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chad valley designafriend emily doll

About the Chad Valley DesignaFriend Emily Doll

The Chad Valley DesignaFriend Emily Doll is extremely creative and loves taking pictures. She looks just the part in a cute blue top and matching pumps plus a dark skirt. Emily has soft flowing red hair, silky and luxurious to the touch while her malleable body makes her a doddle to get ready. The DesignaFriend charm bracelet is included too!

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Chad Valley DesignaFriend Emily Doll Reviews

4/5   'Great doll. My 8 year old daughter loves it. Loves to change the outfits.'

5/5  Jenbee 'My grand-daughter loves her'

5/5  Katief123 'Good value for money'

5/5  Busymum 'This is a really beautiful doll, one daughter received "charley" with long blonde hair ad a present and simply adores her, always playing and doing her hair (that almost feels real). We subsequently gave "Bella" black hair to a friend who has been equally pleased.'

5/5  Nettie 'I bought this for our granddaughter s 7th birthday, she had requested it and was so pleased to have Bella as a companion for the other design a friend doll. Bella is beautiful and everything our granddaughter hoped for'

5/5  SurreyMummy 'My daughter loves styling this doll's hair, and there is plenty of it to plait or put into a bun.'

5/5  Lucy 'I just wish there had been more Design a friends in the local stores. I had to really search for the one I wanted and had to travel over 20miles round trip to get it. I could have ordered and got it delivered to store, but I needed it that morning.'

5/5  Nannysue62 'Bought as a present for my grand daughters birthday,she absolutely loves Bella the hair is good quality and the doll seems well made,very happy with the purchase.'

5/5  Vron 'My granddaughter is 6 and is so in love with this doll. She now saving her £2 pounds up every wk to buy extras for it. She takes her every where, even to school then gives her back to her mum, to bring back when she gets picked up at the end of her school day . Beast thing I have ever bought , worth every penny .'

5/5  Jilly 'This Doll is I of 3 that she has. She loves her and spends hours plying with her'

5/5  Bella 'This is very nice.'

5/5  Warni 'Lovely doll for my daughter. She uses imaginative play to dress, style hair & play with this doll. She now has a few of these'

5/5  Casswife 'My grand-daughter already had 2 of these dolls and really loves playing with them! She has several outfits and pieces of furniture and as her friends also have them they have great fun together!!'

5/5  Yveie 'Bought for my granddaughter's birthday, she has 2 others. Lovely doll, granddaughter was very pleased.'

5/5  Sammie 'My daughter loves all her dolls , this is her favourite one and takes it everywhere with her .'

5/5  Jo 'My daughter loves this doll so bought another 1 with accessories..she loves to swap cloths from 1 doll to another..'

4/5  Andy 'My daughter chose this doll from a selection online and is very happy with it.'

5/5  Love2shop 'This whole range is great, great quality'

5/5  George 10538 'Excellent keeping my granddaughter happy'

5/5  Hay 'This is the second doll I bought my daughter. She loves them both and keeps her busy playing with their hair and changing their outfits'

4/5  Crunchy-mam 'Love the designafriend dolls. Cute outfits, normal shoes, and no ridiculous body shape. Nice doll for modern girls'

5/5  Michelle 'My daughter loves this doll that much it's by her Side morning till nite she takes it everywhere it's the best money I have ever spent'

5/5  Caro 'A very sweet doll and so much nicer than the tarty alternatives! It's a shame it says not to brush the curly hair as that's partly what I bought her for (for my daughter to brush, not me!). I would definitely have gone for a straight haired one had I known. The hair is rather matted already so we shall start thinking about styling it - or hats!!'

4/5  Page 'Bought for my daughter's birthday as she was crazing me for one, she's very happy with the doll and hours of fun has been had. However I think they're quite expensive for what they are and especially the accessories that you can purchase separately. I also found that most of the accessories were out of stock, which was disappointing.'

5/5  Sez 'Bought as present and she was absolutely delighted with her! Definitely recommend.'

5/5  GH 'My 4 year old loves design a friend dolls, she has 3 now and enjoys changing their clothes and dressing them in the additional sets that I purchased. Very good value for money.'

5/5  Yogi8ear 'My granddaughter has 4 of these dolls'

5/5  Monica 'Bought this for my granddaughter as she loves to play with hair and this doll has hair in abundance...so thick. Nice size too and well made.'

5/5  Annie 'My daughter loves these dolls and plays with them all tge time.'

5/5  Poonam 'I bought this for my 4-year-old daughter and she loves it, however I think it's more appropriate for older girls.'

5/5  Juicy 'I got this doll for my granddaughter as her friend had three of these dolls and when they played together she would have use one of her dolls .She was over the moon with her doll and asked me to buy her some of the dolls clothes which she showed me for her birthday .'

4/5  Limsey 'Dolls are excellent my Daughter loves them, only downside was the outfit was different to the one advertised.'

