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Chad Valley Rainbow Playmat - Jungle

About the Chad Valley Rainbow Playmat - Jungle

The Chad Valley Rainbow Playmat is an invigorating place of fun for babies. The vibrant wilderness theme gives little ones a chance to find new amazing things and investigate their surroundings. The dangling shapes give your most cherished something to concentrate on and play with as their vision and crucial skills develop.

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Chad Valley Rainbow Playmat - Jungle Reviews

5/5   'Despite having an all singing and dancing expensive play gym that does everything but make the tea, my grandson appears to enjoy this play gym a lot more and is content to lie and play quietly for periods in excess of 30 minutes. Not bad for an 8 week old.'

4/5  Mummy2boys 'Fantastic value for money, great for a play mat from birth, could have couple of more toys hanging lower but otherwise great eye turning mat deffinatly recommended'

5/5  Rose 'Good quality and excellent price'

2/5  Benno 'Cheap and cheerful. Good as a back up for a grandparents house when visiting but would not use it everyday.'

5/5  Sab 'Actually I bought it for my baby nephew, but I think it is very bright colour, and soft material. the price is really affordable, as nowadays baby toys are so costly. ive always like shopping in argos online or instore. there are different facilities options'

5/5  Amy 'Wasn't given the correct one mind. I got a rainbow one given to me but she still loves it and it's the same thing just different colours. Amazing product. I'm buying another for her bedroom now. You can change the toys too which is a bonus and a change for little one to look at.'

5/5  Ellie 'This is so much better than alot of the much more expensive play gyms that are out there. It's bright colours catch babies eyes and there are enough toys to entertain baby without being too many that she doesn't know what to look at, and it's unisex.'

4/5  Ant 'Baby finds it really comfy and is starting the notice the hanging toys at 3 weeks. Fraction of the cost of other playmats'

5/5  Di18 'Great choice for my grandson very good for him to look at the hanging toys and to help him reach out later on .'

5/5  Val 'Great value for money -grandson loves it!'

5/5  Lmac 'Excellent value for money would highly recommend'

5/5  Sarah 'I have looked at many activity mats on the market and was so impressed how much this mat had to offer for the cost. When I got it, I was so pleased that it looked so bright, had toys to stimulate and is machine washable. It fits in my babies cot beautifully, on a bed and on a carpet floor for ideal comfort. Definitely worth it.. Nothing could go wrong and easy to use as well as safe.'

5/5  Jan 'Bought this for my granddaughter to entertain her lying down. Just put it on a rug as it's not thick and you can hang extra toys on it.'

5/5  Mrsv 'Lovely play gym nice price my baby loves it'

5/5  Joanna 'I bought this for my son to use at his Granny and Grandad's and I'm really impressed with it. The mat is quite thick and he loves batting and kicking the hanging toys. Great quality for a tiny price....what's not to love!'

4/5  Adeel 'The base fabric should be like able to stay, stick on the floor , it is moving all around due to very light weight base.As baby moves the fabric leave its place. Thanks'

5/5  Beata 'My boy loves it'

4/5  Dave 'This is a simple, well made, bright coloured product. The baby certainly was happy enough.'

4/5  Jaydee 'Bright, colourful baby play gym. Decent quality for the price. As it's just for occasional use, I liked that it's easy and quick to take the gym apart and store it back in the box.'

5/5  V 'Good play mat with a decent amount of padding. Very colourful and handy detachable toys. My 11 week old baby loves it.'

5/5  Khul 'Absolutely love this purchase, worth the money.'

5/5  Imran 'Well it's pretty good as compared to it price than many other big stores.'

5/5  Selena 'Absolutely brillant playmat, bought it for my second baby at 8 weeks and by 10 weeks he got used to it and was batting at the toys. He loves looking at the bright colours and the mat is of good quality. I have spent triple the amount on a branded mat and to be honest this does the job better! Toys are of a good quality which include a rattle and some other noisey toys, my son loves pulling at the rattle! This play mat ticks all the boxes for keep your little one stimulated at an early age!'

5/5  Lexi25 'What a bargain! This is easy to put together it's simply 4 clips. It's colourful, soft and the pad is nice and thick for my little one to lay on and play. There are a few extra loops attached to this to allow you to add additional toys of your own! Great value for money as most baby playgyms are £30 and up. Definitely one of the best purchases I've made yet! Highly recommended!'

4/5  Tj 'Price is good for what the item is. Ideal for babies to stare at and stimulate stretching.'

5/5  Julesb59 'Great value for money , very colourful with soft mat ,my grandson loves it'

5/5  Toots 'This is a great item! Other playmats are £50 upwards and this is a fraction of that and is equally as good. I love the bright colours for stimulation and the fabric is so soft and with a good amount of padding, doesn't take up too much space but plenty of room for baby to lay on. Would definitely buy again!'

4/5  Angel 'As I didn't want to buy a very expensive gym this is just perfect. Good value for money..'

