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Chad Valley Penguin Projector - Baby BlueChad Valley Penguin Projector - Baby Blue

About the Chad Valley Penguin Projector - Baby Blue

The Chad Valley Penguin Projector will be the ideal lullaby pal for your most cherished. Penguins tummy lights up when pressed giving a soft glow in different colours, plus the volume controllable soothing eight (8) lullabies helps your little one relax. After five (5) minutes the music quietens and the lights soften.

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Chad Valley Penguin Projector - Baby Blue Reviews

5/5   'We had from birth and it's so nice! portable great to take away as no wires with taking plug in things for music and lights. My baby has gone from staring at it on the shelf, cot edge and in his cot to turn on and play with just before bed and I put it on the shelf and he watches it still (I avoided white noise gadgets to get baby asleep but do leave the radio on sleep mode now and then).'

5/5  Nanny 'Gd vslue for money .Baby loves it definetly recommend to family and friends'

4/5  Caz 'Bought for my little granddaughter and she loves it, press the tummy and it glows and changes colour, and it plays a lullaby. It’s a little hard the install the two AA batteries, not included, theres an opening in the back of the soft toy that holds a plastic compartment that you need to unscrew to install the batteries. It has a blue switch in there so you can turn it off and just use as a cuddly toy. Pink and white with a yellow beak & feet he’s very cute.'

5/5  Ruthie 'The penguin is great, but only stays on for 5 mins'

5/5  Vaioblue 'Bought for my new granddaughter due on the 10th december x'

4/5  Wendy 'Lovely toy bought in sale'

5/5  CAB 'Sweet little penguin with nice tunes and sounds, push the tummy and it starts, very soothing for the little man. Little bit tricky to get the battery pack back inside but apart from that brill.'

5/5  Matilda 'Cute little penguin Sounds and lights are fab Ideal for my baby niece'

1/5  Joanne 'DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY! only plays music for 1 and a half minutes not as advertised the 5 minutes. We returned the chad valley penguin and bought a vtech elephant which plays lullaby and music for 15 mins MUCH better.'

4/5  Kelly 'Bought for my daughter the penguin is lovely only draw back is there is no option for just light and music and light and the back Velcro is flimsy but she still loves it's and is very easy for her to use'

5/5  Googoo 'Great price and quietly entertaining..'

5/5  Lexa 'I got this for my 3 month old nephew and he loves it. It sends him straight to sleep and really soothes him. The tummy lights up not too bright and changes colour. The lullabies it plays are amazing. Only thing is that the lullabies only play for 5 minutes then you have to press the tummy again but that is enough time as it sends him straight to sleep. I would really recommend it. It’s a good size and goes great inside the Buggy. Great price too'

5/5  Stacey 'My 7 month old daughter loves this , every nap and bed time she falls asleep listening to the music. The light is handy too for dummy searching in the night!'

5/5  Amanda 'Excellent product bought for my 6 weeks old baby cannot recommend it more.'

4/5  Rachel 'This little guy is super cute and the lights and sounds are soothing. My only criticism would be that It turns on at the slightest touch and doesn’t turn off quite so easily. But it is very cute and my 6 Month old son is very happy with him. X'

5/5  Catherine 'Bought for my Grand-daughter who is due in November.'

5/5  Terri 'Better than some of the more expensive toys'

4/5  Mady 'This little penguin worth the money! The sounds he had are pleasant and the light is not continues, it is flashing. It is very comfortable for a small baby.'

4/5  Stephy 'Very sweet, good value for money. Works a treat to calm a baby'

5/5  Mary 'My grandson loves it and has different tunes and lights up very well in cot'

4/5  Kel 'Does what it says in description.'

4/5  Char 'You get what you pay for, will definitely amuse my bub x'

5/5  Laura 'I love the fact that the projector can be removed to wash item. Not too loud. Easy to use. Really pleased i bought it.'

5/5  JD 'Bought this for my 2yesr old who keep waking in the night, It’s perfect for the price. Easy for him to turn on, the light is very subtle & the fact you can take the battery light out & wash the teddy casing is excellent. One note is every time you press the tummy it turns on & off & starts on different noises each time you. The light is subtle but it multicoloured so can be stimulating. However for the price this is a really excellent product.'

5/5  Claire 'Lovely item my boy love it'

5/5  Kate 'My 6 month old loves this and it is very easy to turn on the music and lights'

3/5  Loz 'Havnt used product yet as its for my baby for xmas but ive had it out the box & had a look, all looks well. My only criticism is the title has the word projector in it, it doesnt project anything....the belly just glows diff colours. Good product for its price though.'

5/5  Kyan 'Brought as a gift for my cousin and his girlfriend's baby shower. They were very happy with it as no1 else had brought anything similar'

5/5  Kyan 'Brought this as a gift for my sister in laws new baby ... she loved It!'

