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Chad Valley Sand Bumper Set

About the Chad Valley Sand Bumper Set

This Chad Valley Sand Bumper set is an absolute necessity your most cherished's toy collection. It never dries out, is anything but difficult to shape and form and the hands of little ones remain clean. In addition it can be cleared up with minimal fuss. Incorporates all the requirements for innovative play regardless of the climate.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 4626978
EAN/SKU: 4626978
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Chad Valley Sand Bumper Set Reviews

4/5   'Purchased for a gift looks great big. Oz and feels heavy'

5/5  Jeeves 'Great fun kept my children amused for hours.'

5/5  Kim 'This is an amazing. Product doesn't dry out at all and keeps me 6 year old and 1 year old entertained for hours. I have also just bought this as a present for my niece too'

5/5  Nesh 'Kids loved playing with sand, lots of colours to choose from.Brilliant value for money, hours off play.'

5/5  Star 'This is an excellent product, lots of different shapes molds and cutters. Various packets of coloured sand. They tray is so good to keep it all contained. My daughter has had hours of fun with this already. Any mess that is made is really easy clean. Overall a fantastic toy, especially good for my daughters sensory needs. I would definitely recommend this product.'

5/5  Relievedmum 'Keep occupied for the last few weeks'

5/5  Stephwhe87 'It’s awesome my 3year old loved it but do did my 33year old partner did too, kept them quiet for hours'

5/5  Sjm 'Bought as a gift, but not sure we will get to give it as my son is desperate to play with it himself.'

5/5  Silvia 'My girls was very happy the quality is excellent'

5/5  Kyra 'Great item'

5/5  N66 'Bought this sand for my daughter she couldn't believe the amount of different colours it has brought hours of fun and will bring many more'

5/5  Smash 'This is an excellent product and just as good as the leading brand toy. My 5 year old loves it.'

5/5  Kirsty90 'I bought one for my daughter and my believes and nephew loved it so bought another 3 keeps them happy for hours'

5/5  Kitkat 'My 5 year old daughter loves this.'

5/5  Ambiew91 'Bought for 6 year old daughter for Christmas she was super pleased with it as was I. For the money paid I did not expect what she was, large box full of bags of sand, a large tray and great selection of modules etc. Would buy again!'

5/5  Rebecca 'My daughter wanted playdough for Christmas but I was worried about it getting stuck in the carpet. She had played with sand at my parents house however and I was impressed at how easy it was to clean so when I came across this bumper set, I knew I had to get it considering the price. The box is heavy because it comes with a lot of sand - I was really impressed by how much was included. Not forgetting all the moulds and tools too, plus a tray. Very good value for money.'

5/5  Catty 'This sand is great value and good for imaginative inside play when it’s wet outside, I (as a 30 something) even enjoy it!'

5/5  Unicorn 'My little girl loves this. Plays with it for hours'

5/5  Julija 'Good value for money!'

5/5  Fan1 'This product was a good buy as a present as it looked so attractive with the different coloured sands and all the other pieces that came with it. It was so popular that everyone wanted to have a play!.'

5/5  Bikelover 'Lively item . Grandaughter loves the sand and its so easy to clear away'

5/5  Zoey 'I bought 3 of these. One each for my kids. My 3year old loves it. Had it out everyday since Xmas morning. Totally value for money. So much sand and accessories to go with It! Easy to store and clean up.'

5/5  Danielle 'I bought this for my toddler and he loves it. The tray is quite deep and comes with lots of accessories and extra bags of sand in many colours. The only problem is storing it away without the sand tipping out.'

5/5  Ninsii 'This sand set is amazing. It has assorted colours of ready to mould sand and a great variety of moulds and tools. The tray provided is a nice size and I'm sure the recipient will have much fun playing with it. Such a great assortment of fun things!'

5/5  Kirkyhinckley 'Great ! Was well loved by my children'

5/5  Amiiloux 'Daughter loves this I bought last year and this year again stored right lasts ages'

5/5  KJH 'This bumper sand set was given as a gift for my six year old grandson. He absolutely loved it and had hours of fun creating different sand sculptures and scenes. He was also able to clear up after himself and store the set ready for when he needed again! He never gets bored with it and has now played with it every day since Christmas. I would recommend this set as I feel that it’s good value for money, helps young children use their imagination and is easier to clean up and put away.'

5/5  Kazza 'I bought this for my granddaughter and ended up buying another one for my other granddaughter! They have had hours of fun. Highly recommended'

5/5  Jenny 'Hours of creative fun. Even the adults joined in .'

5/5  Swan 'Bought this as a Xmas present to for my niece can't wait until she opens it'

5/5  Sandie 'Bought as Xmas presents for my grandchildren so not opened yet but love the fact you get lots of colours + the price is fab'

4/5  Jen 'Cant really rate it as its not been opened yet as its a christmas presents for my daughter she loves play dough so got her this as a change, pick this one has it had lots of different colours init rather than jus one or two .'