5/5  Grandma 'One of these was bought as a gift for my granddaughter and she enjoys it so much I bought one for her at my house. There are a few dangling toys included but also spare tabs to add more, we have filled with inexpensive toys and she loves to lie on the mat and try and knock the toys. Easy to assemble and folds to store away. Compared to others on the market this is fantastic value for money.'

5/5  Staceybev101 'Exectllant value for money. My 13 week old loves this there's plenty of toys for him to choose from. The mat is also great for tummy time woth bright coloures ans pictures !'

5/5  Helen 'Really good buy'

5/5  Lulu3739 'Grandson loves this, plays for ages trying to pull the toys'

5/5  Johnny 'Perfect start for baby playtime, great product'

5/5  Yilan 'Excellent product for the price'

3/5  Jennifer 'The description says 'design may vary'. I assumed this meant that a lion might be replaced by a tiger. Unfortunately, instead it meant we received the Rainbow Play Gym rather than the Jungle. We decided that stripes of colour was not what we were looking for, so returned it. I imagine animal images would keep a baby/toddler entertained much more.'

4/5  Roxy 'A perfect gift i got for a baby shower'

5/5  Et 'Bought this for my baby, great value and very good quality for the price. Very easy and quick to assemble. Toys included are good and there are extra loops to add more toys to frame. Very light weight and folds away for easy storage.'

4/5  LSJ 'On the small side but only need until 6 months anyway. Does the job. My baby loves it. Use at grandparents as he has a musical one at home but this is good value for money.'

5/5  Hannah 'My baby loves reaching out for the dangly toys, he has developed his physical skills. The colours are bright and colourful. Definitely worth the price as my baby will be growing out of it very soon.'

5/5  Stock 'Great price'

5/5  Ratchit1981 'Would recommend fab item'

4/5  Vix321 'Lovely playmat, not too large and keeps my little one occupied even when his big bro is having a go'

5/5  Leanne15 'I wasn't expecting much for the price but it's a brilliant little gym. My 8 week old loves to lie on his back and stare at the toys. The mat is comfortable and the colours are bright and vivid. Very pleased with my purchase.'

5/5  Jamesy 'I brought this to keep at my parents house for when we visit. They have one the same at our local playgroup so I knew my little one would like it. The arches on the playmat have extra loops so you hang other toys/rattles on there which is good. I got the mat when it was on offer, so it was a bargain. It's good quality, nice & bright which my little one seems to prefer. Overall very pleased with my purchase.'

5/5  Ann30 'Playmat is colourful and interesting for my baby. I like that there are hooks to add other toys. Good value for money. Highly recommend'

5/5  Sallyzz 'It was really good.. loved it'

5/5  Cosra 'Argos always has the most competitive prices for quality goods'

5/5  Claire 'Great value for money!'

5/5  Miimii 'Very easy to use. Colourful for my princess and she loves it . It keeps her entertained. Good value for money'

4/5  Lou32 'Lovely little play Matt. Colourful and great to be taken anywhere.'

5/5  Lenlen 'This item is easy to put away when not in use and even easier to out togetherz keeps my little boy occupied whilst I'm cleaning and it's fun for play time too.'

5/5  Latifat 'Brought this for my son he is only 2 months and loves it kicking the ball and hiting the other toys as he moves about i also add more of my own toys to make it more fun for him as it helps that there is extra lopes'

5/5  Pickles69 'Excellent quality, lots of fun for the baby, exciting and fun filled learning.'

5/5  Mummy1888 'Great price well worth the money'

5/5  Blossom 'Bought for my 4 month old Great Niece and she loves it. Easy to assemble, attachable and detachable toys add your own For a change , it's certainly kept her entertained and challenges her dexterity, A great little workout toy Good quality worth the money :-)'

1/5  Louise 'I bought this item for my 7 month old... he is average size and he only just fit on the mat diagonally. So once he started moving he was no longer on the mat. So this would be good from birth or for children who are not mobile however sadly this isn't the case for me.'

4/5  Kam 'Nice, lightweight and with enough toys to keep baby interested.'

4/5  Hils43 'I purchased this play gym for my 6 week old baby boy. He enjoys lying on the mat under the toys, which are colourful and quite robust. The playmat is of reasonable quality, with bright colours. It washes well and has survived several trips through the tumble dryer already.'

4/5  Vikki Bizz 'Nice and colourful, the mat is pretty thick its not very big but perfect for my 5 week old. Also you can and more toys to it, and u can also un-attach the toys to take out and about with u, great item for the price Easy to put up and take down again and doesnt take much room up. Very happy with this item.'

4/5  Leila 'Lovely little play mat, very good value!'

4/5  Ntg1990 'A great product, especially for the price!'

5/5  Supershopper 'Bought this for my granddaughter & she was enjoying being on it. It was really good value. It's very colourful & comes with toys attached. You can also add your own.'

5/5  Becky 'If you are looking for a baby gym for your baby to learn to coordinate their hands and arms this does the job. Fantastic for the price, agree with others, the toys included are okay...but there are extra loops to add own toys which I have done. Got for my 9 week old 14lb 6oz boy and it's ideal. Easy to put together with the clips and take apart to transport. Bright colours.'

