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Chad Valley Designafriend Amelia DollChad Valley Designafriend Amelia Doll

About the Chad Valley Designafriend Amelia Doll

The gorgeous Chad Valley Designafriend Amelia Doll has extra long soft to the touch blonde hair and stunning blue eyes. She comes adorned in a nicely fitting pure white T-Shirt with a pretty lace hem, a detailed stylish leather jacket, cute pink leggings and an interestingly patterned skirt. So you can change mix up style, Amelia's style depending on the weather also included is a pair of pretty sandals and some cool summery sunglasses to protect her beautiful blue eyes. Comes carefully gift packaged in a boutique style box with soft tissue paper and contains a heart pendant that can be easily attached to the Designafriend doll charm bracelet.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 7177259
EAN/SKU: 7177259
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Chad Valley Designafriend Amelia Doll Reviews

5/5   'Daughter received wrong doll from family member, I ordered this doll and she hasn't stopped playing with it. Definitely worth buying and will be buying more designafriend.'

5/5  Jc 'The quality of this doll is marvellous, so very pleased.'

5/5  Dmac 'Love the prouduct apart from had to order it in England to my mother in-laws as wasn’t in stock local to me'

5/5  Nic 'Doll comes in a lovely box and the hair is really long! Can’t wait to give it my little girl for Christmas! Also comes with two outfits which I didn’t realise. So really lovely doll!!'

5/5  Jo 'Excellent quality and value for money. My daughter’s friend loved it.'

5/5  Lu 'Got this for my daughters 9th birthday, she is crazy for it, it is such a nice doll perfect size, only one problem she wants them all, which l don't think l can do, so maybe one more, as l can't really afford anymore, but if l could l would, l got this one on sale, worth it, she beamed when she opened it up, priceless,'

5/5  SS 'My daughter loves it. She's finally learnt how to do a plait. Due to length of hair girls can have lots of fun with hair styling and doing all sorts Well worth it.'

5/5  Nigzi 'My daughter loves this doll .so nice. She spend hours and hours to do her hairstyle'

5/5  Meloonie 'Fab present for 5yr old onward'

5/5  Beckie 'I bought this for my friend's daughter and she absolutely loves it. She loves how long the hair is and how she can do so many different styles in it.'

5/5  Lisa 'Very good doll -my daughter loves it - she won’t leave the doll anywhere'

5/5  No2011 'My daughter loves her new doll, really pleased with the product.'

5/5  Lori 'Bought it as a gift to my nephew. She absolutely loved it! Nice outfit and beautiful sunglasses included.'

5/5  Shaz 'Great product for little one'

5/5  Anita 'My daughter loves this doll. With such long hair she can create so many hairstyles. Her clothes are so fashionable too. Great gift. I strongly recommend.'

5/5  Sue2012 'Bought for my daughter, she loves it, has great clothes and long hair which my daughter likes to practice plaits and pony tails,adding bows, ribbons, keeps her occupied for a while.'

5/5  Lizzy 'This is a beautiful doll and superb quality. My daughter absolutely loves it and she has other dolls in the same range.'

5/5  Jane 'It's a nice doll that my daughter loves. Good value'

5/5  Anne 'My little girl adores this doll she sits and plays for hours'

5/5  Selena 'The doll was dressed nice and had great soft hair.'

5/5  Laney 'Granddaughter loves it along with the outfits I bought she has been playing for hours'

5/5  Bargainhunter77 'These dolls are similar to the our generation dolls sold elsewhere, but these have much nicer features in my opinion. I got this on special offer which made it a very good buy. My granddaughter already has a couple of them and she loves playing with them. There is a good range of clothes for them but the quality of the clothes isn’t always great. She has all the furniture, as well but actually that’s not essential. It’s the dolls themselves she likes. Good buy in my opinion'

5/5  Hay 'Great value for money and excellent quality'

5/5  Lynny 'Lovely doll, my 6 yr old Grandaughter loves it and you can get loads of clothing and accessories, great.'

5/5  Whiterabbit 'My granddaughter will love this designer doll as she collects them , she has the wardrobe chair etc and about 8 dolls ,think she will love this one as it as super long hair.'

5/5  Kimmy 'Such a beautiful doll and my granddaughter loves it'

5/5  Tuta 'My daughter loves these dolls. They last really well. This one is very pretty.'

