loved it!!'

5/5  Sophie 'I gave this to a someone as a gift she loved it and it was a good price. The only thing was I had to change it twice as the glass came broken.'

5/5  Romana 'My girl it's really like this doll and I already recommend this to my friend and she said I want to purchase that one'

5/5  Barb 'My granddaughter is going to love this beautiful doll for Christmas it’s stunning'

5/5  Magenta58 'A doll bought for granddaughter who loves it x'

5/5  SammyD 'The doll is great for the price but the glasses were broke before we even took the doll out of the box'

5/5  Barnby 'Great present my granddaughter love it so much she brought another one out of her birthday money will definitely buy accessories to go with it'

5/5  DanielleL8 'Lovely quality and such a good price my daughter loves this'

5/5  Dine 'Finally a doll that looks like my kids. My daughters love this dolls, lots of fun and imaginative play. Plus the price was great'

5/5  Molly 'My granddaughter will get hours of fun playing with this doll and the many accessories she has.'

5/5  Samantha235 'Dolls glasses are very weak they replaced first one due to this'

4/5  Mjaf 'Beautiful doll, with a change of clothes allready in ,shame sun glasses broke straight away, apart fom that great product.'

5/5  Ade 'I bought this doll for my daughter's 6th birthday and the glass was broken and had to returned and changed it and the shoes fell off all the time.'

5/5  AM 'Bought as a present for my daughter's friend. Came in a very pretty box. Now my daughter wants one and ill be buying 2 as am sure my niece will love it too!! And did i say i bought it on half price? Yes, great bargain!!'

5/5  RA 'I bought it for my niece and she loved it'

5/5  Cadine 'This doll was a gift for my daughter's friend and while her mum has stated that she loves it, upon inspection when I got home as soon as I opened the box my daughter reached in to take the glasses off as she found it "cute" we both realise one of the handles was broken in two as when she lifted it off the dolls face one handle remained in the box. That was disappointing as the glasses made such a difference to the dolls face and whole outfit. While I got it on offer I was not amused.'

4/5  Greg 'Super happy ! Recommend this 100%'

5/5  DaveH 'What can I say my daughter loved it'

5/5  Harrogate 'Bought for my Granddaughter's birthday - she love it. Great value.'

5/5  Ana 'Amazing present for my daughter , She loves this collection.'

5/5  Mel 'Nice doll from a wide range. I especially like how they each have their own “biography” which helped with the choices my daughter made.'

5/5  Buff 'Bought this for my niece who loves it and is looking forward to adding to her chad valley collection!'

4/5  Veevee 'I bought this for my daughters birthday and she absolutely loves it !!! She takes the doll everywhere as if the doll is her best friend,and has asked me to buy some more clothes for the doll .'

5/5  Nana 'My daughter named her holly, she’s her bestie'

5/5  Sharon 'I've been wanting this doll for two years but my daughter was too young for it until now, beautiful doll, shoes always fall off but other than that I'm very please that my daughter has a doll that actual looks like her (culturally) realistic hair, cute clothes and I am looking forward to collecting them all for her as they are a great product. Even the boxes are pretty.'

5/5  Isa 'It's very good for my girl'

5/5  Sandra 'Perfect for birthday present'

5/5  Shoesrfab 'Lovely doll. Bought for daughter's birthday, she'll love her! Good quality and looks beautiful.'

5/5  Cristina 'Is very nice , and very good quality'

5/5  Fifi 'Beautiful doll my daughter like to play with her & she's the same skin colour of my daughter'

5/5  Claudia1 'Ok perfect fabulos....'

5/5  Aishah 'The doll was wrapped and presented in a lovley box ans smelt lovely ... this is one of the nicest dolls i seen.'

5/5  Michelle14 'My daughter loves theses dolls.'

5/5  Bee 'Bought it for Christmas for my daughter and she loves it'

5/5  Deborah 'The doll is lovely. My daughter loves playing with her and dressing and undressing her. The sun glasses that came with it were broken immediately. The rest is good quality.'

5/5  Gwin 'Duaghter liked this real life looking doll'

4/5  Supergran 'My granddaughter found a new friend. She loved the doll's hair and modern clothes, and also the jewellery. A great success.'

5/5  Sandy 'Great doll my daughter very happy with it cause it looks like her. Would recommend'

5/5  Josie 'The doll was a christmas present. It was a lovely doll the only problem the dark glasses were broken Where the arm was fixed to the frame it was broken off. Other than that my granddaughter was very pleased with it. I tried to mend the joint but it ws impossible.'

4/5  Peps 'Beautifully made doll I would have loved her as a child my daughter is besotted by her looks lovely and is a very girlie doll comes with a few things sun glasses bracelet hair grips and a outfit with shoes.'

5/5  K8 'Delighted with our purchase and pleased with quality of product.'

5/5  Marie 'Fantastic priced Designafriend doll'

5/5  Gogo 'I love the amazement and the look of appreciation to my lit girl when I gave her on Christmas. So elegant and beautiful ❤️'

5/5  Munchkin78 'Bought this for a Christmas present my niece loves it'

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