5/5  Grand-dad Vic 'We managed to buy this in an Argos sale when it was advertised in an Argos leaflet on the run up to Christmas. It is a good idea to browse the Argos leaflet-booklet,as a bargain can always be found. The doll is now the granddaughter's favourite doll. Always read those Argos leaflets!'

5/5  Natty 'Nieces have loved these good quality'

5/5  Saz 'Beautiful doll and well made in a lovley box with tissue paper and Childs charm bracelet. The charms can be collected seperatley with each different outfit. This is the second doll to my daughters collection. Lovley accessories and outfits to choose from & the bedtime onsie is a must !! highley recommend!'

5/5  Chloe Mo 'My daughter loved her emily doll highly recommended'

5/5  Tracey 'My girls love these dolls. The packaging is lovely and makes opening the gift extra special.'

5/5  Skins 'I cannot comment on the durability of this product as I purchased this for Christmas. She loves this and the accessories that you can buy too'

5/5  Luvbug 'My partners daughter has had hours of fun with this doll. Well worth the money.'

5/5  Dmb 'Ordered this for a Christmas pressie for my daughter of 9yrs old , she was so excited about it and looking forward to getting her new clothes'

5/5  Minnie 'Excellent Christmas present'

4/5  Yvette 'My Grandaughter received this for Christmas & wss so happy with it. The only thing is she wanted to brush & comb her hair & on box it advises to finger comb hair only.'

5/5  Al 'My daughter loves it. The doll is soft, easy for her to dress, and very cute.'

5/5  Kim 'My granddaughter loves this doll and enjoying choosing new outfits definitely recommend this product'

5/5  Nanny P 'My grandaughter loves this doll and loves playing with it and doing her hair'

5/5  Nanny Kay 'My granddaughter collects chad valley dolls and I added this one to her collection as part of her Christmas presents she was delighted these dolls are well priced as they are very well made and very stylishly dressed and you can get all the outfits great buy'

4/5  Jozza 'My granddaughter was very pleased with her doll, and its still in one piece so must be quite durable! Only complaint was that hair cannot be brushed, only gently combed'

5/5  Loulou87 'Brought this for my 6year old, she absolutely loves it spends hours playing with and takes it everywhere she goes, it has lots of outfits, accessories you can buy and my daughter loved the charm bracelet she got aswell, very good quality doll at a low price'

5/5  Lili 'My niece loves it would buy more'

5/5  Denisey 'Great product, well made, and great price'

5/5  Claire 'My daughter loves these dolls and has hours of fun playing'

5/5  Rach 'Bought for my niece for Christmas. Great value as bought in 3 for 2 offer so have 3 dolls. Great quality she will love them.'

5/5  Baz1 'Granddaughter thinks its fab'

5/5  Ant 'Goods were available the same day for collection. Very pleased with the quality and my granddaughter is over the moon.'

4/5  Kat 'Have got this as a Christmas present for a 4 year old, looks like a lovely doll and sure it will be played with lots.'

5/5  Jo37 'Bought this for my daughter on her 7th birthday, she was over the moon with it , she already has one other doll from the collection and has non stop played with them both and the best thing is the doll has the same name as her(Emily)..'

5/5  Netty 'My 10 year old Grandaughter loves these dolls, she has a few of them. She can swap their clothes about & plays for hours with them. She loves the little bracelets that come with them. I would recommend these dolls.'

5/5  Mandy8 'Would recommend highly'

5/5  Fun Mum 'These dolls are like the girl's version of 'build-a-bear' (although the bears are good for either gender, I think the dolls seem a little more grown up for older girls). They look beautiful and have lovely outfits, I just wish there were more to choose from. Because of the different styles of clothes (sleepwear, party wear, ski/snow outfits etc), they encourage imaginative play. Lovely gift for Christmas too.'

4/5  L D 'Wee girl loves these dolls and loves dressing them'

5/5  Snaphappy 'Bought for my 4 year old daughter for Christmas. I can't wait to see her face as she opens the box and unwraps the tissue to reveal this doll. She is so beautiful!'

5/5  Sky 'My daughters love these dolls. Very good quality and lovely dolls to dress and play with. Love all the other designer friend products'

5/5  Becca 'These dolls are stunning. Beautifully made and packed so lovely with tissue paper wrapped around them. My daughter haven't stopped playing with them, they really encourage imaginary play!! Couldn't recommend more!!'

4/5  Gilbert 'Lovely doll with good quality hair for my daughter to style. These dolls are enjoyed by both my 3 and 8 year old and provide hours of fun, imaginative play. I'm very happy with my purchase and the accessories available.'

5/5  SharleneR 'This is a fabulous doll for young girls! My daughters (5&8) have it and spend hours playing with her. The quality is great and it's not too big. Definitely recommend'

5/5  Liz 'My daughter who is ten loves this doll and will be buying some more for Christmas for her. Excellent quality for the money'

5/5  Mitchell 'Granddaughter loves this doll takes it everywhere with her grew looking doll'

5/5  Amy 'My daughter loves playing with this doll, very reasonably priced.'