5/5  Shazp 'Absuluty love this doll keeps my daughter happy for hours she even brought another 1 with her own bday money works brill with the dressing table'

5/5  Shelloula 'My daughter wanted this for her 12th birthday. This doll is perfect because it’s more appealing to an older girl I feel'

5/5  MrsH 'Nice doll got for my 5 year old well worth the money'

5/5  SUISUI88 'A Beautiful Wonderful Pretty Super Quality Doll. Well packed with additional skirt and sunglasses A great lower price. A perfect gift for a little girl to teen to adult Lol!! She stands on her own. Has a lively cute friendly expression too.'

5/5  Tinatrickster 'Lots of imaginative play with this doll and accessories. Makes a great gift.'

5/5  Teetee 'This doll is great well made lovely hair granddaughter loves it.'

5/5  KK 'Really good doll, lots of fun and imaginative play. My little girl loved it.'

5/5  Maz 'This was a long await gift for my granddaughter as yet unopened but I have purchased a few df dolls and always been happy with them'

5/5  Paul 'Do buy this doll as we brought it for my granddaughter for Christmas'

5/5  Laney 'A beautiful doll with numerous lovely extras. Top class Argos and a brilliant service'

5/5  Anan 'Very nice and good .'

5/5  Nicola 'My daughter adores this doll she recently got this for her 10th birthday and loves all the accessories you can buy to go with it.'

3/5  Maisiemoo 'My little 8yr old loves this doll ☺☺☺'

5/5  Ems 'Great quality doll with lovely hair perfect for my 9 year old to plait!'

5/5  Rosie 'Excellent service again from Argos and best for price. Granddaughter delighted'

5/5  Jconnsun 'Bought this for my granddaughter at her request. She absolutely loves it. It is really well made and very pretty. I think I’ve scored extra nanny points!'

5/5  Joany 'Amazing value for money , looks lot more expensive !! 3 year old & 8 year old Grandaughters love them !!'

5/5  Pattercake 'As above bought this doll because of name and my granddaughter loves designer collection'

5/5  Kaz 'Great present'

5/5  Xexina 'Beautiful big doll with lovely long hair. It comes complete with outfit and additional accessories, ie a skirt, sunglasses and handbag. Also the doll is packaged in a collector's box. A must have for girls!!'

5/5  Helpful 'Lovely doll its long hair allows you to style it hair there is lots of nice outfits to purchase to dress it up daughter really pleased'

4/5  Lmm 'This is a great fool, bigger than I thought it would be. The hair is v long and hard to keep the tangles out. The clothes are great. High quality. My daughter loves playing with her.'

4/5  Supermam 'I love the ameila doll, my little 3 year old rather a baby doll than a “groovy chic” doll as my mother but it lol . Would be better if she positioned better i.e in a sitting position, have bought several outfits and my girl does enjoy playing with her hair.'

5/5  Gemmagem84 'This doll is stunning her hair is soo long and my daughter has had loads of fun with her already'

4/5  Caz 'Some out fits are a bit fragile but the doll and most of the accessories are good quality. My 4 and 3 year olds love her!'

4/5  Granliz 'My granddaughter is going to love this doll. The faux leather jacket is cute & well made as are the other items of clothing. I had the doll out of the box for a few days while I made some additional outfits, by the time it went back in the box the hair, because it's so long, was quite tangled and this was with very little handling and I found it hard to comb through. I can imagine it will get in a fair state with lots of play and little hands trying to style it..'

5/5  Malgorzata 'I liked buy from argos online. Is eazy nice and Quick'

5/5  Fruity 'There good quality.'

5/5  Gem 'Little one loves her amelia doll'

5/5  Nannie 'Granddaughter loves it!'

5/5  Stacey 'Perfect gift and a lovely idea, have bought extra clothes to dress her for my daughter for Christmas'

5/5  Jody 'Bought for Christmas so she hasn’t played with it yet, however the quality looks very good and the cost was middle price range.'

5/5  Mellybonz 'My daughter absolutely loves this doll as she’s been asking for ages, and they have the same name. I love the fact you can buy different outfits to change the doll, and especially all the bits to go with it. Good value and will play with this for hours.'

5/5  Sal 'Love the look of this doll'

5/5  Katie 'Lovely sized doll'

5/5  Christine 'Bought for younger granddaughter as the older ones already have some from this range ! Been played with for hours changing clothes and doing the hair'

5/5  Stella 'My granddaughter was so pleased with her new doll'

4/5  Nannalinda 'Bought as a gift for my granddaughter for Christmas, it was bought in the three for two as expensive items otherwise, but it’s what she wanted!'

5/5  Friz 'Lovely doll'

5/5  Nuala 'Bought this doll for my granddaughters 5th birthday. I knew this would be a hit as she loves dressing and undressing her dolls. Particularly like the inclusion of the little bracelet included for the child. Excellent purchase.'