5/5  Outlander 'Actually purchased as a toy for the cat! Ideal as The overpriced pet toys do the exact same thing. I would recommend to anyone looking for a toy for cats or children.'

5/5  Kath 'This is fabulous lots of fun for my beautiful Grandaughter, she loves the mirror and looks so comfy and happy when she is on this mat.'

5/5  Maya123 'I bought this playmat for my 2 months old son who has just started to respond to sounds and notices colourful toys. My son loves his play time and it's good for tummy time too.'

5/5  Dramarama 'This baby gym is colourful and stimulating. It keeps my little one entertained and she genuinely loves it. A brilliant price for something that brings a huge smile to her face!!'

5/5  Snoe 'Great size and it comes with four great toys but qlso has the option of lowering the toys or adding your own.'

4/5  Naz 'I bought it for my nephew as a gift,he is sooo happy after having it ,yes I definitely recommend it for little babies to keep them busy .'

5/5  Vicki 'I have purchased two of these play mats for work colleagues and their baby hampers. The play mat looks good quality and has detabale animals.'

5/5  Hasn 'Perfect product for a baby'

5/5  Bunmi 'Loved this play mat, very colourful and simple to use. It is durable and washable as well. It folds easily.'

5/5  Bubbles 'My grandson absolutely adores his playmat. He loves the colours textures and noises it makes. Very reasonably priced. Highly recommended'

5/5  Fish 'My little one loves it, looks cheerful and functions well. Can't really comment on durability as we haven't had it long enough.'

5/5  Mandy54 'I bought this for my new grandchild expected in February and am sure she will have hours of happy play time once she is born'

5/5  Meg 'My little boy continues to enjoy this product'

4/5  Kate 'It's easy to put together. It stores away really well. Washable. Colourful. Could do with a few more toys but it is easy to add to it as there are extra loops to do so. Overall a good buy.'

5/5  Katie 'Brought this for Christmas for my nephew hoping it would help him as he like things he can play with fast delivery perfect in box he loved it playing chilling as he just plays it perfect for baby's would buy it again'

5/5  Megan 'I have brought 2 because my little boy loves it so much he has one at his nan's and one at home, brilliant value for money you can strap more toys to it if you want too and the bars click off so you can use it as just a mat for tummy time or other games'

3/5  Bruce 'Looks fine and works well, from my experience babies like to play on it providing you add your own toys as its not particularly well equipped.'

5/5  Tina 'My niece played well on the mat as it had rattle on it. Nice product'

5/5  Mum Of 3 'Easy to put together, great from birth.'

5/5  Me 'Was just what my granddaughter wanted'

5/5  Twinns 'Buy it my grandchild love it and there'

5/5  Al 'I bought this for my 3 month old nice and she loves it! She just sits mesmerised by it. Her mum says it keeps her occupied while she potters around the house. Good mat, good quality and does its job perfectly'

5/5  Metooyou 'Nice playmat. Material is a bit thin so we place a blanket underneath to make it comfortable.'

5/5  Anika 'It's just perfect,as mentioned'

5/5  Debbie 'The Playmat is very good value for money, bright colours. Soft for Baby to lie on.'

4/5  Annavs 'I bought the cheapest mat as they don't seem to get used for long. Great size - nice and big with nice toys hanging from the arms. Would def recommend for price.'

5/5  Kiwicat 'Have no complaints at all with this item. It's good value for money compared with some of the more expensive ones. I was pleasantly surprised.'

5/5  Stef 'Bought for my new born and does the job.'

5/5  Miss Review 'This play gym was a last minute buy for my three week old baby. I didn't want to spend lots of money on a play gym as I know from my first child they only use them a short time. I decided to give this a go and was pleasantly surprised at the quality, and value for money. Excellent purchase! If you are looking for a play gym look no further!!'

5/5  Babs 'Another item bought for when our 4 month old granddaughter comes to visit, she loves it the colours, sounds and toys fascinate her and her 8 year old brother gets on the floor with her and encourages her to play with the toys'

5/5  Clarence 'Having looked at a number of play mats and not knowing why there was such a difference on price, I decided to buy this one as the cheapest thinking I wouldn't be wasting much money if it was poor. I am still not sure why there is such a big price range for this type of toy as this one ticks all the boxes,my baby loves playing on it and I'm pleased with the quality.'

4/5  Fosters 'Lovely bright playmat with different colours and sounds'

5/5  Alicia 'Such a great baby gym for a great price, my 4 month loves this, has everything you need for the baby stage why pay more?'

5/5  Lvkn 'Good quality'

5/5  Dad 'Colorful and easy to store. I am satisfied with the item.'

4/5  Tahir 'Happy with the design for a small baby, very imaginative.'

5/5  Celador 'So glad I bought this for our holiday abroad - baby was happy playing with this baby gym, really colourful and toys are pretty good for the price - was very light weight and easy to pack in our case. It just shows you really don't need to spend a fortune on play gyms - we also just added some extra toys but no need really.'

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