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Chad Valley Craft Lap Tray and 1000 Crafts

About the Chad Valley Craft Lap Tray and 1000 Crafts

The Chad Valley Lap Tray is all about inspiring creativity. It comes complete with a colossal 1000 specialty pieces for little ones to their very own works of art. There are convenient gaps located on the tray mini artiste can keep their brushes at el. to hand while they create this weeks masterpiece and keep things safe when it's time to pack away.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 4141305
EAN: 4141305
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2/5   'I Bought for my 5 year old Granddaughter and she was very disappointed when she opened the box and there was no tray, so she just had to make do with the Crafts.'

4/5   'This product is fabulous for kids crafting, homework or as a mobile table for use in the car, in bed, on a beanbag etc. Would recommend.'

5/5   'Got this a a gift for my friends daughter she loves it.'

5/5   'Affordable price'

5/5   'Perfect for mini artists who love being crafty'

4/5   'It could do with being a bit more sturdy you can't put much weight on it, but it's a lovely art table my daughter loves it she's put her own things in the side pockets , be careful when purchasing, the first one I got was twisted and rocking back and forth I had to change it'

4/5   'It's a fab tablet fast bright and great but as long as u don't drop it like my daughter did the day she got it'

5/5   'Wow this is an excellent thing to buy a child my daughter enjoyed this item and spend ages making things. She even used the tray to eat her dinner on.'

5/5   'Bought as son had broken his leg and was bed bound. The pack helped to keep hin occupied. Great table for craft and even used when he was eating.'

3/5   'The tray doesn't not sit straight so on a slant not so good with the little stickers but nice craft bits. Good in offer but wouldn't be happy full price. Also showed a purple tray but received a green one which my lg wasn't to happy with.'

3/5   'This is a lovely item but comes rather poorly packaged. The tray is not wrapped in any way at all and the box of craft items is just taped to the tray. It could do with being in some kind of protective bag as the tray I received was absolutely filthy.'

5/5   'Brilliant. Loads of crafting materials for my granddaughter, and her own miniature workstation where she can keep it all tidy. This is the old Chad Valley doing what it does best.'

5/5   'Wee one loved it keeps him busy'

5/5   'The tray was missing when we first collected the product so only had the craft?! Argos staff were extremely helpful in tracking one down. A little dusty on arrival but once wiped was sturdy and did the job.'

5/5   'Got it for my daughters Birthday and see has non-stop been making things. It has been a real triumph of a purchase.'

5/5   'My niece loves it.'

5/5   'Well worth the money,my daughter loves making things.And the plastic tray is great'

5/5   'I bought this for my daughter and she absolutely loved it. The table is sturdy and the box of craft items has lots to keep her entertained for a long time.'

5/5   'Great craft set has kept my son busy for hours'

4/5   'Great you get a table very useful.'

4/5   'My 5 year old chose it and loves it. Serves as TV dinner tray too!'

4/5   'Bought for my 5 + 7 year old daughters for Christmas. Fantastic product. Keepes the busy for hours.'

5/5   'This is great value for money and brings hours of fun!'

5/5   'I think this is a really good product the children love it they use it for drawing painting and also eating at I would recommend this to everyone'

5/5   'This was great for the money, got it in half price sale and very pleased, the tray on its own is great, all the bits that come with it is a bonus, could be given as 2 presents'

5/5   'Bought two of these as Christmas gifts. Brilliant product at a fab price. My daughter loves using all the craft materials and even uses the lap tray to eat her tea. Great buy.'

5/5   'Great value for money and we use the tray for lots of activity. Great crafts to'

5/5   'I bought this for my 7 year old daughter. She was amazed by it as she loves arts and crafts. Even bought a few more as Christmas presents for a few younger family members'

4/5   'Although we were missing the tray (the reason we bought the product), my daughter has had tons of fun creating crafts, especially decorating the masks. Small box, so we can only guess that the tray is pretty small. Lost reciept so couldn't get a replacement. Going to purchase another, as my daughter really wants the tray, otherwise a great product for a gift.'

