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chad valley designafriend 5 more minutes pyjamas

About the Chad Valley DesignaFriend 5 More Minutes Pyjamas

The Chad Valley DesignaFriend 5 More Minutes Pyjamas is a special treat for your DesignaFriend, they'll love getting funky in this vibrant pink and grey pyjamas set plus there are matching slippers and pink teddy! With a grey patterned top and checked shorts, doll will look stunning at every sleepover.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 3825921
EAN/SKU: 3825921
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Chad Valley DesignaFriend 5 More Minutes Pyjamas Reviews

5/5   'Lovely, cute dolls pyjamas. They fit my daughter's doll perfectly and are easy to put on the doll too.'

2/5  Gjacko 'Only bought as it was on sale. Would not have paid full price as I don’t think it would be worth full price for this item.'

5/5  Martha 'These outfits fit a selection of dolls beautifully, lovely quality and reasonably priced'

3/5  Aimigeorge 'Super cute outfit set my daughter loved it. Good quality.'

5/5  Hearts11 'Exactly what my daughter wanted for her dolls, I bought it on sale as I think these items are extremely overpriced.'

4/5  Rachael 'This is a present so not played with yet but it looks great from what I’ve seen'

3/5  Pinklady 'Although good price which was great I wouldn’t want to pay full price as squeezed into a little box and no charm so disappointed designer friend fan !'

4/5  NanaS13 'Very cute but not as good value as some of the other outfits.'

5/5  RAJ 'This is a great wee outfit the slippers are cool.'

5/5  TurquoiseFox77 'Another fab set, brought this as an extra as the unicorn set my daughter got for Christmas started to come undone the minute she put it on the doll. Daf said to return to Store but it is out of stock everywhere so needed to by an extra pressie to make up for the disappointing one she can’t use.'

5/5  Charlene 'Bought for my 10 year old my l9ndon our generation doll clothes fit lovely would revommend'

5/5  Gina 'Lovely dolls outfit great price lovely quality my granddaughter loved it'

5/5  Nanaenglish 'Got the designafriend dolls for Xmas which was huge hit for granddaughter and now being able to get designadoll clothes half price was great deal'

4/5  Deecat 'My children love getting their designafriends ready for bed!'

4/5  Amblerkj 'This seems like a cute little set, particularly the little slippers, I bought this at half price as a birthday present for my daughter friend.'

5/5  Rowey 'Good quality for the cost. My 9 year old loves them.'

5/5  Skins43 'The kids have loved having these to put onto their dolls every night.'

5/5  Dxx 'Lovely outfit my daughter loved it'

5/5  Claire 'Just lovely, every designafriend needs these!!!'

4/5  Mumof2 'This was a Christmas present for my Neice and my sister tells me my Neice is super happy! She loves Designafriend.'

5/5  Lilysmum 'Much better value than our generation'

5/5  Bobs 'Good fun the Granddaughter loves it'

4/5  Nannalinda 'Bought as a gift for Christmas for granddaughter but item matched the picture but the description was totally different with different pj set with slippers and tedd!'

5/5  Lindyloopins 'My 8 yr old niece will love this lovely outfit for her Designafriend doll when she gets it for xmas.'

5/5  Katierj 'These are so cute'

5/5  Annie 'Lovely dolls and clothing fits well.'

5/5  Sams 'Bought this for a Christmas present, so don't know what my granddaughter thinks about it. Was a little disappointed that it wasn't the same as the outfit I bought for another granddaughter last year, they are cute outfits, if a little expensive for what they are,,they are in nice little boxes though.'

5/5  Jade 'Looks very cute my daughter loves this in her doll'

5/5  Victoria 'I bought this for my goddaughter and now my daughter wants it for her doll. The pyjamas are super cute, not too grown up in style and I fell in love with the cute slippers. The slippers are great because they have elastic on them to hold them on the dolls feet, it’s a fab idea as the shoes that come with some of the other outfits fall off (and easily get lost!) .'

5/5  Klaus 'Really super little clothes. My daughter can't get hold of enough of them - a bit pricey, so she has to save up each time, but really lovely quality.'

4/5  Blob 'My little one loves design a friend. It Encourages imaginative play, getting ready for bed is easier & fun.'

5/5  Clarissa 'Lovely outfit, beautifully presented.'

