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chad valley designafriend dancer ballerina doll - darcy

About the Chad Valley DesignaFriend Dancer Ballerina Doll - Darcy

Darcy, the Chad Valley DesignaFriend Dancer Ballerina Doll has luscious super soft to the touch shiny wavy hair. She comes wearing a ready to roll sporty outfit with trainers, and also includes an additional outfit in the form of a gorgeous ballet leotard plus ballet shoes with ribbons. Packaged in a stunning DesignaFriend gift box, the Darcy doll includes a lovely charm bracelet for with heart pendant as well as a doll diary.

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Chad Valley DesignaFriend Dancer Ballerina Doll - Darcy Reviews

5/5   'Fab dolls, great value for money.'

5/5  Darceyrose 'Lovely doll my three year old has one and she loves it. Her bestfreisn who is 5 come over for a play date and she loved the doll too so I got her one as well now they both loving playing with them and dressing them up.'

5/5  Fraggle 'Only negative is keeping the hair matt free.'

5/5  Lms 'My little girl absolutely lives the designa friend collection.'

5/5  Granof4girlsandoneboy 'My grandaughter loves this Dolly but was disappointed as she would have liked Sophia but was discountinued....but loves Darcy... would be nice to have a wider section of clothes...but a very strong dolly and her hair is lovely. Grandaughters very pleased have bought three dolls for my three grandaughters.....Madsion and Katie....highly recomended.'

5/5  Chloe 'Great item thanks'

5/5  Jadey 'Absolutely lovely doll, much bigger than expected and better quality as well. My niece loved it for her 8th birthday'

4/5  Simon 'I bought this as present of my daughter and she loves it'

5/5  Mrmac 'Does everything a doll should do! My daughter loves it'

5/5  Cat 'I bought this for my 8 year old who had admired the higher priced branded dolls but we couldn't afford them. She loves it to bits. It's her new best friend and seems to be well made and durable as it's gone everywhere with her. Great value.'

4/5  Whitstable 1 'This is a nice doll, complete with a change of outfit, but a bit pricey.'

5/5  Gracie 'The doll is fun to play with and fun lasts for hours and hours'

4/5  Jayde 'My little girl had this for her 7th birthday and loved it its also comes with 2 outfits wich were good quality would deffo recommend'

5/5  Kj 'I bought two of these dolls for my granddaughters, they loved the long hair and the outfit , they are also looking forward to getting additional outfits from this range, These dolls are beautiful come in a lovely box and will not fail to please, beautifully presentated'

4/5  Sue 'My niece loves it she plays for hours she as the clothes and other dolls from the same family.'

5/5  Lyndsey 'My little girl loved opening this on her birthday. Was a beautiful gift to give and my daughter was very pleased with the finishing touches. The doll itself has beautiful long hair for styling and comes with outfit and different accessories. To add to a much loved collection and can also be used with other makes accessories such as my generation dolls as they are the same size. Would definitely recommend.'

5/5  Mum! '8 yr old saved up her money for this doll and wasn't disappointed, two outfits plus bracelet, a lovely doll'

5/5  Helen 'My daughter waited over three months for this doll to come back in stock and is delighted to finally have it. The two outfits are nice and my daughter was excited to receive the charm bracelet included with the doll.'

5/5  Lulu 'My little girl got this for her birthday as requested and it didn't disappoint. Darcy comes in a lovely gift box and is nicely presented. I now have requests for more friends and accessories.'

4/5  Sadie 'Daughter loved this doll.'

5/5  Jon B 'Hours of fun with a wonderful doll'

5/5  Vikki 'My little girl loves these dolls so much we now have 4 dolls and 6 outfits. Her aim is to get the whole collection'

5/5  Jay 'I purchased Darcy Ballerina as a Christmas gift for my nearly 7yr old Granddaughter as it was at the top of her Christmas list. I'm pleased to say it has been played with often and with help, hair has been brushed, beribboned, braided and pig tailed! Her clothes are changed regularly, a nice touch being the extra clothes & shoes that came with Darcy. Overall a very successful gift, Granddaughter has requested another doll in the series for her birthday in February.'

5/5  Grandma 'It is always a panic when a birthday falls within days of Christmas. This doll was a perfect solution and competitively priced. Arrived within two days and thus had a week during which I had to hide the large box. Well done Argos! Click and collect such a bonus!'

5/5  Nic 'Bought this doll for my nieces sixth birthday, she was more than pleased with her and couldn't get her out of the box quick enough! The doll even comes with a little bracket for the new owner to wear, a complete hit!'

4/5  Lyn 'My daughter enjoys playing with it though she Prefrs Aimee more however, it's out of stock.'

5/5  Jo 'My 7 year old daughter absolutely loves these doll she likes dressing them in the different outfits and doing the doll hair,great doll good quality'

5/5  Weechy 'Daughter loves these dolls, favourite is Darcy as she has such long hair, plays all the time. Good quality'

5/5  Lolalulu 'Darcy is a lovely doll my daughter loves her. Well worth the money.'

