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chad valley large baby playmat

About the Chad Valley Large Baby Playmat

This Chad Valley Large Baby Playmat is an engaging play space for your most cherished to explore- big enough for 2 babies to comfortably play on. Suitable from birth, there are textures, toys, a mirror and vibrantly hued characters for baby to be amazed by as they move on the mat discovering all that piques their intrigue. It's perfect to lay your baby down or for tummy-time for little ones who are discovering how to roll over on their own. Your most cherished is sure to love the interactive play, with different textures stimulating baby's tactile senses.

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Chad Valley Large Baby Playmat Reviews

4/5   'As the title says, if baby isn't in the move I think the mat would be great. But with a very busy baby, the mat doesn't stay still, because the top piece slides on the bottom piece, as they've only been stitched together around the edge, so baby ends up caught in the mat and cross! It's very attractive otherwise. Easy to wipe down after little accidents. Fun things for baby to look at and touch.'

5/5  C 'My son loves his play mat as his getting bigger this is a great size for him to move around during tummy time and whilst his sitting up I just add a few mat toys and he happily plays on it as well as the features of the different textures and sounds on the mat he really enjoys looking at his reflection love the added features'

5/5  Ann 'What a gorgeous item for the price. It's a very good size with bright colours. I bought for my grand children as the little one has outgrown her play gym. 3 year old loves it too and can interact with the little one on it. The mirror and crinkly bits are Favourite. Easily folded up and stored away.'

5/5  Bea 'I'm really pleased with the product. My daughter lives her tummy time on the mat'

4/5  Daddydan 'Great product, bit slippy on hard floors ( not surprisingly ) my twins love it, non machine washable which is a bit of a hassle but colourful and great fun for the kids!'

5/5  Annie 'Was very gd to play with,my child loved it'

4/5  LBeatz 'This mat is lovely material, it's so soft to sit on. Lots of things to look at. Good value for money.'

5/5  Misslm1989 'My little boy loves this mat, lots of different textures and noises and super comfy too'

5/5  Izzie 'Good size. Nice and colourful could do with a few more accessories so more for toddlers to explore'

5/5  Jenny 'Fantastic product. My two kids absolutely love it. My 8 week old enjoys all of the crinkle panels which make noise when she moves and my 2 yr old also has alot of fun. It's nice and padded so will be great for when she's learning to sit up. Lots of sensory bits to keep them both occupied and plenty large enough for them all to play on.'

4/5  LC 'The mat is a good size, I bought it as a present for twins and they can lay and play on the mat with ease. There is a lack of stimulation on the mat however I got what I paid for and the price was a bargain!'

4/5  DaisyDospwil 'Very soft, colourful playmat. Easy to clean. Spacious for little ones exercising and picture-full for imagination. Makes noises, have different pattern, also have little mirror like material. Little one never gets bored.'

5/5  PM 'It was a very nice product to buy. My daughter absolutely loved it.'

5/5  Suechef 'Bought this to use in our coffee shop. Great size for 2 or 3 babies/ toddlers to use together.'

5/5  Hayley91 'I purchased this mat for my 4 month old daughter. She loves it she will lye down for ages happily kicking her legs. Its large so will be great for a while and bright so the colours catch her eye. She loves the crinkling sound.'

5/5  Tasha 'I'm really pleased with my purchase of the play mat. It's a nice big size like I wanted and really reasonable price for the quality.'

5/5  Jade 'Really big size lots of room for toys and to move. Bright and colourful with little squeakers and crunchy square'

4/5  Mummabear1102 'Very lovely play mat, good size. Only down side is it ruffles up when my daughter wriggles around but other than that it's perfect.'

5/5  Zay 'This item is excellent my son loves it.'

5/5  Sophie 'This item is value for money. It can be used for baby from birth. It's colourful, interactive and very lightweight.'

5/5  Topping 'Great item for older children who are on the move, covers a lot of space.'