5/5  Mac 'My daughter loved the clothes. Good quality of product and is a good fit for the doll.'

5/5  RS 'My 7 year old loves the clothes in this range for her doll. One supplied is not as pictured though.'

3/5  Nand 'Different style to one described and no small teddy included again as mentioned in description. Thankfully my daughter wasn't too bothered.'

3/5  Wendy1972 'Strap on slippers need to be slightly longer to make it easier to put them on apart from that nice set.'

5/5  Samantha 'Daughter delighted with her outfit for her doll!'

5/5  Micklfc 'Very good idea to sell cloths to fit the dolls Keeps the kids busy for ages changing into all different outfits!!!'

5/5  Barney 'I bought a designer doll for my granddaughter's birthday. She loves it and enjoys brushing her long hair. Well worth the money.'

5/5  Smiffy777 'These Pjs are very cute. Well made and a nice pattern.'

5/5  Debbs 'My Grandaughter was delighted with the pyjamas as she has quite a few dolls to dress up'

5/5  Bukkey 'Lovely outfits'

5/5  Michelle 'Really cute outfit my niece will love it for her doll. Surprising how much you get for the money!'

5/5  ShellyW 'My daughter loves it! Good value and quality, comes with the little teddy too as an added bonus!'

3/5  Angela 'My daughter wanted this so that her doll and her could be matching on holiday, and she loves it.'

5/5  Mand 'This doll is very pretty, a good size and my 6 year old loves it.'

5/5  Katie 'It was a birthday gift for my granddaughter, she just loves dressing her dolls up in their nightwear each evening, then plays with them before going to bed.'

5/5  Shell 'Really good PJ's to go with the design a friend doll series'

5/5  Ange 'Lovely item'

4/5  Eeyore50 'Granddaughter loves it. One more to her collection.'

5/5  Vickster 'As always from this range, great quality and good value for money.'

5/5  Christie 'My girls enjoy playing with these clothes and dressing up their designa friends.'

4/5  Judith 'Bought this for my daughter. She loved it and the dolls are a good size and sturdy so can take a bit of bashing. The outfits are good too with plenty of choice to mix and match'

5/5  Mrsd 'My 6 year old loves this set the pj's and slippers are a good fit on the doll and the teddy is a great addition'

5/5  Yorkshire Lass 'Cute pj's.'

4/5  Tracy D 'Daughter (7yrs) loves it. Cute slippers and teddy and it's making her play, rather than sit on her tablet. Find the outfits a little expensive, but nicely made. Xmas money used and her choice. All in all happy.'

5/5  OwlEyes 'The outfit was great, loved the teddy and tiny slippers. 4 yr old granddaughter loved these too.'

5/5  Rachel 'Another lovely good quality set of clothes for the designer friend doll. This pyjama set us particularly cute and fits the doll really well. Highly recommended.'

5/5  June 'As soon as my granddaughter saw these she couldn't wait to change her dolls clothes.'

5/5  Chloe Mo 'My daughter loved her pj set to go with her designer friend doll loves playing'

4/5  Mrsm 'My daughter likes changing her doll for bed a good product easy to put on and off.'

5/5  Tinad1 'My daughter loves dressing her Design a friend dolls in different clothes. They are always good quality & fit very well.'

4/5  Mave 'Lovely set of pyjamas, however, I have had to get my needle and thread out to repair the stitching. Disappointed in quality.'

5/5  T... 'Bought my little girl one of these and she loves it. She felt very special because it came in a box.'

5/5  Luckar 'Yet another great quality set for the design a friend doll. Well made and girls love it.'

1/5  Chris 'Beware of the styles may vary small print. The outfit is totally different from the one shown in the pictures. There are no accessories either. Not best pleased.'

5/5  Kelly 'Got this for two of my daughters for Christmas. They are going to love dressing there designer friends up in Pj's at bed time So cute looking forward to seeing there little faces.'

5/5  Robyn :) 'Too cute very stylish for young girls to play with'

5/5  Debbie 'Cute pj's. Great fun for any young ladies who like dressing up their dollies. Good value with accessories'

5/5  Nat 'Any child would love dressing up their doll with this pyjama set. great quality and looks good too. Great fit and easy to put on the dolls!'