5/5  Babski 'These dolls are adorable my six year old great granddaughter already has a brunette doll and several outfits her mother purchased and a blonde with an extra outfit for for her birthday and I have the red head for her birthdays with extra out fit. The clothes are a lovely selection of styles and lots of fun. I'm sure there will be a list for Christmas of accessories to go with the dolls. I'm also sure my granddaughter and I will have as much fun with them as my great granddaughter.'

4/5  Hayles84 'Great fun doll. The larger size, similar to size of most babies that you get, makes it more practical for play and pretend, especially for practising hair styles as this was one of the intentions for it for my kids. Good quality although would have liked more enduring hair to make putting it up easier.'

5/5  Spicym 'I have bought 3 of these dolls as gifts for family members and they are brilliant! Keeps the children entertained and they never seem to get bored with them, constantly wanting another one and to collect clothes! Totally worth it.'

5/5  Hazel 'Daughter absolutely loves it'

5/5  Adelle 'My daughter loves them and I will be getting the full Collection'

4/5  Bfee 'My daughter loves this doll, has had hours of fun with it, would recommend.'

5/5  Mum07 'I bought this doll for my daughter and she adores it, very pretty and moveable and the curly hair is beautiful and also comes with a charm bracelet for the child which is lovely.'

5/5  Shaz 'I bought this design-a-friend Chloe doll for my 7 year old daughter and she absolutely loves her. She is beautifully made and has long luscious red hair. The outfit is very pretty and modern. My little girl takes her everywhere and is now looking to have a lovely friend for her, in the near future. xxx'

5/5  Nikadimus 'The doll comes in a box with crepe paper and looks lovely. I've bought it for my daughters 4th birthday along with two other outfits, that also come boxed and wrapped in crepe paper. I can't wait to see her face! Very good value for money. Highly recommend.'

4/5  Snowy 'Very happy little girl now has a second doll to play with the first. Head band came apart a little too quickly, but easily glued back in place.'

5/5  Mum78 'Great my daughter loves it second one bought'

4/5  Ju 'Good quality brought as a present but not her birthday til but I'm sure she will love it as daughter us wanted to collect them all'

5/5  Sue 'I have two girls that absolutely love these dolls, they are well made and have really soft hair that my girls love combing .'

4/5  Kirst 'These dolls are life like and great for kids to play with.'

5/5  Stephers 'We bought one of these dolls for our 5 year old daughter and she loves it. However our 10yr old also enjoyed playing with it so have now bought the Chloe doll for her. Lots of different outfits to choose from. Great buy, especially if bought in the sale!'

5/5  Jimbob 'I brought the doll for my daughter an she loves it she sits an plays for hours doing het hair an dressing her up an when her cousins come round with there desigan a friend doll they all have hours of fun swapping clothes an shoes so I think its a fab gift for any little girl'

5/5  LoonyRosy 'It was a supersize to me when the truck arrived at 9:00am. she was a perfect doll for my collection.'

5/5  Flash 'Great looking doll and plenty of different style of clothes to pick from which make more fun play role'

5/5  Margaret May 'Good quality soft- bodied doll .'

5/5  Kit 'My daughter really wanted this for her 6th birthday. The doll hasn't been left alone. Everything you could wish for in a doll for older girls'

5/5  Teapot 'This inspires my granddaughters imagination'

4/5  Rach 'My daughter rely likes her doll thankyou'

5/5  Cbear '3rd doll my daughter has now from the collection, loves changing outfits and looks!! Great new feature with Journal. Daughter is 8'

5/5  Nel10 'Brought this for my niece and was so fascinated with how it looks and its size. I so love the hair and it is cuddly as well. I am even thinking of not giving this to my niece anymore and keep it for myself :)'

5/5  Fifi 'Another lovely doll from this range. My 7 yr old loves these. Very happy'

5/5  Lisa 'Good qaulity,value for money. Just as expected. Daughter loves it and she wants all the collection now.'

5/5  Giggles 'Got this doll for my daughter, she loved it and comes in a great box'

5/5  Em 'Bought doll for daughter & she loved it. The doll looks great - hair of doll beautiful. Daughter previous got one of set for Christmas & I can see me purchasing more. This doll was in sale at £19.99 & I was delighted with price.'

5/5  Molly08 'My granddaughter collects these dolls and accessories. This is her favourite one.'

5/5  Heapy16 'These dolls are beautiful. This Is my daughters third and counting! They are made so well, they wear lovely clothes, oh and mustn't forget the shoes. They come with a bracelet which is all lovely added touch. Separate outfits can be purchased so the doll gets her own wardrobe of outfits. My daughter absolutely loves these and spends endless hours playing and talking to them. We have even bought the matching onesie so the friend and her can wear the same outfit to bed....perfect.'

5/5  Jan 'Bought this for my granddaughter s birthday and she was over the moon with it , a work mate recommend it as she had bought it for her daughter.'

5/5  Sarah 'My little girl don't play with Dolly's much. But this one she takes every wear. I would tell anyone who got a little girl to get one'

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