5/5  Becs123 'I've bought this for my baby who isn't due just set so not actually used it but fir the price I was very suprised by the size and quality. I was expecting it to be really small but it isn't and it seems very well made. Bargain price.'

5/5  Vic66 'Bought at a bargain price x my grandson will love it x what a bargain xx'

5/5  Cj 'Bought for my baby girl. She loves to watch the colours and the music calms her when she wakes in the night'

5/5  Gill990 'Lovely little toy, haven’t given it to the baby yet but I’m sure he will have hours of fun'

5/5  Mommytoaprince 'The tummy glows up and it plays lullabys and nature sounds. Its like the old glow worms but a pemguin instead. Its extremely good value for money and its a godsend for me as my little boy is extremely needy and settles him from crying. It was actually a gift off us when he was ill in hospital with meningitus so now its sentimemtal and were extremely happy with the gift. I would say this is a MUST HAVE if you have a little one that cries to be held alot. It looks cute and its soft.'

5/5  LittlemissIvy 'This amazingly cheap toy is perfect for little ones, my little one loves watching the projected light and sounds! Brilliant quality as well!!'

5/5  Beverly 'Excellent toy gwta my son to sleep straight away would recommend to anyine with a baby'

5/5  Tsveti 'My baby love this penguin'

5/5  Lyla13 'Nice size and cute for bed time got two both granddaughters love them great value well worth the money'

4/5  Corinne 'Bought this to try and help my daughter settle at night it helped and now she settled better'

5/5  Gabriel 'My baby love this toy'

5/5  Rite 'Haven't used it yet but looks good'

5/5  Bogdan 'Very good and my children are happy! :* thank you'

5/5  Bogdan 'Very good and my children are happy! Thx'

5/5  Cornish77 'Bought for you baby this is fantastic product it plays lullabies as well as soothing relaxing sounds to send little ones to sleep. Best Buy for me and great gift'

5/5  Nanna 'This item was given as a gift at a recent baby shower. The new Mum was delighted and described it as a “lovely, thoughtful gift”.'

5/5  Sterlinglass 'I bought this for my friends great grandson & his mother is delighted with it ,as no-one else thought of it , great idea & not to bright , I would recommend this product'

3/5  Meme 'Good one and cute. Baby likes it as its not too huge.'

3/5  Potter18 'This item was nice as it had lights and music but they didn't play for long enough'

5/5  Sox 'Purchased for a new baby gift. Really difficult to get to the battery compartment, pop batteries in and close up again. Then it’s behind a strong Velcro flap. Great to know little gingers can’t tamper with it! The box does not describe this toy properly, it actually plays lots of varied songs and sounds as well as giving a little light display ehichnin the dark is lovely for baby. I really like this, excellent value and well liked by the recipient'

5/5  Vikki 'Fab item. My baby niece loved it, brill sounds and light'

4/5  Kerry 'Really cute ,nice lights and sound's'

5/5  Rotweiller 'It really settles my little boy with the music and lights'

3/5  Sophie 'It helps my 5month old go to sleep but its not worth the price.'

4/5  Lois 'Very cute with soothing music, my niece seems to like it.'

5/5  Annie 'Soft cuddly toy with lovely pastel soft lighting and gentle tunes. Very soothing to help relax to sleep. Bought this for my grandson for bedtime.'

4/5  XhakaLacaBoomBoom 'Really cute penguin and the lights were perfect for a substitute for a night light. However the on/off button and battery compartment is far too awkward and fiddly. The on/off should be a press of the belly'

5/5  Jordan 'Brilliant as a night light light changes and plays sounds both my children love it'

5/5  Karen 'Different tunes, sounds and colours. My granddaughter loves it.'

5/5  Soph 'Bought it for my little boy and it works amazingly at bedtime for him, soothes and calms him enough to drift off to sleep'

5/5  Aimie 'Lovely easy to out the battery’s in perfect for what it’s for.'

4/5  Clemxo 'Cute little penguin!! my little boy loves it, wish the music played for longer as its annoying having to get up and turn it on again. But definitley worth the money compared to some of the more expensive brands available'

5/5  Tinkerbell 'Bought this for a newborn welcome present.Obviously commonsense on the parents behalf needed as with any toy.'

5/5  Tinkerbell 'This is a gift for a baby so i cant comment yet as not been given yet.'

5/5  DB83 'Our daughter absolutely loves this, this is the 2nd one we have brought to keep as a spare. She takes it to bed and presses it's tummy and goes to sleep. It's a fantastic toy.'

5/5  Kaia 'This little penguin is amazing :-) nanny brought one for my little one originally for at her house and he loved it, fell straight to sleep with the sound and lights! So I just had to buy one for at home :-) my little one loves watching his penguin! Very happy'

5/5  Charles9316 'Bought this for my son when he was 8 weeks old. He absolutely ADORES it. He’s now 11 weeks old and sleeps with it every nap time and cuddles it throughout the day. I have to go buy another one in case it gets lost he loves it so much. Lovely size, bright lights and ever so soft. Would highly recommend.'

