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Chad Valley Art to Go Easel

About the Chad Valley Art to Go Easel

The Chad Valley Art to Go Easel lets your most cherished keep the option of exploring their creative side even when they're on the move. On one side there's a dry clean white board and on the other there's a blackboard which additionally has spaces for holding paper, providing even more opportunities for drawing and painting. The plate in the center holds crucial workmanship supplies and afterward perfectly folds up when you're on the move or simply ready to clear away. The Art to Go Easel is ideal for keeping your most cherished engaged on the run with inventive, aesthetic fun. Playtime can be anywhere, anytime!

Brand: Chad Valley
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Chad Valley Art to Go Easel Reviews

5/5   'Amazing value, ease to pop up and fold down my daughter loves playing with it. Fantastic buy'

4/5  Meme 'Great little set, well made my lad loves it pens smell really strong tho so have put them up till hes a bit older.'

5/5  Tamayx 'This was such a good price, my 2 year old sits for ages drawing on this easel, j would defiantly recommend this to my niece and nephews.'

4/5  Arindam 'Good VFM but not in Quality'

3/5  Dani 'Brought for my 3 year old wasn't impressed at all was expecting to be proper white board and blackboard but found out to be just cardboard bits stuck in.'

5/5  Rois 'Really sturdy and hours of playtime for kids great buy'

5/5  Freda 'Very strong does not move when she uses it chalks and wipe and pens supplied (she was not allowed the pens!)'

5/5  Tia 'Fun to do with children'

5/5  Jade 'It's also a gift for my daughters birthday and also looks great and she will be so happy as she loves to draw'

4/5  Alison 'Good size, easy to store and take out and about. kept my wee boy entertained for hours.'

5/5  Happyparent 'My daughter will love it. It was worth the money I paid for it.'

3/5  Charlie 'I bought this to keep my little one amused on a long car journey. The blackboard side was great. the pens supplied for the dry wipe side were awful they smell really strong and as more like ones I would use in the office Not for children!'

5/5  Chardonnay 'Bought 2 of these for the grandchildren who were staying . The 3 year old loved the chalkboard side the best .The 9 year old copied the designs on the box to send to her mum and dad and was inspired to give each masterpiece a title . I would definitely buy again .'

5/5  Eekk 'Very pleased with this easel set that is sturdy and a good size when set up but that also folds flat and still has plenty of storage for all chalks, pens etc inside. The handle and lightweight feel are perfect for children to carry this set along with them when travelling too. Would make a lovely gift'

5/5  Reet68 'Excellent for preschool children'

5/5  Rosebud 'Brillaint would recommend'

5/5  Loisss 'Very pleased with my purchase! Great price and size! Would definitely recommend to others'

3/5  Rose 'The quality of this product is reflected in the cheap price. The white board is a peice of card and the chalk board is black plastic which means neither clean particularly well. The design of the easel is good and my daughter still enjoys playing with it.'

3/5  Juice05 'This would have got 5 stars if it wasn't for the marker pens. They are not washable. My 3 year old got it on her clothes and my fabric settee and it does not wash off. Had to confiscate the pens after that so the whiteboard is unusable until I can find washable ones.'

5/5  Gills 'This was absolutely loved by a 3 year old'

5/5  Kat 'I brought my daughter this she is 2 and she uses all the time keeps he occupied highly recommended'

5/5  Barnie 'Chad Valley Art to Go Easel brought for my nieces birthday great for when shes in the car as anyone who's got kids will know its not easy to entertain little ones on a long trip but this is great Would definitely recommend'

4/5  Schmome 'Great product. Perfect to take out anywhere. Can use at a table or outside. Great that it comes with chalk and pens!'

4/5  Cazza 'Grandaughter loves it :) quick easy pack away with little storage for chalks'

5/5  Amanda 'Great that it folds away my daughter loves it'

4/5  Olivia 'I am pleased thanks'

5/5  Mo 'Easy to store in small space. Works great! My kids love it, and it's small, so it's easy to move around.'