5/5  Melia15 'Really good kept my daughter entertained for hours'

4/5  Marta 'This is not kinectic sand as I thought it would be. I got sand that is of different dryness and am not sure if it’s what it should be or not. My daugther still likes it and plays with it.'

5/5  Wifey 'I brought this product for my daughter who has adhd, we have brought different sands in the past which were very pricey, she loves this sand and plays with it a lot even her friends come round to play with and and they have also brought this too!! Great product great price!!!!!!!!!'

5/5  Laurap 'Great value for money. Comes with lots of colours and moulds. My daughter loves it, very easy to hoover up if spilt on the carpet.'

4/5  Nikki 'Purchased as a Christmas gift so not opened yet. Looks great packaged and quite heavy.'

5/5  Sam 'Children have all day fun easy to put away'

5/5  Suzy 'Great stuff! Holds shape well, better than sands alive'

5/5  Mumof4 'Great play sand my daughter frequently plays with this and it’s lasted her a year already. Absolute bargain for the money Loads and loads of sand and castles it’s fab honestly one of the best toys I’ve ever bought and I’ve bought far to many toys in my time !'

5/5  Nats 'Although it does not stay in the tray! (Blame the kids not the product) It's great though, they love the tools and moulds. Loads of sand. Great value Only thing i Would have preferred is less choice of colours as they all got mixed into one in the end'

5/5  Karen 'I’ve bought this sand for Xmas presents as the children love it. Is a bit messy but hoovers up and doesn’t stain the carpet or flooring.'

5/5  Cherylh 'After buying lots of the competitive branded sands, I decided to try this while on offer. I cannot believe the value for money, you gets lots of accessories, different coloured sands, a bigger tray that is great for little ones. My son and daughter love this. As good if not better than the leading brands.'

5/5  MaryA 'Thrilled with this purchase. Gave hours of play to recipient.'

5/5  Nippycow 'This sand is brilliant fun my granddaughter loves it'

5/5  Sandy 'Brilliant present.'

5/5  Bluebutterfly 'Lots of accessories good selection of Sands. 2 of the colours are duplicated 1 was a bit of a murky colour compared to the other vibrant colours however children have really enjoyed playing with it. Good value for money and bargain price. Lots of moulds and some tools. It comes in a tray containing the mess a bit more. Very relaxing play and imaginative'

5/5  Tasha 'Only thing that could be added is a lid for the tray but for the price it's perfect.'

5/5  SAM 'My kids loved the Sand it has 10 different colours. It helps children to improve the fine motor skills. Its fun and we all love it.'

5/5  Dimple 'This is a big box of kinetic sand and various moulds and tools. Appeals to children and fun for grown-ups too. My great-nephew had fun with it on his birthday and it's got unlimited future use too.'

4/5  Jlouise 'The set is great and my 3 year old loves it! Sand is easily moulded and colours are great ☺ Dissappointed that 1 of the castles was broken when we opened it!'

5/5  Natalie 'Worth the price. Lots of sand and accessories. My 3 year old son loves it.'

5/5  Paige 'This sand is amazing for my three year old son who is autistic and has sensory processing disorder so the feel of the sand is perfect and his favourite thing is animals which this includes very good product I would recommend it too anyone :)'

5/5  Nawfal 'My 3 years old son loves its. Would recommend it'

5/5  Thusy 'Good value for money and good product to the kids to enjoy and play with their own imagination.'

5/5  Purrrfect! 'This sand is great fun to play with because it has a lovely feeling and it moulds easily, is colourful and doesn't stick to the carpet etc. so making clearing away an easy job. It doesn't dry out which is a bonus. My grandson, who is 4 years old, loves playing with it and is kept entertained for a decent length of time. The moulds etc. are fine too. I've given him extra moulds and shapes from a Play-Doh set to add to the collection already in the box.'

3/5  Nonna 'Good quality but woukd have preferred more sand in fewer colours Also tray is too shallow to mix properly. Tools, especially the rake not practical.'

5/5  AJT 'Great gift. Service was great at Argos'

5/5  Anne 'My kids aged 2, 4 and 10 love this plenty of sand and it does not dry out at all'

4/5  J Russell 'Much better value that the branded magic sand. Got this for my daughter's 6th birthday and she loves it. Only issue was the tray had a crack in it, pretty big problem, but thankfully I'd already bought a lidded container for it to live in. Overall great value for money.'

5/5  Kelshowering 'I bought this for my daughter and she spends ages making things out of this coloured sand and you get no mess, easily moulds together and comes with lots of different coloured sand, shapes and tools at such a great price, would definitely recommended and we have just bought another set for my nieces bday who will love it as well.'