5/5  Fifi 'Sh supriesed for my daughter Xmas presents. She want it for Christmas'

5/5  Stacey89 'My step daughter loves these dolls and they are great value for money and a decent size too!'

5/5  Deana 'Bought for my 11 year old who has been wanting one for ages. Thought she might have grown out of it, but no. It does look really nice though and I’m sure she will have loads of fun dresses her up. Glad I gave in.'

5/5  JM18 'Revived my daughter’s imaginative play with dolls. Great to see kids playing instead of entertained by electronics.'

5/5  Nanna 'Absolutely beautiful Doll. My Granddaughter is going to love her. Will defiantly be making further purchases for the Design A Friend range'

4/5  Amblerkj 'This is a lovely looking doll, my daughter will love opening her Christmas Day. I’m hoping her hair stays tangle free... think mummy (me) May need to plait hair to assist in keeping it in. Good condition. Do feel she’s quite expensive compared to some of the other dolls'

5/5  Mumof2 'Excellent quality doll Worth every penny Highly Recommended !!!'

5/5  Leean 'My 7 yr old loves this doll. Hair gets easily tangled but its a great doll'

5/5  Kirsty 'My daughter loves it her fav 7th birthday present'

5/5  Woody1073 'Looks fab and my daughter really likes it, thinking of buying another for a friend's daughter for her birthday, highly recommend this product'

5/5  Neringa2 'This doll has the most gorgeous hair. My daughter loves to brush and style it. Doll itself and her hair looks well made and comes with extra outfit and sunglasses.'

5/5  Stackerstace 'Amazing doll just as good as the very expensive American dolls that are out, this is half the cost and with amazing accessories also available. Very happy daughter doesn't know the difference well done Argos!'

5/5  Jade 'Brought this for my daughter she loves it. She loves to braid her hair and change her into new outfits'

5/5  WemmaMc 'My little cousin loved this! All of her other toys got cast aside when she opened it on her birthday!'

5/5  Zoe 'My daughter loves these dolls. So many accessories to go with it and she loves the long hair which she can play with.'

5/5  Gem 'Lovely doll and comes in a lovely box to.'

5/5  Nanna 'Not played with yet as it is for Xmas but looks lovely and sturdy'

4/5  Becslev86 'Have bought this for my 6 year old for xmas so it's not opened yet. Not sure on the quality or durability just yet but I am sure it will provide hours of imaginative fun for her.'

5/5  Deb 'A lovely good quality doll. My granddaughter is going to love this one and her long hair'

5/5  Anna 'Should be sold with hairbrash, hard to get one for those tape of hair. Beautifully impresive desine.'

5/5  Rizza 'Got this doll for my daughter. She absolutely love's it and can't wait to add to her collection.'

5/5  Gosia 'I bought this doll for my 6 year old daughter. It is smaller than I though it would be, but it proved to be a perfect size for a little girl. The quality is really good, including attention to the details and long silky hair is simply fabulous. My daughter loves it and plays with it a lot. The girls accessories that come with the doll and clothes are a nice touch. I highly recommend this series of dolls and particularly this one.'

5/5  Nicky 'Lovely doll, looks well made and comes with extra outfit and sunglasses. Packaged in a nice box my 8 year old daughter will be happy Xmas day.'

4/5  Skylarkji 'My Grandaughter loved this doll and is looking forward to buying more outfits for her dolly friend she does imaginative scenarios with her choosing clothing for different adventures especially picking Party clothes'

5/5  Mitch 'My daughter was so happy with her doll Amelia she's had hours of fun with her good quality worth the buy'

5/5  Lisa 'My favourite doll out of my daughters collection'

5/5  LauraJane 'This doll is beautiful and well made. My daughter adores her and has already had hours of play with her! Well worth the money'

4/5  Gem 'My daughter loves these dolls this is the second one that we have purchased, she is 8 years old and loves playing with the dolls hair'

5/5  Sarah 'Lovely doll. Not been played with yet as for my daughters birthday'

5/5  Tipi 'This is every little girls dream doll. Beautifully made and a very reasonable price. Also has a little skirt so that you can mix and match the outfits.'

5/5  Poppyrose 'The Designafriend Amelia doll has lovely long hair and will be a firm favourite for any little girl, especially if their name is Amelia! My 8 year old daughter collects this range of dolls as they have a fantastic range of outfits and accessories and keep her amused for ages.'

5/5  Rjr 'My daughter loves it'

5/5  Sabz 'My daughter loves her new doll. The quality is great and she spends hours with it.'

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