5/5  None 'Great little easel bought for a 3 yr old boy he loves it'

5/5  Nikie 'My little girl loved this and is never away from it highly recommended'

5/5  Fifi 'Great toy, especially for the price'

5/5  Mariejouse 'Great to get the kids away from technology for a while. Great quality for the price.'

5/5  Chloeleighr 'The art easel is easily put up, perfect size for storage and great fun for young ones. Great product'

5/5  LindaM 'Keeps kids entertained ! Good value'

4/5  Irina 'My 3 year old granddaughter loves this, and has drawn some super pictures. I like that the compartments encourage her to tidy up after use, and that it doesn't take up much room.'

4/5  Lisa 'My 7 year old loves playing schools with this'

4/5  Bizzy22 'If you don't have alot of space this is perfect, my 4 year old is very creative and this allows him to be creative without taking up too much space.'

5/5  Saz 'Excellent and a must buy'

5/5  Amy Louise 'My son loves drawring so found this fab, good if you want something portable'

5/5  Chockster 'Present for 3 year old grandaughter. Fabulous in every way. Better than we ever thought for the money. Highly recommended tough and very useable.'

4/5  Rooraa 'My two young nieces loved these, great to take when travelling'

5/5  Eloraca 'Purchased by Santa for two boys of 3 and 5 who love this, lots of play time. Not as sturdy as i would have wished but will see how long it lasts.'

4/5  Honeybee 'This easel was a Christmas present for my 5 year old great-grandson. He especially enjoys the 2 different surfaces. I would have given it 5 if the drawers had not been a little stiff for a child to open and close'

4/5  Emz 'Easy to pack away to carry about! Fun for the children on the go!'

3/5  Laura 'This is a fab item to take travelling etc, not too big but big enough to actually play with. One of the pens for the white board didn't work which was disappointing'

5/5  Emma 'Comes with chalks and pens and there easy to rub out. It easy to store away when not being used.'

3/5  Heza 'It's a bit flimsy but ok for being half price when bought it'

4/5  Sally Ann 'One of the pens wasn't working and it would be good to have more colours but otherwise made a great gift for a little girl (and I'msure boys would love it too)'

4/5  Stacey 'Great for little people with the blackboard and whiteboard and lets them draw whatever they want'

4/5  Sammie 'This was a perfect buy for my nephew!! It was easy to put up and is quite sturdy so it can be leaned on by little people. As ever, a brilliant Chad Valley toy.'

3/5  Liana 'Its a good packaway toy and great for on a table but when you want to move it from one place to another it doesnt stay in shape it come apart and everything falls out.clips seems to have been made upside down. So doesnt stay triangular.but great for playing schools.'

5/5  Dan 'Bought this as a birthday present. We are all very happy with it. A great way to start the artistic side. Its great that it folds as it make it perfect for carrying around.'

5/5  Bj0107 'My son loves to draw, on paper, in book, on the walls and the fireplace. I bought this is in the hopes that he would use this to display his creations rather than my living room for a gallery. He loves to draw with this, it is easy to set up as well as put away for easy storage!!'

4/5  Evie 'Very good product for someone who hasn got room for a big backboard does the same just smaller'

1/5  Afroja 'Not good quality'

4/5  Wilko 'My son loves this'

5/5  Shannon 'This an amazing gift for Christmas I've brought two and going to pick up another tomorrow'

4/5  Rylands 'Real value for price'

5/5  Vickyp90 'This is a Christmas present, got it on the 2 for 15 deal so very pleased. Opened the box and it looks great, love the idea that it's portable for car journeys and doesn't take up to much space at home. Sure my son will enjoy it'

4/5  Midget 'My daughter loves playing with this easel it keeps her very busy, would definitely recommend'

5/5  Kath 'Very easy for my grandson to take his art with him wherever he goes.'

5/5  Sadi 'Really very good'

5/5  Ks 'Handy to take away while travelling keeps kids busy'

4/5  K 'Nice little easel I'm sure the recipient will enjoy using it'

5/5  Queen Amy 'Great value for money, my daughter loves it.'

4/5  Nasi 'I got is for my friend children she loved it.'

