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chad valley sand set

About the Chad Valley Sand Set

This Chad Valley Sand Bumper is sure to bring lots of fun to your most cherished no matter the weather! The five (5) kilograms of sand never dries out with a cover included and with a ten (10)piece mould set with five (5) tools its super simple to shape. On top of that as an added bonus the hands of little ones stay clean! Plus, when they're had enough play for the day it can be tidied away easily.

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Chad Valley Sand Set Reviews

5/5   'Kids loved it'

4/5  Heather 'The kids love it. Comes with tray, tools and plenty of moldable sand that doesn't dry out! Easy activity and easy to clean up.'

5/5  Sol 'Let them play and enjoy it...'

5/5  Lucy 'The large tray and all the shapes and tools you get with set really helps make it worth the money. Especially as you get a good amount of sand too. The only thing is the sand doesn't seem to move as much as other brand names but my kids had hours of fun and it's much easier to clean then play doh'

5/5  Rowenna 'Lovely quality kinetic sand, bright colours. Bags are more generous than I expected - play tray and little mounds are a nice extra.'

5/5  Hello 'Perfect to use indoors and better than play doh as if it does go on the floor it doesn't stick to the carpet Very clean even when played with for a long time You get a lot of sand and shapes for your money'

5/5  Twilight 'I purchased this for my 4 year old daughter who has autism and hates getting her hands dirty so this is a great alternative. The sand kit contains 4 different coloured sands,lots of moulds and accessories and a large tray to keep everything contained whilst playing. The sand is just like the more expensive kinetic sand and it never dries out and leaves no residue on your hands like normal sand. It gives my daughter hours of playtime.'

5/5  Mo 'I am very happy about my recent purchase'

5/5  Jayde 'Does what it says ☺'

2/5  Lisa 'My children found this very difficult to mould and build with'

5/5  Lizzie 'Excellent value for money, this made a great birthday presents for a 2 year old, she loves playing with it.'

4/5  Beth 'Great stuff just wish there was a little more for the kids to play with'

5/5  Rujina 'I bought one for each of my kids and it keeps them busy for hours. It's similar to sands alive and kinetic sand but not quite the same. It's not expensive and it's great fun.'

5/5  Pixie 'I brought 2 of this product and for the money it is very good, it is not only fun for the children but fun for grown ups too.would highly recommend this product'

5/5  Gothdoll88 'Great product and brilliant value having two products for a much cheaper price.'

5/5  Eva 'My 3-years old is very active but he likes to slow down and play with this sand almost daily. I can drink a coffee at least once :)'

5/5  Ness 'Bought sand for my daughter she loves to play with it. Its fun. And can keep children busy while outside is bad whether.'

5/5  Lefluk0 'Great fun for little people!!'

5/5  Vicky 'These are great gifts! My 4 year old loves this sand. There is also a lot of molds included.'

5/5  Woody83 'There is tonnes of sand in this one compared to the one I always see advertised on tv (can't remember it's name) I found this version has a larger variety of colours too! We love playing with it.'

5/5  Fin 'The first time my child and i have played with this type of material. I have to say I am hooked! Wow. The stuff is cool. It makes really detailed casts after being in the many moulds supplied with it and the child an be easily impressed by their ability to make shapes and characters such as a friendly crab. With usual sand, if there is not the right consistency of sand: Water, the child can be frustrated when he/she can not create with it. Only down fall, the colour tends to stain little hands.'

4/5  Netnet 'Brought this in the sale for my daughter she loves it you get more in the set than you do in the kinetic sand. Deffinately worth every penny'

5/5  From: @nirvana 'Excellent value for money. Comes with lots of accessories wbich my little girl was over the moon about and a handy tray to keep spilt sand to a minimum. Plenty of sand included. Will buy again for presents for her friends.'

5/5  From: Debswebs 'This is better than I imagined. The sand can be left out on the tray (which is included) and doesn't dry out. We are used to play-doh, and this is a good step up.'