5/5  OwlEyes 'Lovely doll, but one problem, the very long hair gets stuck in the Velcro which fastens the clothes. This was difficult for a 4 year old to sort out. We tied her hair up (the doll) with a ribbon. The clothes are really imaginative and just what I wanted to buy for my granddaughter.'

5/5  Shez 'This is a fabulous beautiful doll.. my girls love Chad valley this doll comes with two outfits a dance outfit and a ballerina costume and ballerina shoes.. the doll cones in it's own fancy box to store the doll in there wich makes it all the more special.'

5/5  Kate 'Super value good clothes'

5/5  Isabel 'My daughter really enjoyed with the new doll'

4/5  JoJo 'Bought for my God-daughter. She loves it and it is the second design a friend doll we have bought her. Need additional outfits to really make the most of the doll. Prices vary on dolls and the clothes can be expensive. Look out for deals which makes the product much better value for money.'

5/5  Nanny 'Our granddaughter loves Darcy doll and has bought more outfits for her.'

4/5  Anne 'This was a Xmas gift for my 12 year old granddaughter. She loved it especially the long hair.'

3/5  Bainer 'Doll didn't sit easily into hairdresser chair.'

5/5  Bubbles 'The only present my granddaughter asked for by name as she is collecting the range.'

4/5  Traction 'I bought this for my niece who wanted Santa to bring this for her. The doll was well packaged, in a nice box and also had a cardboard outer sleeve to protect the box. The doll was very pretty and clothing was as expected. My niece loves the doll and she now has the full set'

1/5  Judith Q 'The first thing a little girl wants to do is play with the dolls hair! Within seconds literally the hair was in knots! Very disappointed and even the most experienced Grandma could not untangle it!! Not happy!!'

5/5  Bob McCarty 'This was given to my 8 year old daughter for Christmas abs she absolutely loves it. She spends a long time playing with her and takes her everywhere!'

5/5  Caz 'My 10 year old daughter loves this doll, made well would recommend this doll'

5/5  Smithy 'My youngest daughter was very happy with her new designer friend doll she was really over the moon when she recieved it sayin it was the best thing in the world'

4/5  KatherineB 'This was my 3 yr old daughters gift from santa. It came in a (cardboard) presentation box, and the doll was wrapped in tissue paper - very special. My daughter loves the doll, and especially the little 'silver' bracelet that came with it. It also has a second outfit - ballerina - we haven't had it on yet so I can't comment how easy it is to change, sure to be fine though. I think the doll seems good quality, nice weight, lovely hair and pretty face.'

5/5  Sally 'The only thing on my daughters Christmas list. She loves it.'

3/5  Angie 'My daughter loved this doll Darcy. Her hair was so real like and she had 2 sets of clothes and her own hair brush .'

5/5  Paul D 'My daughter seen this doll and it was one of the top things on her list. With many dolls in the house I did not expect a lot but the doll is actually really nice and comes in a lovely wee box. She was delighted with it and takes it with her when we go out. It's pretty sturdy as well as has been dropped etc and still in new condition. Highly recommend for any little girly girl'

4/5  Agie 'Very happy with this purchase,good service ,granddaughter very happy.'

5/5  Kelbels11 'These dolls are good quality my daughter has three all brought from argos she plays with them for hours highly recommend these dolls'

4/5  Emma 'Lovely doll, the box is a nice touch and a change of clothes is added bonus.'

4/5  Sarah 'A very pretty doll offering an alternative to traditional baby dolls or teenage dolls such as barbie.'

5/5  Nana 'I bought this doll for my 8yr old grandaughter she loved it it came boxed , presentation great, would recommend this doll,every little girls dream.'

5/5  Floss 'Granddaughter very pleased with her Christmas Present -played with it lots .'

5/5  GranP 'Granddaughter loved it liked the extra outfit'

5/5  H 'My daughter loves the doll its teaching her how to brush hair and put it up. She loves playing tea partys with her and everything. I think it was the best thing i bought'

5/5  Chazza 'My daughter just loves her darcy doll says it looks just like her and now she's got her for a best friend for life. Highly recommend by myself'

5/5  Hwood 'My daughter really loves her doll came boxed really nicely'

5/5  Nannyjen 'Bought for 8 yr old granddaughter loves the doll has now became her best friend!'

4/5  GrandmaM 'Bought as a Christmas present for a granddaughter. She was very happy with it.'

5/5  H 'My daughter loves this doll and goes brilliant with her others.'

5/5  Kitkat 'Lovely doll. My granddaughter loves it.'

4/5  Grandma 'Bought for my granddaughter, good packaging, when she opened it there was a big smile on her face, loved the long hair. Purple was her favourite colour.'

5/5  Mummyof3 'My daughter absolutely loves her darcy doll, hair is lovely and so many purchasable outfits! It's great!'

5/5  EmSqu 'Bought my daughter this for Christmas. Comes with two outfits and wrapped in tissue paper in a lovely box. Worth the money, my daughter loves styling her hair. The doll also came with a bracelet for my daughter to wear.'

5/5  Lhay 'My granddaughter loves playing with this doll bought accessories as well'

5/5  Stevem 'Nice toy doll with realistic hair, you need to be careful not to tangle hair.'