3/5  Becca 'I think the product is great for toddlers to help your child learn numbers and the alphabet and practise at home aswell i think my son will get good use out of this'

5/5  Fun Auntie 85 'Brought for my great niece as she loves drawing and wanted to draw in the car. Now every car trip she take it with her.'

4/5  S.n.cliff 'We bought this as part of the 2 for £15 offer and got 2 birthday presents covered, this was for my niece and she loves it, had loads of fun, Going to get one for my son for Christmas.'

5/5  Annie 'Brilliant!!! So pleased I bought this product'

4/5  Nc 'I would say it is for children age 3 & 4. Nice quality item.'

5/5  Plymgal 'Would recommend good for the price'

5/5  Zak's Mum 'Bought this for my friends daughter as a birthday present . Her little one loves it'

4/5  Lonny Lou 'It's a great wee thing if your on the go a lot. Basic enough to keep them entertained and be creative'

5/5  London 'Sturdy and great value.'

4/5  Reena 'My father in law brought this for my daughter for her birthday which was on the 1st of August and she looks ditch cause she asked her grandad for it.'

5/5  Liza 'Bought this as a present and it was very well received! Nice and sturdy, and versatile enough for hours of play.'

4/5  Anniliz 'He loves it and it also keeps him amused in car'

5/5  Working Mum 'Good little easel my toddler loves it gives both a white board and black board but can also put your own paper on it.'

3/5  Mrs Ahmed 'I bought this on offer for my nieces birthday. She loves the compact size and the folding mechanism too makes it easy to put away,the pack came with crayons and paper plus chalk all hidden inside.'

4/5  Chocchip 'The little boy who recieved this as a present loved it! It can ve drawn on, chalked on and have paper on it to dra on. Great table top size.'

4/5  R 'Great fun overall. Only down side is the call side is rubbish.'

4/5  Annabella 'Excellent for for mini designers. Let's imagination run away'

5/5  Fion 'Children feel excited about this'

3/5  Aggie 'My grandchildren had a lot of fun with this. I found it to be cheaply made up and probably won't stand the test of time.'

4/5  Mo 'My granddaughter will have lots of fun with this product'

3/5  Vp 'My little boy loves playing with these, especially the chalk. But the chalk easily scratches the blackboard side and doesn't look good after a while. The eraser for both chalk and pen should be separate as it gets covered in chalk easily not doesn't work well on the white board side. Overall it's good and my child liked it. But I feel the blackboard side should be thicker or scratch resistant at least.'

4/5  Debs 'Bought my 2 year old this and she loves it and really easy to transport and compact. Well worth the money'

4/5  Me 'This is a lovely item and my son loves it . The only problem with it is the chalk board isn't great , but it is good enough for a 2 year old .'

5/5  Chels13 'My children love this. My 1 year old son can draw with the chalk on one side and my 5 year old can write in the pens on the other side. It's fantastic as they don't fight over it but can share. It's a good quality and good size. Comes with a couple of pictures that can also be used as stencils aswell. Very pleased. Great product!'

4/5  Ketters 'One happy child,'

5/5  Jenn 'This was bought for boring car drives it was an ideal choice as u can do many things with it keeps the little man busy and happy exactly what was needed.'

5/5  Lynz 'I bought this for my 2 year old daughter and she absolutely loves it. Her and her older sister have great fun with it keeps them entertained.'

5/5  Sunshineshell 'My 5 year old loves it not had any problems just hours off fun.'

4/5  Dc91 'Its easy to store away can carry it around and Plenty of storage son has loads of fun with it too'

5/5  Nat 'I bought mostly for long car journeys and it works great at keeping my daughter occupied.its also good for at home instead of having a bulky easel at home can just use this and close it up when finished so it's not in the way'

5/5  Ria72 'Bought this for a 5 yr old as a present, it's compacted and easy to move around.'

4/5  Mama '2 year old granddaughter loved this. Worked well in the car for keeping her occupied.'

4/5  Cookie 'Could have come with more stuff'

5/5  Amy 'Product is good for price'

5/5  Jo 'Really happy with this product I bought 2 the kids just sat very happy for hours it was for my 3 year old and my 2 older kids enjoyed it to would highly recommend it.'

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