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Chad Valley Ocean Glowing Jellyfish

About the Chad Valley Ocean Glowing Jellyfish

Baby can drift off into a peaceful sleep with the assistance of the Chad Valley Ocean Glowing Jellyfish. With soothing music and soft lights, this portable unit creates a lovely atmosphere wherever you may be, great for encouraging your little one to close their eyes and rest. Pull string for three (3) musical tunes - Brahms Lullaby / Lavender Blue / Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Top tip: if you leave the light on it will automatically stop after 30 minutes. Size H16, W16, D10cm.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 8365170
EAN/SKU: 8365170
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Chad Valley Ocean Glowing Jellyfish Reviews

5/5   'This toy is fantastic. I was on the search for a stimulating light toy with ribbons for my baby to grasp at: I found that in this and so much more. The songs are a little annoying but baby loves them, she is fascinating with the colourful lights and LOVES the ribbons! I purchased at the offer price which is an absolute bargain, however I would happily have paid full price for the toy. You shouldn't be discontinuing this item!'

5/5  Verobeach 'Great little product. Baby loves it and it sends him to sleep when pushed in the pushchair with the tunes on.'

5/5  Beanymo 'My 8 week old baby loves this jellyfish, she always smiles with it and if she’s a little grizzly this settles her. It has 2 options 1st is to just play changing colours and the 2nd is to play changing colours with music, you have a choice of 3 lullaby’s...wish there was more songs and that they automatically changed song when one has finished instead it repeats the same song till you pull the cord again.'

1/5  Hoppy123 'Searched everywhere for this jellyfish and ended up having to get my husband to collect from Portsmouth as he’s in the navy (i live in Cheshire) was so excited to use it with my little girl. Put the batteries in and the thing doesn’t work at all! No lights, No music and now I can’t replace it as they’re sold out everywhere! Absolutely gutted!'

5/5  Rebka 'This is such a wonderful toy! We love the beautiful colour changes and the the lullabies are lovely, especially Lavender Blue. Baby isn't here yet, but we play it to her and she starts kicking and bouncing around. It's a little loud, so may be worth putting a bit of tape over the speaker inside. It's such good value for money, I can't recommend enough.'

5/5  Jay25 'This was recommend to me and it was so worth it. My baby loves it especially when the light disco comes on. The sounds are great as well. We love it.'

5/5  Courtney 'A must buy! 100% recommend!!!'

5/5  SammyJ2310 'Lovely toy! Not masively well packaged (but that wouldn’t be Argos’s fault!) Plays great music and lights up really relaxing, but not very easily played with unless it is high dangling over baby (which then means they can’t see the light?!)'

5/5  Isabel 'Lovely toy. 3 different tunes which are quite pleasant. Also lights up.'

5/5  Tegenkin 'Fabulous sensory toy my little boy loves it. I attach it to his play gym. The songs are lovely too.'

5/5  Dani 'Everyone I know with babies has bought this after seeing ours! It is a baby hypnotiser and can help with sleep or grumpiness! It has magical baby soothing powers, buy it!'

5/5  Ambrosia46 'Audio / visual toy for babies, especially when on a playmat, that will keep them engaged for some time. A pull cord on the underside of the toy can allow the child control it'

4/5  Sarah 'Amazing product everyone has recommended and now I’ve bought i would definitely recommend on to anyone with a baby! Great visual aid with the changing mood lights , the sea house hangs down and encourages touch and soothing music to send them off to sleep!'

4/5  David 'The ocean valley glowing jellyfish was a big hit with my young daughter, she was fascinated by the glowing lights and loves to play with the tentacles and sea horse that hang from it. The sounds that come from it are a little loud for bedtime but this can be turned off. The Jellyfish is very cheap to buy and I have already recommended it to friends for their children.'