5/5  Lindilou 'This item kept them busy for hours wEll worth the money'

5/5  Stacey 'This is fabulous on the pics it doesn't show how much sand you actually get but there's lots 10 bags of different colours, lots of fun for kids and it doesn't dry up well worth every penny'

5/5  Claire 'Kept my dughter amused for hours x'

4/5  Sarah 'Very good value for money, a good amount of sand and moulds, having the tray is a God send even with bits escaping it should last a long time'

5/5  Rimma 'Granddaughter loves this item, magic sand,she spends hours playing with it, leaves no mess even when it falls onto the carpet. Plenty of sand and moulds to play with and excellent value for the money .'

5/5  Sunshine Princess 'This item keeps all the family busy, not just the child who it was purchased for. I can't say anything bad about this item as it's all good. there's loads more sand than I expected.'

5/5  Kasia 'Absolutely fab, hours of fun and for all ages!'

5/5  Vicky 'The colours are a lot nicer than other brands and you get a lot more for your money.'

5/5  Sha94x 'Great set to amuse the kids and let them use their imaginations to build and create all different types of things.. very generous amount of sand aswell compared to the little amount from other stores. also very easily cleaned.'

5/5  Sindy 'This sand set is much better than what I expected and my 30 months old boy absolutely loves it. It's almost the same as crazy sand just cheaper and you get loads of sand in different colours.'

5/5  Fred 'Amazing set that has provided many hours of fun already. Description does not do this justice. Excellent value for money.'

5/5  Joeblogs 'Messy but cleans up ok'

5/5  Niki 'My son hasn't played with this yet but he has played with his cousins and really enjoyed it no mess easy to clean and tidy up etc'

5/5  LD 'Loads of non messy sand in bright colours perfect for indoor play.'

5/5  Mandy 'This was brilliant value for money and is a big hit in this house. The sand comes in bright colours and comes with a lot of different shapes to make and tools to use. It's played with daily since he got it at Christmas and is easy to clean up due to it being the non drying sand so when he throws it round the living room and out his tray (which he does he's two and likes making a mess) it's east to get it together and back in the tray.'

5/5  Jem35 'I have tried other kinetic sands and not been impressed by the utensils supplied and the amount of sand provided, so I thought I would try this set. I was really impressed with the equipment provided and the amount of sand that is supplied. There are different colours of sand and lots of moulds to use with it! Plus cutting tools too. It was really good value for money and I have recommended it to a few friends already.'

5/5  Honey 'Brought the grandchildren this bumper sand kit for Christmas well worth the money they loved it even there mummy loved playing with it lol'

4/5  Martha 'Still messy but worth it'

5/5  Jent80 'This set has everything you need for magic sand play. Loads of different colours of sand and lots of tools and moulds. My toddler loves playing with his. Very impressed with the contents especially given the price compared to the branded version.'

5/5  Mummy3man 'Brought as a joint present from elf for entertaining him before Christmas.... Both play with it for hours. It's goes everywhere as you would expect. That i don't mind...'

5/5  Lauren 'Bought this for my daughter and can't believe how much you get for a brilliant price, she sits playing with it for ages. Definitely worth it'

5/5  LJ 'Very good value in the sale, lots of different coloured sand, kids loved it!'

5/5  Emm23 'This sand set is great value. Nice big tub to play in, loads of sand, lots of mounds and tools to play with. Hours of fun!'

5/5  NES 'Great set. Very good value for money. Hours of fun'

5/5  Kelly 'Loads to do and play with My two boys love playing with their magic sand bought them 1 each now they build massive things'

5/5  Cecile 'Lovely big box and kinetic sand a winner'

4/5  Sabz 'I was looking at buying kinetic sand for my son but they are so x pensive this one is just as good. There was a lot in the box and definitely worth the money'

5/5  Julie 'My daughter's love sand so this is a great clean solution to sand play when its winter and they can't get out to their sand pit.'

5/5  Sam 'This product exceeded my expectation- it was brilliant - quality and very well received'

5/5  Kazza85 'Was extremely surprised with this, have bought numerous products very simular this come with a large sturdy plastic tray and alot of bags of sand 2 bags have lasted 1 week and still going strong with still about another 8 left unused. Comes with lots of different tools and molds will definitely recommend'

5/5  Kerry&kids 'Bought as xmas gift for my 7 year old niece who asked for this so must be good sand.'

5/5  Merry 'This Sand Bumper Set is amazing,my daughter plays every day with this set, she loves too much.'

5/5  Lin48 'I got this set as a Christmas present for my grandson who was delighted with it.'

5/5  Writerfellah 'Does not say kinetic on the box, but acts like kinetic sand and well worth the money.'

5/5  Caroline 'I brought this for my daughter, along with her friends she has had hours of fun playing with it. It is good value. We already have lots of moulds so purchased for the sand.'

5/5  Dawn123 'Kids love it'

5/5  Laurita 'This sand is much better than the more expensive brand. 10 big bags of different coloured sand moulds and large tray. My son loves it.'

5/5  George 'My girl is very excited! enough to play 5 children'

5/5  Val 'I have bought this item for my granddaughter for xmas. it looks very good value for money also good fun for her creative imagination.'

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