5/5   'Great lap tray bought one each for my 6 and 8 year olds. Ideal for crafts and colouring etc, but also handy for "carpet picnics", playing cards, reading, propping a tablet up on etc. The actual tray itself could be a little stronger but apart from that I was very impressed. Lots of craft materials included for a good price.'

5/5   'This is a great item, even better as I purchased them at the reduced price. I bought 2 of these for my grandchildren as they love to make things and the tray is also really handy for them to use whilst eating their lunch etc as its quite rigid. Would recommend & wouldn't hesitate to buy again for other family members.'

5/5   'This was a bargain buy at half price, a multi use tray for art and eating and a craft set with 1000 pieces, I bought the tray on its own from another toy shop but this is a much better buy. Great to keep mess in one place.'

5/5   'We had this out on Christmas day straight off'

5/5   'My two year old uses it for everything!'

4/5   'Bought this for a neighbour's daughter, has kept her occupied for hours - Can also use the tray for other things - highly recommend'

5/5   'Easy to use ,good as new carpet..... so the tray kept the mess off the floor.The 4 year old loved it'

5/5   'My granddaughter loved this value for money delivery super'

5/5   'This was on offer at 5.99 when I bought two one each for my daughters and they love them very handy for at home or in the car. Great buy.'

5/5   'I have 5 children. All under 10. I bought one for each of them and they all love their table with all the craft accessories. I have been receiving pictures, posters,letters etc from all of them which is so touching. they have been spending on hours doing crafts together and giving mummy some free time ;) so I can't say anything wrong'

5/5   'Great arts and crafts set. Brought as a Christmas present.'

5/5   'Bought this as a birthday present. We are all very happy with it. A great way to start the artistic side. Its great that it folds as it make it perfect for carrying around.'

5/5   'Grandkids loved this can put pens in trays while drawing an doing art creativity very pleased they having hours of fun'

5/5   'Excellent item and really useful'

3/5   'Bulky and flimsy the craft pack included has a good variety though.'

5/5   'Excellent price great value i got two of these for christmas presents'

5/5   'Bought these art lap trays for my girls way worth the money and keeps all the arty farty bits and bobs tidy.'

5/5   'Bought as requested by youngest granddaughter to send to Santa for her. She loves making things and I thought it was very good value.'

5/5   'Brilliant idea, can be used for crafting, colouring and even homework.And the added bonus of a box full of crafting equipment. Great value.'

4/5   'I've bought this for my 3 year old son for Christmas as he really enjoys being creative.'

4/5   'Good for rainy days'

5/5   'Bought for granddaughter for Xmas.'

4/5   'I am very pleased with the item considering I only paid 10 for it. Very good value for money paid.'

5/5   'Has had hours of fun with this product, i have ordered another two for christmas presents.'

5/5   'Great quality and comes with quite a lot'

5/5   'This item was perfect for my 3 year old daughter to be creative! She loves making masks and covered them with glitter! We made flowers and painted pictures! Great table to keep for other creative crafts also!'

5/5   'Bought for my 6 year old twins and be used anywhere'

5/5   'Daughter loves this and can have lots of fun with it'

5/5   'So much to do !! My 2 year old loved making all different kinds of things to do .'

5/5   'A very good product and very fun and productive for the kids.'

4/5   'My 8 year old uses this all the time for homework, drawing, and colouring. The pockets on the side are really handy!'

5/5   'I would defo recommend this as my daughter loves art and craft and this tray is brill she's used it sat on sofa and in the car and on the field they can use anywhere fab idea'

5/5   'Not been used yet, but much better than I expected it to be. Looks very sturdy'

5/5   'It is awesome combination of crafts and lap pad. Catchy for girls.'

5/5   'I bought three of these for my grandchildren and they loved them. They are of a good quality and very reasonable.'

4/5   'Child thought this was great having her own tray for her activities.'

5/5   'A brilliant craft tray with added extra crafts! My 4 year old niece loves it!'

4/5   'Great product to keep kids busy anywhere, the plastic trays could be a little thicker though for the price point'

5/5   'Daughter loved the variety of craft items'

5/5   'Good value toy - some supplies a bit flimsy but overall good imaginative creations'

4/5   'Kept my 4 year old niece amused and organised for hours - great idea.'

