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About the Chad Valley Jungle Friends Walker

Stimulate your little one's senses and get them on the move with this Chad Valley Jungle Friends Walker. Your most cherished will adore investigating their environment as they toddle around before they can actually walk independently unassisted. To keep small hands busy the walker has a toy station with a bead chaser, as well as two (2) link loops so that additional toys can be attached to delight and keep baby amused. Comfort and support is provided by a high seat back provides comfort and three (3) height positions keep those little toes at the perfect height. Easy wipe clean or put the seat cushion into the washing machine, an added bonus for the grown ups! Size H60.96, W86.36, D71.12cm.

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Chad Valley Jungle Friends Walker Reviews

4/5   'My son enjoys wandering around in this and banging into everything. It took a little getting used to as its easier for him to move backwards than forwards but he got there. It is, however, already on the highest height option and so my son may grow out of it before he is walking. He is on the taller side though so that isn't necessarily a design issue. Just make sure to wear shoes when it's in use as it really hurts if it catches an unprotected foot.'

5/5  Helen 'I recommend this product'

5/5  Pesky 'Does what it says on the tin'

5/5  JulieB 'I bought this walker for when I have my 7 month old Grandson twice a week. He doesn't spend a lot of time in it, but it's very useful if I need to run upstairs for something, or making his lunch etc. so that he's not left to roll about on the floor. It was easy to put together and is good build quality. Very happy with it.'

5/5  Hannah 'It’s so much fun to see my child run around in her walker it’s the best thing. We do love Argos.'

5/5  Kat 'Our Grand-daughter absolutely loves this product'

5/5  Louise 'Perfect Walker. Easy to assemble and not too big.'

5/5  Em 'This walker really helped my son get stronger on his legs and he thinks it’s loads of fun. Hard to keep him out of it.'

4/5  Emeye 'Little one of happy, hence everyone is happy'

5/5  Mama2 'The design and colours match perfectly'

5/5  Rach 'We brought the walker for a holiday home to keep the baby off the dirty floor and was perfect to store too'

5/5  Chrissie 'My grandson loves this walker'

5/5  Bm 'It is easy to put together and dismantle but very robust. A great success'

5/5  Kirsty 'Easy to build, quality of product is pretty good. Im over all happy with it.'

5/5  Lennie 'This is a great baby walk my son loves it . He runs round my living room and it has help him find his feet'

5/5  Natnat13 'I bought this for my 7 month old son for Christmas, i was concerned as some reviews said it was cheap made, flimsy and nit greatly put together. I put it all together in about 10 minutes and my son loves it. He plays in it all the time and loves the little activity bar at the front. I would highly recommend this product, especially for the price, it is good quality and great for 6 months plus.'

4/5  Warbs 'As expected - just a bit hard to fold down.'

5/5  Johnny 'The kids have so much fun with this. They don’t seem to want to leave.'

4/5  Jess 'It was good for the price I paid. My little boy loves it.'

5/5  MumOfTheMoonies 'Have not yet used this product but have assembled it and looks amazing cant wait to out it to some use'

5/5  VeeeeeA 'Fab walker. Really easy to first put up & use. Great if you don’t have much space as it easily flattens down so easy to store. Only thing I would say is there could be a lower setting as my little girl was slightly to short for it when we first bought it.'

5/5  Blane 'Lovely item, baby really does need to be 5 months for the height on this. Toys keep them entertained and wipe clean is handy.'

5/5  Christine 'Daughter was so ready for this walker. Adjustable height is brilliant and simple but fun toys on the table, has also been used for feeding on the go.'

4/5  Lanaruth 'A good baby walker, nothing fancy and does the trick. The little handles in each side are good for hanging extra toys.'

3/5  Riya 'Theres a cheaper one on the website which is exactly the same quality'

5/5  Deny 'Brilliant my grandsons love this colourful and they love playing with the disks'

5/5  Sharon 'Brought this as a first walker. Perfect in size, value for money & design'

5/5  Chocoholic 'Lovely little baby walker and perfect for my granddaughter who is one year old. Nice bright colours on the walker and little shapes to play with at the front - pleased with my purchase'

4/5  Baby 'This walker very useful and economical'

5/5  Duke 'Grandchildren love baby Walker have hours of fun'

3/5  Kc 'My 8 month old can easily push himself out of this walker, using the bars with his feet never had this problem before. Height isnt very great either even on the highest setting'

5/5  Dee 'Grandson loved it... Wipe clean too!'