1/5  Sparry 'The lining is not secured to the outer layers of the quilting, so whenever my baby moves the blanket just bunches up around him- really not at all helpful as hes just starting to try to crawl, which is why i bought this. i bought this to go away with as the place we were staying had hard floors so it had to be used and i cannot return it. Also it is not machine washable. I would advise spending a bit more money on something better quality.'

5/5  Laura 'FITS 2 6 month olds and my daughter loves it. Brilliant exspecially for the price. Very comfortable and lots of entertainment.'

5/5  RoseReign 'My baby is fascinated by the colour and sounds of the mat, it's very useful because it teaches babies how to grab & feel, very useful when it comes to playtime.'

5/5  MamaJ 'Is a good but a little light for the floor'

5/5  Hils 'This is just perfect for my 5month old. Great colours and a good size for them to sit/lie on. Love it.'

4/5  Jas82 'It's a simple play mat. My son seems to enjoy it.'

5/5  SimmyG 'Really colourful, easy to wipe over , great size with loads of textures/ noises ..... really good value for money .....great buy!!!!'

5/5  RLou 'Perfect as I wanted a large mat for my baby to play with his toys on and not have to worry about dog hairs. I have put it through the washing machine and it came out fine. It's not very thick so wouldn't be very soft on hard flooring.'

5/5  Hilly123 'Very good value for money playmat, thoroughly recommend for when baby starts rolling over and wanting to explore'

4/5  Jackie 'Does bunch up underneath baby when he's trying to learn to crawl which makes it more difficult for him. The middle bit should be padded as it is but slight harder and foam like so it doesn't bunch up'

5/5  CAROLH 'Great price & perfect size'

5/5  Sarah-Lou 'Love this mat. Now that little one is rolling around lots and trying to crawl, we needed something bigger than that which came with his playgym. This lovely. A good size yet not overly large, lovely bright colours and soft and cushioned. Highly recommend.'

5/5  ClaireH10 'Great size and padded.'

5/5  Parkin 'Great value playmate. Nice and soft to lay a new born on with lots of sensory items to play with.'

5/5  Thresan 'My son loves this'

5/5  Happy Mom 101 'Excellent sized play mat. Argos are amazing for all baby things. So really recommended. The price was such a good price and my daughter loved it from 4months and at 5months she even learned to crawl on it. Still in excellent condition 4 months down the line. Really happy with my purchase. My 3 year old son loves it too. Loves to lounge on it as it's so cushiony Thanks Argos'

5/5  Big Daddy D 'The wee one loves it, it's great for what is essentially a colourful rug.'

4/5  Mealie 'A lovely, bright looking mat with a couple of squares with a different texture, a squeeker and a mirror. Large size and slightly padded which is great. Only slight down side is that the mat is double layered meaning that now my son is attempting to crawl the two fabrics slide and he can't get traction very well.'

5/5  Jo 'Love this product, bright and colourful and my son loves all the different noises'

5/5  Aspiemam 'Very colourful, love the crinkly bits, enough room for baby and mother!'

5/5  Laura 'Love it. Me and my little boy can play for hours or just lie on it perfect'

4/5  Grand Dad P 'Our 10 month old granddaughter loves this to play on.. One slight criticism...because it is padded, a bit like a thin duvet, it doesn't really make for a very easy surface to learn to craw on.(it can ruck up and she can get a bit tangled ).'

5/5  Amy 'She loves rolling around on it and the colours and design are great. Very pleased with this purchase!'

4/5  Nathan 'It is very fun for little boy he enjoyed'

4/5  Tracy 'Lovely playmat. The bright colours are very attractive to my little one. The different sounds and texture are also great. Love it.'

5/5  Hannah 'Fantastic interactive play mat which is much bigger then most of the other ones on the market. Only issue is, that's it not machine washable!'