4/5  From: Granny 'Models well, neither too wet nor dry.'

5/5  From: GG 'This was bought as a Christmas present , she loves it excellent value for money hours of playing with this'

5/5  From: Nanny Caravan 'My young granddaughter loves this sand, great for indoor play during the winter'

5/5  From: Nessa 'Both my girls love this'

5/5  From: Kellymg 'One of the biggest hits for my boy/girl twins this Christmas who will be five in March. Really impressed, easy to clean up, doesn't get ground into your carpet like playdo. I'm really pleased'

5/5  From: Simmo 'I got it on a deal, my little one likes it.'

5/5  From: Katie 'Bought for my daughter for Christmas she loves it. Kept her entertained for a good hour which is a record. Got this at an excellent price for the quality.'

5/5  From: Jomama 'Awesome item, my kids from 3 to 11 years have great fun, lot of sand for everyone to play, Highly recommended'

5/5  From: Lol 'My daughter loves being creative so this is good for that'

5/5  From: Iron Maiden 6-66 'I bought two of these, one for my son and one for my neice, and they were an absolute bargain, id paid more for one pack of the sand than I did for these four, plus I had them half price. But still a bargain at full price.'

5/5  From: Becky65 'Kids have spent ages playing with this great when bought on sale'

5/5  From: Vicky 'My son got this for Christmas it's just as good as the dearer brands he plays with it for hours'

5/5  From: Hwilli41 'My little girl loves this nice to be creative'

4/5  From: Mr T 'It was a well received present for a 6 year old.'

4/5  From: Trendy Gran 'A three and six year old play happily with this for half an hour at a time. Needed extra trays for keeping sand colours separately. Easy to clear up!'

4/5  From: Daria 'It's really funny to play with the sand but it's more like plasticine than a real sand'

5/5  From: Marsbar 'I bought this for my son for Christmas . He loves it he could play with it for hours. Far better than kinetic sand plus it comes with more colours of sand .'

5/5  From: Garfield 42 'Brilliant item, really good value for money. My son is playing with it as I write. It comes with a large play tray and plenty of sand. Would definitely recommend this product.'

5/5  From: Shaz 'My son loves sand always plays with it never drys up It's always fresh I got it 3 for 2 it's cheap it has 4 sand and more iteams in he's happy I'm happy never gets bord of it'

5/5  From: Aleks 'I've been looking for a sand for my children, a specially for my younger boy, so they could try something else not only playdoh etc. I've been also looking for something not very expensive, after reading few reviews I decided for this one... and I'm not disappointed... the quality is very good, after keeping it out of the box for a while it is still as it was after opening the box. It also contains few colours not like other sets just one. I truly recommend CHAD ALLEY SAND SET'

5/5  From: Ajr 'Great product at a great price! Comes with lots of moulds etc so hours of fun to be had!'

5/5  From: Mika20 'It's a great product. My 2 years old daughter love it!'

5/5  From: Georgina 'Brought this for my nephew as a birthday present because he loved my sons cra-z sand. I would say this is much better more sand and better quality.'

5/5  From: Gee Gee 'Great fun for the kids.'

5/5  From: Steve 'My 3 year old loved it'

5/5  From: Lj09 'I bought this for my 2 boys (5 and 6 year olds). Both love these packs. Hours of fun. You get a good quantity of sand and the tray is very useful! I will be buying more!'

5/5  From: Mummyov5 'Love this great product my daughter spends hours playing with this.'

4/5  From: Mel 'Great value for money with quantity of sand supplied.'

4/5  From: Jen 'Hours of fun'

5/5  From: OlaHugo 'My 4 year old loves it!!!'

5/5  From: Shells01 'I've bought my daughter this for christmas, and you get so much more sand in than more expensive sets. Lots of accessories and a nice little tray to keep everything tidy. We haven't actually used it yet but I'm sure she will love it.'