5/5   'Excellent lap tray, very clever indeed'

5/5   'This product is excellent value for money! So many different craft items, all of a good quality and easy to use with a variety of materials. The table sits perfectly on a child's lap and enables them to create and have hours and hours of fun!'

5/5   'I brought this for my 7 year old as she likes to draw and colour in bed! She now uses it all the time! The side bits are perfect to store her pens etc! I highly recommend it!!'

5/5   'Lots of crafts to choose from and the lap tray is very sturdy. Can be used for other activities, like homework.'

5/5   'There are over 1000 accessories in this set. My neice is able to sit and watch tv while enjoying doing her art activities.'

5/5   'Very pleased. Ideal for my 6yr old gdaughter'

5/5   'My daughter loves her craft tray she loves creating something wonderful from all the bits and pieces. The tray is strong and great space for the art bits.'

5/5   'Was bought for a Christmas present & was told it was a big hit. Loads to play with ,lots of art stuff & you can take it any where I'm over the moon thanks again.'

5/5   'This product make my princess very happy.'

4/5   'The product is essentially some molded plastic to make a slightly raised tray. It's not a bad product but I would say it could do with being a slightly bigger, the storage space is limited and the surface quite small. All in all a pretty good buy for my sister who likes colouring on the floor a lot.'

1/5   'I purchased this for my Granddaughter. I thought the lap tray would be very useful. The lap tray is not included as shown on box and in the listing. This was bought at a reduced price and was not worth the amount I paid and without the lap tray is certainly not worth the full price. Very misleading and disapointing. I definitely would not recommend this product. ..'

5/5   'My grandaughter will love this Christmas present so much so im going to purchase another one for my other grandaughter so they dont fall out.such good value for money and will keep them entertained for hours'

5/5   'Very creative for the price easy to use my little one loves it'

5/5   'This product is great my granddaughter loves it she sits for hours writing and drawing and making things would recommend this product to buy for a Christmas present or birthday presents'

4/5   'IT's a large tray and I like that it has the pockets so the crafts aren't everywhere, but the photo makes the 1000 crafts look like a lot more, when in actual fact it all fits in a quite small box. I got it half price thankfully as I wouldn't have paid full price for it. Keeps my little sister entertained though which is why I bought it'

5/5   'Quality top class plenty of hours enjoyment would recommend.'

5/5   'Bought for my son and was pleasantly surprised thort for the price it wud be a bit naff but it's great sturdy and son loves being able to just put on his lap anywhere and craft or even use as a dinner tray'

5/5   'An ideal and practical fun tray with lots of ideas to help a childs creativity. Also good for lunch time snacks .'

5/5   'This is a really great idea. My daughter loves to do all things creative & this is great for holding everything she needs in the holes each side which are very big.'

5/5   'Everything product was delivered very happy with delivery very fast delivery and they were In touch every step of the way'

5/5   'Keeps the mess in one place and handy if you havent got a table for your child to sit at great value for money happy child=happy mammy'

5/5   'My daughter was invited to a friend party from nursery and I didn't have a clue what to get her, so I bought this, when she opened up she loved it. All the children at the party gathered around and all created little things together.'

5/5   'Bought this at a reduced price. Excellent value for money even at full price. Lap top tray is very substantial and obviously portable. Good quality craft items too.'

5/5   'This product is ideal for kids and adults who like crafts thelap tray is well designed'

4/5   'I bought this at a fantastic price in the sale and it's money well spent. My soon to be 3 year old niece is craft-obsessed and this will keep her entertained for hours and hours. It includes a wide and imaginative variety of craft activities and stores away remarkably neatly.'

5/5   'Bought this at half price and definitely worth the money. Will keep kids occupied for a long time. The tray is a good size and no need for them to colour on a table when they have this'

5/5   'A fantastic product, my granddaughter and grandson has never had so much fun in creating so many wonderful drawings and projects, amused for hours and a great learning product, I highly recommend this excellent product for all young ages for great really fun things to do !'

5/5   'The lap table is excellent for children of all ages keeps all mess to one place and can be used for many occasions'

5/5   'Just amazing'

5/5   'I brought this for a five year old girl and she loved it.'

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