5/5  Bears Mama 'Wanted something to go in the playpen, and this is perfect, it's a great size, soft and quilt like, my daughter loves the pocket and squeaker, could do with another pocket and squeaker but it's great for the money'

5/5  Ava 'This is a lovely play blanket for my five month old. It's well made, brightly coloured and a good price'

4/5  M16 'A good mat for my baby....fairly good padding when used on top of a rug. Bought for my house and another when she goes to grandparents.'

2/5  Lorna 'Very poor quality product, although the little one loves it. Very thin material which gets easily bunched up when little one moves around it, which then defeats the object of the mat. The scrunchy material has come away from the seam and is floating around the inner lining after only 3 days use. Definitely not value for money.'

5/5  Muhammed 'This playmat is colourful, fun and lightly padded for safety but not heavy so it is easy to roll up and put away. It has a various touch sensitive materials which have different sounds (not electronic). The size is large enough for a baby to roll about a few times. Only downsize is that after washing it pre-use (hand wash only) and drying; there was still water in one of the sewn-in squeezy toys days after the rest had dried. Better than other playmats by spec & price.'

4/5  SH123 'This Playmat is great for covering carpets whilst my Daughter is learning to move around. It's bright colours and interactive squares keep her very busy!'

5/5  Bonni 'My baby boy and I love this play mat, it's huge, plenty of room for him to roll around or for two babies to play. Multiple textures and sounds to keep him entertained and lovely bright animal theme.'

4/5  Hev64 'This playmat is colourful and my grandson likes playing with the different textures. The only criticism is that the top cover isn't stitched down to the base along the squares so it gets pulled up from it when he grabs a handful.'

5/5  Monjurul 'Baby's mum thinks it is very good fun.'

5/5  Stacey16 'Really pleased with it!! Very large mat, bought as have pets and wanted to keep baby away from pet hair. Great for Tummy time, rolling with toys and later sitting and playing. Use daily great price!'

5/5  Anji13 'Great product for the price, it's only going to be used when my nephew comes over who is only 3 months so it will last him a while'

5/5  Agata 'Very good mats. Soft. Nice colour. My baby love this'

4/5  Bear 'Great playmat for my 7 month old'

5/5  FionaMc 'I needed a playmat that was big enough for my 8 month twin girls to roll about on without landing on top of each other. This playmat ticks all the boxes, bright and colourful which is perfect for tummy time and it also doesn't take up the whole living room floor, I would definitely recommend.'

5/5  Patsy 'This was good quality and was what was described on the box ideal for twins.'

4/5  Anne 'Looks great and my son loves it. But there are only 2 crinkle areas, which are his favourite, would be 5 stars if there was more crinkly bits.'

5/5  Lianne08 'This is a great product at a good price. I wanted a play mat for my baby to grow up / in to. It's a nice big size so will be good for play dates. It encourages tummy time. Having a hard wood floor means this playmat offers a more comfortable area to play on. Will also be good to take to other places as it folds up nicely. Also the price is great, there are other similar products that didn't appear to be as big and bright but are more expensive!'

5/5  Rebecca 'Beautiful mat, my baby is loving it. Just gorgeous.'

5/5  Katie 'Fantastic item nice big and colour full the sensory stuff on the may is great my daughter loves it'

5/5  Mummynique 'My baby loves lying on the mat, it gives him that extra freedom to roll and move around while being safe and comfortable on the floor. It's big enough for him to have a selection of toys to reach and play with. Very happy with this purchase!'

5/5  New Mum! 'Great value compared to other large mats on market. Colours are bright and stimulating. fabric soft and padding. Really happy baby loves it'

5/5  Ak 'Great item. Fit for purpose'

4/5  Kaz 'I always buy a lot of things from argos and never had any problems'

2/5  Midge 'Playmat does not sit nicely on carpet. Rucks up at the slightest movement so have to straighten it out all the time to prevent it becoming a trip hazard. Ok size although it's smaller than I expected. Nice and colourful in design and a built in squeaker to step on but it's just a shame that the mat just doesn't sit right. Only used it for a week before getting fed up with it. Not worth the money!'