5/5  Peter 'We got this for our seven month old. With hindsight he was too young. Now at 10 months he whizzes up and down our quiet cul de sac and causes delight to parents and grandparents alike. We did originally buy it for its reviews for use on carpet. We found this wasnt the case for our our baby, even when 10months'

5/5  Dickinson 'The walker is easy to put up doesn't take long to assemble together and easy for the babies to use to help there leg strength'

4/5  Newton 'It's pretty much alright, only that either the rear right or rear left comes off from time to time. don't think I installed it wrongly as it's straightforward perhaps it's just that unit.'

5/5  Niner72 'I bought this for when my grand babie's are here so they can run about, it's fab, They love getting around so easily, you can wipe it down quickly and also the seat comes off so it can be washed, and folds flat so can be put away, I think it's good value for money.'

5/5  Madge 'Really great walker. My son loves shooting around the house in it. I was worried the wheels wouldn't be as good on carpet as they are on laminate, was totally wrong. My son prefers being on the carpet as he seems to have more control. Will definitely be recommending this to my friends.'

5/5  Mumsey 'I thought this was an excellent product. Well constructed, sturdy and attractive. I would recommend.'

5/5  David 'Bought so my grandson could play outside. He enjoyed it scooting around most of the day. Did what it was ment to.'

5/5  Tezza 'I would recommend this product to anybody that has a little one'

5/5  BigG 'Good Walker. Lightweight but strong. My grandson soon learned his three point turns.'

5/5  Jannah 'The walker is very attractive and moves around swiftly. My son likes it. Definitely worth the price'

4/5  Liz 'Good value for money'

5/5  Emma 'My 8 month old daughter absolutely loves this! We needed something for her to move around in safely and this is just that. Great purchase.'

5/5  Jess1 'This is great for my daughter she loves it. Easy adjusting for height too.'

5/5  Stephanie 'My 7 month old absolutely loves it! Thanks'

5/5  Mum 'My baby grandson loves it'

5/5  Nicknok 'I wasn’t sure about a baby walker but it has been such a great purchase, my 7 month old daughter nips around our kitchen enabling me to be hands free to get on with things whilst she is whizzing round. It has been fantastic for her development and since using it her legs have got stronger and when on the play mat she tries to walk when I am holding her up.'

4/5  Jjewtlew4 'It was easy to put together and my baby girl loves it'

4/5  Mandem 'Easy to fold, practical and comfortable'

5/5  Ozzy 'Walker is a lovely design, easy to clean, gives little one more independents, great value, easy to assemble.'

5/5  Camsmum38 'Brilliant value for money, easy to assemble and my son loves the bright colours, would recommend'

4/5  Melrose 'Easy to put together although a couple of parts required a little persuasion to click in place. Grandson loves it he can get to places he couldn't reach before pros and cons to that one :)'

5/5  Lins 'Worth the money a bit tricky to put down but I think that’s more me being slack. Grandson loves it so that’s good for me'

4/5  Adrian 'For the money that you pay for it is good .'

4/5  Fadedthebarber 'We weren’t in urgent need of a walker but thought we’d give it a shot on the cheap side at first.. we don’t even want to upgrade, it glides easily along the floor and has square corners so they can’t tip sidewards. The toys are good quality and the circles on the side of the toys can be used to attach your own All round good walker'

5/5  Sully 'Easy to assemble. Easy to clean. Difficult to close - there’s a latch style closing thing under it to close the walker to put away and I found it fidgety and hard to use. Removable strips - there’s strips screwed at the bottom by the wheels which I removed so baby could be free on the carpet. Took 2 mins to remove. She walks with ease now. Having said the above I’d give this 8/10 because you get a good product for the money and that’s what counts. Baby loves it'

4/5  AJ 'Absolutely fantastic my sone doesn't want to come out of his walker. One day he was nearly falling asleep in it and still said no i am not coming out. But thank you Argos for such a excellent product from me and my little man. Even the colour and design of it is nice and different. Service was extremely fast i reserved it and recollected within the hour which was brill. Thanks AJ :)'

5/5  MummyRedKite 'My son absolutely loves this! It’s brilliant as it folds down easily so is great to store and actually put out of the way. My LG had one that didn’t fold down and it was a nightmare! Great quality product, lovely bright colours and most importantly my son moves it around easily. Highly recommend!'