5/5  Sarah 'Love this pj set. The teddy is adorable. Perfect for a sleepover with friends'

5/5  Jay 'My daughter will love this 4 her emily doll cant wait 4 her 2 open them all'

5/5  Cupcake 'Delightful outfit - my twins love dressing their dolls morning, noon, & night in the appropriate outfit'

5/5  Rach 'Just what every will needs one for bed time. Lovely and great quality.'

5/5  Karen 'Bought 2 of these half price,nice but wouldn't pay the full price for these'

4/5  Aimz 'Perfect present for my step sisters birthday'

5/5  Sharon 'These are lovely pyjamas to go with the doll I purchased for my Nieces Birthday'

4/5  Casswife 'It's a great addition to my grand-daughter's collection & I'm sure she will love it!!'

1/5  Mother Of 3 Divas 'These dolls and outfits are fantastic. My girls love them. However with this pyjama set, it is shown as a grey T-shirt with tartan shorts, with slippers and teddy bear. However what we got (twice! as we thought the first was an error) was a satin pair of shorts an T-shirt with no slippers or teddy or any other accessory! So not at all what we expected. Very sweet but not what we expected and a bit boring compared to other outfits, so we chose a different outfit.'

5/5  Jo 'Bought for my 6 year old Grandaughter for her birthday. She was over the moon with this item. I think it would be a good idea to show the other pjs as there are alternative ones and I had to go back to the store as she pacificly wanted the no 5 pjs as advertised. Trying to explain to a 6 year old wasn't easy as they think what you see in the catalogue is what you would get. One happy like girl.'

5/5  Bishop 'My daughter loves this doll ,, plays with every day just wish I got her one sooner ,,. She loves all the clothes you can get ,, well worth the money'

5/5  Sue 'Lovely little pj's to he ply daughter settle T bedtime along with slippers and a teddy'

4/5  Crates 'My daughter loves everything that is designafriend and I find it all yo be great quality.'

5/5  Catherine 'My daughter loved the dolls outfit and got excited about the packaging too'

5/5  Emi 'Really cute'

5/5  Bob 'This doll is great quality and value. My granddaughter now has several and gets endless hours of fun playing with them.'

4/5  Anjimcg 'Qood quality and value for money.'

5/5  Lulu 'Bought for my granddaughters doll.she loved these and dolly wears them each evening to go to bed .'

5/5  Jmch30 'My daughters love these outfits great quality'

5/5  Bernie 'Lovely pyjamas set, fit the doll well and my daughter loves it'

3/5  Nanny 'For little girls who loves to dress dolls up a must'

5/5  Mary53 'This outfit is smart and cute, it is age relevant (9yrs) to my granddaughter and an outfit she can wear herself.'

5/5  Catinthehat 'These were a treat for my daughter and she is very pleased with them. The material is lovely and soft and the pattern pretty.'

5/5  Betty 10 'My daughter was thrilled to receive these as a gift, she has been waiting for them to be in stock. Very pretty short & shirt style satin printed pj's. Very well made & a perfect fit for her doll.'

5/5  Lew 'These beautiful DesignaFriend Pyjamas are very well made with such attention to detail. They are presented wrapped in tissue paper in a smart box so look very special indeed, just like you would expect if you were buying real sized pyjamas for girls or ladies from the most expensive shop you can think of. Also, most importantly, my granddaughter was so very pleased as the pyjamas fit her doll perfectly.'

4/5  Cazwaz 'My daughter chose these herself because she wanted to change her doll into her pjs when she did. She bought them with her Christmas money. I think the charms that each outfit comes with are lovely.'

4/5  Aevans 'For what it is this product really is expensive, the recipient was very happy with it so for me it was a good purchase overall.'

5/5  Steph 'A bit expensive fir a little pair of pyjamas but my little loves her doll and new pj's'

4/5  Nanny L 'Bought for my granddaughter to go with her collection of Design a Friend items. As usual very well made and presented.'

1/5  Disgruntled Granny 'Bought for my granddaughter's Christmas along with a doll and several other items. In reality the pyjamas were of a smudgy pattern, the material was satiny but not nearly as pretty as the picture on line, there was no piping or tie belt. They were also rather roughly made with buttons out of proportion to the garment size. Overall rather unattractive and disappointing.'

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