5/5  Covmum 'Fantastic product brought it for my nephew and its better than I expected it to be'

5/5  Yasmin 'My baby loves it beautiful colours , nice songs , light glows at night My baby carry’s it every wear even when we are out & about it’s Amazing.'

5/5  Gill 'Bought this in the sale but would have been more than happy to pay full price. Well made, colourful toy that my daughter loves'

5/5  Chris 'I was recommended this by another Mum, as an incredibly affordable and mesmerising toy for babies, my daughter 3 months old loves it.'

4/5  Shan 'Perfect to have on at night so you can see your little one. Stays on for ages without having to get up and turn it on every time. Only down fall is that the sound is so loud so we don’t use that at bedtime only during the day.'

4/5  Libby 'Great colours and cute design'

4/5  LovelyLisa 'Great item but here's the negative... Annoying that although it plays 3 tunes, it only plays one repeatedly until you change it yourself and then it will play the next tune repeatedly until you change it and so on.... Would be far better if it cycled through the 3 tunes before repeating. Also, you have to pull the seahorse down to change the melodies/turn it off and it needs a rather firm pull so young children wouldn't manage. Would still recommend if on sale (wouldn't pay full price)'

4/5  Cass 'I picked this toy up having read other great reviews and have not been disappointed. My 2 month old daughter loves to watch the jellyfish and now at nearly 3 months, grabs the legs and likes to chew them. It definitely keeps her entertained. Very easy to operate and has a few song selections so not too repetitive. Bright and colourful and can be hung on the pram or play gym.'

5/5  Kez 'Great price for my 8 week olds first toy .he absolutely loved the changing colours and the music .would definitely recommend to others.'

5/5  Snoopy 'Granddaughter only 2 months old but it sooths here.'

4/5  MrsS 'Songs are a little repetitive, nice toy on the whole.'

5/5  Mambi 'Great product, well worth the money and it lights up with lovely colours and plays relaxing music for baby.'

5/5  Frances 'Amazing. My boy (3 months old) loves playing with the octopus tentacles and staring at the glowing lights. Have attached to bouncer. It is a life saver!'

5/5  Sam 'Very good product for the price. Baby loves it and keeps him entertained. The only fault I find with this product is the quality of the support cloth from the plastic clip on the top. You frequently have to pull hard to activate the toy and the stitching on the cloth is poor and not strong enough. Otherwise great product.'

5/5  Zf 'My baby boy loves this jellyfish'

5/5  Jaydee 'A great toy at a good price.'

5/5  Emma 'My son loves this toy. It is a little fiddly to turn on and off, but once on, it stays lit for quite a long time. It’s entertaining for my son in the car.'

5/5  Mclaz 'A good toy for my baby, he seems very interested in it!'

5/5  BellaB 'My baby was given this as a gift and loves it so much that I have bought 2 more to give to friends babies, perfect gift.'

1/5  Dona 'I bought this toy thinking it would be a perfect gift but the string was not working so took it back to Argos. They have checked reluctantly another 2 of this toys and they were all the same.'

5/5  Lboo83 'Fab sensory toy bought for my 9 week old at a great price (on offer) he loves it. My 4 year old who is autistic took an instant shine to it so bought him one too. Definitely a great purchase. Only downside it’s louder than I thought!'

5/5  Jenny 'I love this it looks beautiful and expensive with the subtle slow changing lights which you can have with or without music can’t believe it’s so cheap far better than expensive toys similar in design highly recommend'

4/5  Manda 'Really brightly coloured. My grandson is mesmerized by it. Only down side is you have to pull quite hard on the seahorse to play the tunes and put the lights on'

4/5  Titch 'Brought for present for granddaughter she Loves it likes the feel and it lights up was surprised how good it is would recommend to enyone'

4/5  VH 'My baby loves his jellyfish. The tentacles as much as the lights. I’m not so keen on the music but that can be turned off'

5/5  Cheryl 'This is brilliant, since getting it I’ve been able to put my three month old down for naps instead of him only sleeping on me. The music is soothing (if a little loud) and he’s mesmerised by the lights. It gets a big thumbs up from us, and all his friends have one too!'