5/5  Tylney21 'Gud value for money better than i thought it wud be. My daughter loves it'

5/5  Leah 'Amszing for the price its super soft too touch to and bigger then expected which was good the songs are very nice yoo snd the lights all in all good quality and as a mum myself i wud reccomend'

4/5  Daisy 'My grandson liked the lullabies but they are not long enough. The penguin is not a projector but has soft light which changes. Restful but I had to press the button again to restart the lullabies.'

4/5  Michaela 'Lovely light up soft penguin that plays a few different sounds'

5/5  NanaJ 'My four month old grandson loves his penguin toy. He finds him cuddly, is fascinated by the glowing tummy and adores the tunes.'

5/5  Dawnie 'All round nice little item great for the price'

5/5  Jess223 'Soothing music, soft lighting. Loved!'

5/5  Dan35 'Item bought for my friends little baby girl she loves it.'

5/5  Deepprobsix 'This is great my grandson loves it and the timer that turns it off is a wonderful idea.'

5/5  Vicki 'Mum said 3 week baby would settle lovely with this on, and there not much musical baby stuff for 0 months available'

5/5  Yesmin 'I bought this for my 4 week old nephew. It’s very entertaining for him. He loves it and I’m glad that I bought it do him.'

5/5  Buttons 'Bought this as a gift for my niece..she loved it plays soothing music and lights up... she carries it everywhere and take penguin to bed ....a great soothing toy for children and looks cute too'

4/5  SB 'This is a nice little toy my 1 year old likes it, plays tunes and different music.'

4/5  Luta667 'It's a lovely toy - soft all over, with mesmerising colourful lights and a good quality sound. The only issue is that the melodies only last about 5 minutes and that's not long enough to lull my baby to sleep.'

5/5  Louise 'This was bought for my great nephew who has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy recently and was in need of some sensory toys . He loves it and a perfect choice for him .'

4/5  Jess 'Deffo recommend My daughter is hard to settle due to acid reflux but this helps her so much'

3/5  Loulou 'Lovely idea. So soft. Can take the light/battery pack out so you can wash the penguin itself which is great. There's 2 things i hate about this penguin and if they were to tweak it.. it would be perfect. THE MUSIC/LIGHTS LASTS JUST OVER A MINUTE (TOO SHORT 4MY KIDS). and A SLIGHT TOUCH ON BELLY TURNS IT OFF AGAIN WHICH IS A PAIN! OTHER than that it's cute. Wish they'd look into these...'

5/5  Marcus 'Great product and has worked wonders for our little one'

5/5  Jasmine 'Great for little ones at bed time. Both my boys love them. Soothing music and lights'

5/5  Mummylis 'We bought this for my 3 year old boy as he had been having trouble sleeping. We had bought him a bedside night light but he kept putting it in the bed and cuddling it. Not very practicle. The soft penguin is ideal he loves the tunes it plays, the soft lights are soothing and he gets to cuddle it all night. Twiggy as our son has named him maybe a baby toy but has become the perfect comfort and bedtime companion for our 3 year old.'

5/5  Disneychick1973 'Love that this is done in blue as well as pink as have had to buy 1 of each, easy to use and it takes 3 AA batteries, then you press his / her tummy and it lights up and plays a little lullaby so your little one soon nods off yo sleep. It can be put in their cot, pushchair etc as there are no cords to power it.'

5/5  Disneychick1973 'Brought as a Christmas present this is a great toy for any new born baby as its a gentle musical sounds and soft lights help sooth a little one. Only 1 niggly bit and its that it should last a bit longer as had to kept putting it on for him and it nearly put me to sleep. You can also take this anywhere due to it being run on batteries like a pram or car seat.'

5/5  Laura 'My kid loves the penguin. Music and lights are relaxing and helps my kid to go sleep'

5/5  Grandad 'Its the best for my granchild in bed on a night'

5/5  Juney1 'Bought it for granddaughter for Christmas..she loves it and its the first thing she picks up when its bedtime .'

4/5  Dee 'Wi brought is toy for my grand daughter she loves it. Not bad for the price'

5/5  Sue 'My Great Niece loved her Chad Valley Penguin Projector .'

5/5  Stephen 'Grand kids love them in fact may have to get more'

5/5  Debbie 'My youngest grandson loves it carries it with him took t to bed fell asleep fast with it recomend'

5/5  Jay 'My baby girl loves it.. Would highly recommend it'

4/5  Ronnie 'Lovely little penguin. It’s a night light not a projector but still great. Lullaby doesn’t play for long.'

5/5  Kg 'Really pleased with the product great for down time in the evening and in his bed'

4/5  JVG 'Penguin is cute and soft. Tummy is a silicone material. Glowing egg in tummy is removable so penguin can be washed. Bought for a newborn for christmas.'

5/5  Raja 'My baby loved it'

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