5/5  From: Superwoman1981 'Bought this for my son for his birthday. I was pleasantly surprised at how much you get. No need to buy extra sand and plenty of accessories. Well worth the money'

5/5  From: Scriv 'Suburb for my grandson he was very happy making sand models'

5/5  From: Sam 'Great item Definitely worth every penny. The children loved playing with this.'

5/5  From: Joanne 'Excellent product would defo recommend this tsther than he Kinect sand as this is exactly the same stuff but half the price plus you get more'

5/5  From: Gaz 'Kids loved it kept them busy for hours.'

4/5  From: Katie 'Kept my partners 4year old very entertained with no mess and easy to pack away'

5/5  From: Becky 'Great product, My sons loves this and do easy to clean up after them.'

5/5  From: Mon 'Good quality sand , fair amount of it and nice colours. Good for the price ( bought on sale 2 for £15 ). My boy loves to play with it.'

2/5  From: Gg77 'I bought this for my daughters birthday, when we opened it much to her disappointment three of the mounds were broken and another snapped leaving very sharp edges whilst using!'

5/5  From: Criss 'Great deal!! My 2 year old son loves it'

5/5  From: Stacie92 'Its brilliant for the price and lots of fun'

5/5  From: Ali 'My 4 year old played for a long time with this. Doesn't dry out so really good'

4/5  From: Jennifer 'You get a fair bit for the price (more than other brands) well worth it'

5/5  From: Al 'Well worth the money, lots of fun'

4/5  From: BHCW 'A great product bought for my 4 year old nephew, good fun whatever the weather! Better value than some similar products on the market at a greater price. Accessories supplied are just the ticket.'

5/5  From: Norah S 'Was really pleased with this & my son loved it! Cheap price for what you get. I'm buying more to go in his sand pit too'

5/5  From: Jessp 'I bought this for my little sister for easter and she loved it! Much better value for money than the named equivalent you get a lot with this set and I would highly recommend it'

5/5  From: Mom 'This is a great product my daughter loves it. And the best thing is it dosnt actully dry out. Which is good as my daugter always leaves it out Will be buying another when its all gone up the hoover from in the rug :-)'

4/5  From: Rebecca 'Only issue is that it's slightly messy and crumbly'

5/5  From: Ainesmy 'I got this in the 2 for £15 it was a really good offer. The sand is very good and you get 4 colours which in some dearer branded sands you only get one or two colours. My wee girl is 6 and loves it and my nephew is 5 and also plays with it and loves it.'

4/5  From: Cely 'This product is fantastic for young children's motor skills development and it cheaper than the other brand in the market.'

5/5  From: Sohana 'It's a fun product. I would recommend'

4/5  From: Sally 'Purchased this for our grandson. Good amount of sand and accessories. Sand is a little dry compared to some types you can get but this product is so much cheaper so I'm not complaining'

5/5  From: Moon 'I bought this product fir my 4 years old daughter and she love to spend time with this .she create many things with this sand . I recommend this product to everyone'

5/5  From: Lou68 'This set of super moulding sand keeps my 6 and 3 year olds entertained wonderfully.It comes with four different colours of sand, moulds,tools and a tray to play with them on. Compared with other sand we have purchased, this set is a bargain. We would highly recommend this set.'

5/5  From: Nannie A 'Brightly coloured play sand ,easily distinguished shapes on moulds no sharp edges on sculpting tools ,sturdy plastic play tray . Play sand easily moulded without any mess for hours of fun .'

5/5  From: Hanndl 'Having bought 1 of the more advertised brands of this "magic" sand for my LO for Christmas, I was very curious to compare the two. Firstly, you get 4 times the amount for half the cost Secondly, apart from the slight parafinny smell, I found no difference at all in texture, durability or userability Thirdly and more importantly my daughter noticed no difference whatsoever, in fact, due to the three extra bags of colourful sand she played with this one far longer In MHO much better value overall!'

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