5/5  Becky 'Fab toy for my 4 month old. She loves it!'

5/5  Zoe 'Amazing value for price and has really helped with my wee ones grip.'

5/5  Julka 'Good buy ,my baby loves it'

5/5  Kim 'This jellyfish is fantastic my 4 Month old loves this, the lights are really beautiful and the sounds are lovely! I like how you have to pull the seahorse to switch it on and then the switch underneath there is an option to have lights and sounds or just the light and I really love that, it’s perfect for nighttime! Also the jellyfishes legs are a great sensory feature!'

4/5  Spash 'I bought this after a few friends recommended it to me. My 3 month old loves it. It’s nice and colourful and easy for him to hold. It’s a great sensory toy to add to our collection'

5/5  Harri589 'Absolutely amazing! Cannot remember how I coped without it. My little one is entranced by it, it helps to settle him, entertain him, and it’s improved his aim and mobility immensely as he has learnt to pull the seahorse to get the toy to light up and play. He also loves to have it on the floor with him for tummy time (which he detested before!) to chomp on, roll with, and generally play with. I have recommended it to others who love it just as much and agree that it’s done wonders for them too.'

5/5  Sj 'Pleased with the toy, its a good sensory toy for bedtime.'

5/5  Mumtothree 'We love this item and so does our 8wk old, love how it lights up and gently transitions from one colour to another, I also love that you can choose to have the music playing with the light or just the lights on their own. Would definitely recommend'

5/5  Ali 'This has worked well to get our 16 week old off to sleep, it’s a bit noisy but it works! As stated I bought another for a friend who’s recently had a kid and can’t wait to give it to them. I have noticed that there’s no way to take the cover off completely to wash it if it gets dirty (cover comes off but pull-string is fastened inside the mechanical box) so best keep it clean!'

5/5  Sam 'I got told about this toy at a baby group and I'm so glad I brought it for my little one! She loves watching the lights and grabbing onto it, helps her settle when she's niggly too!!'

5/5  MummaQueenV 'This was recommended to me and I have not been disappointed my little girl (14 weeks) absolutely loves it. The music is a bit annoying but you can turn it off and still have the lights on. She sits and plays with it for ages, she loves the colour changing lights and she loves grabbing the ribbon. Because it has a clip it can go everywhere with us, highchair, attaches to the nemo gym mat, pram etc. Fantastic purchase'

5/5  Slogan 'Baby loves this. Recommended to friends who have also purchased and their babys love it too I've purchased another as s gift'

5/5  Na54 'This jellyfish keeps my 3 month old entertained for up to 40 mins at a time. Its light is brilliant, however the music is really loud. We made it just right by covering the little speaker with tape. It's definitely my baby's favourite toy!'

5/5  TiffB 'My 4 month old absolutely loves this! I love how you can change it from just the light, to the light and lullabies. She loves in the day to play with over her gym, or over your crib at night just to stare at the lights.'

4/5  Christy 'Great jellyfish, 4 month old loves it. Only negative is the sound is loud and no way to turn it down. We have it set to lights only and it works well.'

5/5  Charlotte 'This octopus is fab, lovely bright coloured lights, music is lovely too we love it , keeps baby happy for ages'

5/5  MrsR 'Our 3 month old absolutely loves his jellyfish! It always settles him and puts him in a happy mood. I’ve recommended to a few friends who have all been glad to have bought one too.'

5/5  Anne 'My little one loves his jellyfish! Leaves him entertained for a while so I can get on with things. Has option for music and lights or just lights. Great buy.'

5/5  Sm 'I love this jellyfish, it is the best toy my son has!!!'