5/5  JcG 'Loved by granddaughter'

5/5  Jim 'Product was in short supply but Argos had one at Their Ellesmere Port outlet. Reserved it online and picked it up within two hours. It made a litre girl very happy at Christmas.'

4/5  Steph44 'Well made doll, my daughter loves it. Bigger than expected'

5/5  Andrea 'My daughter absolutely loves this doll even at 10 years old. She has done lots of hair styles as her hair is so long'

4/5  Shelly 'Doll was smaller then expected but this wont be a problem. I know it will be a much appreciated christmas present for my niece'

4/5  Smit 'The doll I brought for my niece was spot on with quality and price thanks'

5/5  Pam 'This doll is beautiful and my great-granddaughter will love her. She was at the top of her Christmas list so she will be very happy.'

5/5  Kelly 'Lovely doll, beautiful hair and very good quality. My daughter is going to love this from santa ;) and comes in a lovely box too!'

4/5  T... 'It seems like a doll that will last. I like the fact that it comes in a pretty box. This is an xmas present for my daughter and I think she will love it.'

5/5  Jo 'Beautiful doll'

5/5  Bubbles 'My daughter has yet to play with it as it is her Christmas present but I am certain she will love it. She already has the Jessica doll and she takes it everywhere with her. She is going to love having a best friend for Jessica. The doll is beautifully made with lovely long hair. What girl could resist.'

5/5  Tamb8 'After buying my older daughter one of these 2 years ago my younger daughter has now asked for one. They come in a lovely box with a charm bracelet and they are beautiful with a soft body. Each separate outfit comes with a charm for the bracelet. Great purchase. My daughters 7 and 10 love them.'

5/5  Darren 'Kids love this item always playing with it'

5/5  Pammy 'Got this wee doll for my little girl so realistic looking and very good quality will definatley be buying more products from this range.'

5/5  Mumof4 'My daughter loves this doll. She got it for her 5th birthday and has taken it everywhere with her since. She loves being able to change her outfit :)'

5/5  Ella 'Beautiful dolls and great value'

5/5  Gerri 'Just bought for my 6yr old for xmas she will love it gorgeous doll with the most beautiful hair'

5/5  Soph 'Really happy with the quality of this doll.., her hair is beautiful. Worth every penny .'

1/5  Kendal08 'The doll's hair looked nothing like the picture when it was taken out of the box. It was not glossy but dull and already a bit messy. After one day of being played with, removing and putting on the separate clothes the hair was fully knotted and looked very messy. I was really not impressed and I returned the doll and exchanged for a different type of designa friend with straight hair. All is great with this one.'

5/5  GD 'My daughter already has a few dollars from this range and she really enjoys playing with them'

4/5  Hel 'Fabulous sale price'

5/5  Walker 'My daughter loves this doll, she's gets hours of play with her. Changing the clothes and brushing the long hair, putting it in different styles. Excellent quality, makes a great present.'

5/5  Millie 'Designer friends Darcy, is just what I was looking for,'

5/5  Zoe 'Really beautiful doll, well made, beautifully packaged'

5/5  Maxi 'My daughter loves this doll as it has very long hair to play with. The clothes are good too!'

5/5  MAL 'This is a well made doll and - as always with Chad Valley - excellent value. My daughter loves changing the clothes. What's particularly good is that the doll has a realistic body shape (unlike some that have stick thin arms and legs, and abnormally large eyes). Dinky shoes too.'

4/5  Lynne 'Got this for my granddaughter for Christmas she will love it , has beautiful long hair and a spare outfit, family members have purchase other outfits so I'm sure she will have a lovely time playing with this'

5/5  Bo 'I was very surprised when I open the box Chad Valley ballerina doll is absolutely lovely she comes with a ballerina outfit bought this for my granddaughter who is 5 years old she has not seen it yet but I'll know that she will love it as much as I did it's very good quality has very long hair which are no she'll enjoy brushing Tiffany happy with this product and also the price very good quality I am also thinking of buying another one to add to collection.'

5/5  Nic 'Brought 2 dolls from the Designer Friend range for my Grandaughters. Both dolls are beautiful and come in a lovely gift box. My Grandaughter will love them.'

5/5  Tracey 'I bought this doll for my daughters birthday and She loves it :-) The doll comes in a lovely box and is wrapped in tissue paper, she was so excited when opening it. Excellent quality, highly recommend it.'

5/5  Sharon 'This is the first time I've found something with my little girls name so it is a surprise for her for Christmas and we know she'll be over the moon. It looks a beautiful doll in the box and around the same price as other dolls similar to it from other ranges.'

5/5  Tadmad 'Daughter really happy with this doll, but mummy not so happy when price reduced within 10 days of purchase. Tempted to return and get the difference back as still have the receipt.'

5/5  Debbyhow 'Love these dolls - excellent quality for the price ! And when purchased in 3for2 sale- even better !'

5/5  Honey Mommy 'I am never disappointed with the service and quality of the product I have purchased from Argos. Always very efficient and the returns service is very good too not that I have used much.'

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