4/5  Sezzybabes 'This is larger than it looks on the pictures, which is great. Loads of room to play, to put toys on. Super soft, bright and colourful.'

5/5  Kojack 'Very good quality and comfortable for my child'

5/5  Jac 'Large and brightly coloured. Nice and soft, comfy to sit and play on. Nice features on the mat (crinkle squares, mirror, squeaker etc. Would recommend.'

3/5  Sharif 'Ideal for parents who's baby has just learned how to roll over and sit up.'

5/5  Sophie 'It's great my daughter loves it all the little noisey bits and bits to play with its great highly recommended and it's big'

5/5  Kayleigh 'Perfect for my 6 month old as she's rolling and sitting. Wish I bought it sooner for tummy time play.'

5/5  Jennifer 'My little one loves it great size for her to roll Round would recomend highly of product lots of actvities thumbs up from me xx'

5/5  Elsi 'Bright, vibrant and excellent quality. Can't fault this item, it has different textures for your little one to explore. Says handwash but i have washed it on a delicate setting and it came out no worse. A must buy.'

5/5  Tim 'Good quality play mat.'

5/5  Becky 'I was looking around for a mat for my 5 month old to lie on so I can encourage tummy time and rolling over. It's a perfect size and she loves the different textures. She is now rolling over and loves playing on the floor which she didn't before. Would definitely recommend.'

5/5  Manna 'My daughter absolutely loves it especially the sound coming out of the elephant ;)'

4/5  Liz 'Bought for my GRANSON, great it's a large play mat he will have lots of fun playing with his other toys on this, very colourful'

5/5  June 'Bought for my grandson he absolutely loves it and gets hrs of pleasure out of it thank you'

5/5  Magic 'Great playmat, big comfortable and colourful i would recomend it,'

4/5  Jules 'My baby loves it so fits for purpose.'

4/5  Lou 'This play mat, is nice,bright and comfy with enough activities to keep babies entertained. It's a great size - for my 4 month old twins. All for a very reasonable price.'

5/5  PAhmed 'This mat is definitely a product I would recommend. My son loves this mat so much, it has actually motivated him to start crawling! Would recommend this to all parents!'

5/5  Jones16 'I bought this mat as someone else I knew had one I have found it brilliant for my 4 month old as he has room to move around and play on without worrying about him hurting himself he loves it'

5/5  Miss DIY 'Brought for the grandchildren when they visit, love the bright colours,soft and helps with sensory play.'

4/5  Windy 'Good size, easy to clean but not as padded as expected'

5/5  Anita 'It's a good size for rolling around on and brightly coloured with wrinkly bits and soft but for little fingers to explore.'

5/5  Shelley 'I bought this for my 7 month old grandson to play with when he visits and he will be happy to play on it for a long time.'

4/5  Ruth 'Big enough for older babies who are rolling and don't fit on their baby gym mats anymore! Great value.'

5/5  Kaz 'Hi, Bought this for my 6 month old as she is getting bored sitting in her chair, she's happy to lay and is learning to roll over so the bright colours are helping.'

5/5  Rach 'Lots for baby to look at and keep her interacting with playtime! This has encouraged her rolling and tummy time so much due to the good size!'

5/5  Jennifer 'Was impressed at getting a high quality playmat of this size for the price, given how so many of the others out there are much smaller for a much higher price. Great fun for my three month old and big enough to keep it's usefulness for a long time. Would have been a great bonus if it was machine washable, but seems to clean up easily enough.'

5/5  Princess 'My daughter loves this & there is enough space for 2 babies to play'

5/5  Melvin 'Great value, I managed to get this in the baby event on offer. it been great for the beach, garden and parks to allow my 5mnth old roll around'

5/5  Naomi 'I absolutely loved this for my 8 month old however I very stupidly put it in the washing machine under the hand wash section thinking it would be ok however it completely ruint it , totally my fault as label said not to use washing machine'

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