1/5  Nikki 'Out of the box the jellyfish looks great.. attractive colours, nice tactile bits for baby. The lights were lovely and the choice of tunes was great. That was it - after this first interaction, Mr Jellyfish decided this world was not for him and he refused to turn back on. Randomly a few days later he worked again, earning him the nickname Jesus, but that was even more short lived. He's yet to revive again since, and it's more hassle than it's worth taking it back to exchange. Very disappointing.'

5/5  HR 'Brilliant product. Bigger than expected. Loud and clear music. Bright lights'

5/5  FirstTimeMummy 'This is an amazing little sensory toy. My little boys loves it. One of our favourite and best purchases so far. I'm on a baby group on Facebook and it's gone absolutely crazy over this toy. Highly recommend for your babies'

5/5  Nisha 'Best toy for a little baby, it’s much bigger than I was expecting, it’s very colourful, soft to touch and glows beautifully and makes the most amazing soothing music.'

5/5  Gt 'I got this on the sale, well worth the money and my daughter absolutely loves it.'

5/5  Amy 'A wonderful price . Very easy to use and the tunes are peaceful. Highly recommended this product'

5/5  Helen86 'Great size. Much bigger than expected. Lovely and bright. Great textures. Very eye catching'

5/5  Claire 'Fantastic product!! I am part of a few baby groups aswell all us mum's have been going crazy for this product'

5/5  Bee 'This is the good to product to keep your little ones entertained for hours I love it and brought another one incase I wear this one out.'

3/5  DT 'Looks nice and bright and seems well made, but the pull mechanism to turn it on isn't easy, you have to pull quite hard to operate it and the tune is quite annoying. Overpriced too. Buy in the sale if you can.'

4/5  Jess91 'Good value for money entertain baby with the lights and sounds. A little loud for bedtime.'

5/5  Bexstar88 'Keeps lil miss occupied only problem is the string is a little long so I have to keep opening up to get it to work. Pulling the seahorse doesn't work'

5/5  Rilers1988 'We bought this for our son based on friend recommendations. It is a lovely toy, the music is lovely and he has great fun grabbing the tentacles. He is completely mesmerised by it - would highly recommend it to any parent'

5/5  Lucy 'Really lovely toy. Nice and bright'

5/5  Jade 'This has been a big hit with my little boy. Loves the lights and reaching out for it. Bargain price too as had it when on offer.'

5/5  Vik 'Brought for new baby Fantastic sensory toy. Made very well and child loves it! Best price around!'

5/5  MrsG 'Bought this for my granddaughter who is 10 weeks old. She loves it. The colours are vibrant and the lights and melody finish it off perfectly. Fantastic buy.'

5/5  Jh 'Doesnt come with batteries'

5/5  Tracie 'Brought this for my baby girl, she absolutely adores it, lovely music & lights and the tentacles are excellent for babies to grab hold of, lovely little seahorse dangle too. We clip this to her buggy and at home its next to the bed. Highly recommend this product, i would definitely buy again if needed, it gets lots of attention too, It's bigger than I expected but in a good way,'

5/5  Mother3 'My daughter loves this - a really good sensory toy.'


5/5  Liz 'Plays 2 soft lulliby songs, they can be a bit loud but it has an switch that can turn off the sound and just have the glow light on. Great for little ones, soft and colourful and great to explore. I brought it for my 6 month old nephew and he loved it.'

5/5  Nannynet12345 'My grandson was born on the 11th dec , I wanted to buy him something nice not clothes OMG when I unpacked it it was just as good as the higher priced toys if not better ,so much I am buying another for grandson due april'

5/5  Denise 'This really keeps my 8 month old occupied and is really soothing as well.'

5/5  Tee 'This is so much cuter in real life,baby is mesmerised by it,hangs of everything and easily transportable'

5/5  Charleyboss95 'It's amazing for my little girl helps her get to sleep at night. I would highly recommend this product go any first time mum's. The best product'

5/5  Dmlb 'Lovely, my little one loves it'

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