5/5  SusieQ 'Easy to maneuver, bright and cheerful. The little green handles help him to steer? Can't see the point in spending any more when this very reasonably priced walker is perfectly adequate. However we have tiles so can't comment about how it runs on carpet.'

5/5  Bubbles 'Bought this for my 5 1/2 month old daughter as she always wants to be busy doing something! She loves it....means that she can see the world with a different view rather than in her chair or high chair. Well worth the money, easy to assemble too.'

5/5  Jas691 'I got this for my granddaughter it’s easy to set up and a sturdy construction height adjustable and fun for the baby toys can be hung from this walker thanks to handy loop holes on the tray.'

5/5  NannyAnge 'I bought this walker for my 6 month old grandson and he loves it. It’s easy to assemble and is good quality.'

5/5  Anna 'My little boy 9 monts old so happy about this walker, I'm so happy buy this for my little angel'

5/5  NT 'A good buy, had to get baby something safe to play and move around in and it did the job! Baby was able to start moving around as soon as he got into the walker, I wasn’t sure if this was worth purchasing, but do not regret it for a moment! Baby is 9 months old and enjoying his new found freedom! The design/ colour/ quality is all of a very good standard, I would recommend this product. The colour is suitable for boys and girls and the toys are an extra for more activity on the go .......'

5/5  Popo 'Our daughter loves this chair, now she's figured out how to scoot she follows us around everywhere. We have wood/tile floors throughout so not sure how it would run on carpet but she has no problems. The design is simple and basic but that reflects the price. I like the inclusion of the eyelets that let us attach existing toys to keep it interesting. Only negative is raising/lowering mechanism is a little fiddly and could do with marks to show each position option.'

5/5  Ismail 'Very good quality and my 6month daughter loves it. The only difficulty for her is the green rubber stopper at the bottom . It sometime make it difficult for her to move around in carpets. I hv removed the stopper to provide a good height from carpets. Fun and enjoy.'

5/5  Lindylw 'Brilliant Walker, easy to assemble, adjustable height. My grandson loves zooming from one room to another at great speed.'

5/5  Tom 'Bought this in favour of the "deluxe" jungle walker (which was the same price but unfortunately out of stock), but am very pleased with this one. Well-built, easily adjustable, great price - and one happy baby!'

5/5  P3616 'Bought 2, one each for my grandsons. Good quality product and they love them. Very helpful staff as always at Market Drayton, Argos'

5/5  Arthur 'This is a great walker for the money sturdy and well made .'

5/5  Rudchester 'A sturdy baby walker. Could do with another setting for height. First setting a little high for first time use. Would move better on hard floors rather than carpet.'

4/5  Clarke 'It’s quite small not much on there to do and the height isn’t that High. But it’s useable'

3/5  Aude 'Good walker, nothing fancy but great fun when the little one is just taking his first tentative steps. The wheels don’t allow it to go sideways very easily but otherwise it’s great.'

4/5  Alina 'My grandson loves playing with the toys and he has mastered the art of moving backwards. It is a really nice walker and I definitely recommend it.'

5/5  Abdel 'It was simple, and reliable. My child loved it.'

5/5  Smt 'Great service. Was verry happy about the product yo give my friend .vslue got money ..'

5/5  XxNatxx 'This walker is great value for money. Simple to assemble, it is sturdy & has a lovely bright print. My baby loves this & can manoeuvre around easily on our laminate flooring.'

5/5  Motty 'So much fun for little one , great product'

5/5  Laura 'This product is easy to assemble and my little one loves it. Great value for money.'

4/5  Dede 'It was a every easy to put together and my little boys loves it to bit differently telling my friends nd family about it thanks so much argos'

5/5  Kate 'Brilliant quality and easy to assemble'

5/5  Nan 'Quite tricky to put together as I found it quite heavy. Toys were . Able to move around safely.'

4/5  Brian68 'This is a brilliant item and really doesn't the job it was intended for, we are very happy with purchase'

5/5  Bootsie 'Easy for baby to use looks smart and no bits to catch her little hands on'

5/5  Jane 'Even though my granddaughter goes backwards in her walker X she loves it X'

5/5  Shoeaholic 'Great item for getin my wee one on the move,an very easy built up.'

5/5  Angie 'I am so happy with my choice,my sob loves to practice his walking in it,very good quality and easy to clean'

5/5  Ann 'It was great value for money easy to assemble had grandson loves it'

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