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About the Chad Valley Jungle Friends Door Bouncer

Babies adore exercising their little legs via bouncing, and thanks to the Chad Valley Jungle Friends Door Bouncer they can do exactly that and have fun while they're at it; this bouncer has four (4) loops for attaching baby's most favourite toys for additional stimulation. An added bonus is that the lightweight frame is super simple to remove and take with you wherever you may be heading - the door jumper clamp fits securely to most door ways! - and the straps adjust for the ideal height as your baby develops and grows.

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Chad Valley Jungle Friends Door Bouncer Reviews

3/5   'For the price, it's fine but my 6 month old prefers to just sit in it. I've attached some of his toys to it to make it more interesting. He's tall for his age (98th centile) but on the first use it's already as high as it can be ie won't last long when he has his next growth spurt. He much prefers the walker.'

5/5  Mammy 'Apdolutaly love this product'

5/5  Raza 'My son is 6 month old he really like playing in this jumper. Overall product quality is excellent. It hardly takes 3 minute to install any where. Good thing is you don't need any extra tool for installation or removal. You can also take it off without any type of damage to your door. In simply words its click and play'

5/5  Gemz 'Absolutely fantastic! Its really easy to put up and take down and is really secure... My daughter absolutely loves bouncing away, its her favourite.. Well worth buying!'

1/5  MikeyP 'Easy to set up but not enough distance from the floor for a 6 month old 20lb boy .Need to make the straps more adjustable so feet are not flat on the floor .Product returned to store.'

5/5  Pidge2135 'Wanted something for my little one to sit in which will keep him occupied and get his little legs used to standing and moving. This does just that however he has a tendency to lean and just ends up spinning around in a circle haha. It's cute and he loves it. Definitely would recommend.'

4/5  Jareth 'Easy set up, easily adjustanble. Would recommend'

5/5  Xxx 'Simple to set up on any doorway with an architrave'

5/5  Abby 'Amazing product, easy to use well worth the buy.'

4/5  Meemaw 'Quick and easy to assemble, endless hours of fun.'

5/5  Grandad 'After a bit of hesitation baby now loves it'

5/5  Shorty 'Bouncer is great, it’s sturdy not flimsy. Adjustable height is great so when she is not bouncing out it higher allows her to use it as a swing which she Absolutely love. Great purchase would recommend.'

4/5  Mae 'I absolutely love this and so does my 5 month old. Extreme ease to use and adjustable straps are easy to figure out. The only reason I am giving this 4 stars rather than 5 is because I would of liked the basket to be more form fitting (eg so baby was is an upright position rather than being a wee bit wonky).'

5/5  Sharon 'Good value for money'

5/5  Paula 'Easy to use, ny baby girl loved it'

5/5  Lucie 'This product is great value for money easy to st up and for instant use brilliant fun and hours of laughter with our wee grandson L Cochrane'

5/5  Lou 'Absolutely amazing even got my friend to buy one'

5/5  Chelle 'Bought this for my grandson. He loves it. Easy to get him in and out. Its adjustable. Great value. Very pleased'

5/5  Thaina 'The product is very easy to fix and very secure'

5/5  Adriana 'Baby loves the bouncer. Great quality'

5/5  Andrea 'We like it so much,big fun for our little one and develops her motions and balance skills'

4/5  Jamie 'Very easy to put up and very sturdy and safe, my six month old loves this, she laughs and giggles now she’s figured out how to bounce! Highly recommended.'

4/5  Ab 'Easy to assemble, nice and sturdy and quite roomy. Son loves to play in it. Only downside is it could be a little bit bouncier. Good for the price'

5/5  Denise 'Hours of fun will be had by my grandson. Freeing up his mums arms to get on with whatever she needs to do'

5/5  Lilly 'Very easy to use, no set up required, excellent value for money and my little girl (8 mths) loves it!'

4/5  Sal 'My son loved this for his birthday I would definitely recommend.'

5/5  Newmummy 'Got this to keep my 6month old entertained, she loves it! So easy to assemble etc, frees me up to get job's done whilst keeping an eye on her in the doorway, if I'm going upstairs its so easy and lightweight to just move around the house too! Really recommend this!'

4/5  LWebby 'This is made with a metal frame that goes across the chest and back, it didn't sir right with my little one & looked really uncomfortable so I took the metal out & it's much better'

4/5  Zee 'Very easy to set up and to use, however I would’ve liked it to be a little bouncier! However my son was happy in this and helped him learn to stand!'

4/5  Ercia 'Good design, good for price. Unfortunately have no adjustment for strips after putting baby in was more laid on the floor. Couldn’t use it.'

5/5  Sophie 'My little girl loves this!'

5/5  Cookie 'Got this for my 8 month old. Very good product. Clips and holds securely at the top of the door and my child loves it.'

5/5  Soniask32 'My 6 month old baby enjoys sitting in there looking around as she loves to stand. Once she gets use to bouncing then she can bounce. At the moment we light swing her.'

5/5  Bx 'My little boy has not long turned 6 months and he absolutely loves this !!! It was the cheapest door jumper that I had seen but it works so well and it’s so easy to attach to any door ! My little boy loves to jump up and down so this is totally perfect for him.'

5/5  Booboo 'Bought this for my grandson who loves bouncing about. The animal print and bright colours are fab. Fits the door great. Very sturdy. He loves it.'

5/5  Cate 'My niece and nephew love the bouncer, it works great!'

5/5  Loz 'My child enjoys this bouncer thoroughly. Would highly recommend.'

5/5  Eli 'Great quality ,easy to assemble , sturdy , great value for money'

5/5  Kelly 'Great product, easy to use and a good price too. Does the job my son loves it'

5/5  Hol 'My daughter loves it it's easy to use and looks good the only bad thing about it is the fact that if your not over 5'6 you will find it hard to clip it to the door frame.'

5/5  Chantelle 'Was a present for my friends little one.. really easy to put up and very good quality.. and the little one loves it'

5/5  Charlie 'This product is fantastic for those babies who don’t like to sit down. I would have liked to see a little more padding around the bars where the child’s arms hang over. Also the holes for the legs are a little wide apart, maybe recommend adjustable leg holes, nether the less the product is great and my child really enjoys it'

4/5  Gal 'My baby likes it. He won't stay in it for long (5 minutes) so I dont think it's that comfortable and you cant raise it very high, I wanted to push him in it like a swing but that wasn't really an option unless you have a very high door frame.'

1/5  Maggie 'It’s not a very good design the one side hangs lower than the other so my babies one leg touches the floor and the other is in the air I’ve adjusted it but it’s just the design that’s off my baby isn’t very comfortable in it she enjoys it for about 2 minuets than gets uncomfortable having the metal frame isn’t great it’s really uncomfortable for my daughter'

5/5  PeteB 'Very easy to use and adjust. Baby has great fun just swinging. When he manages to coordinate leg movements should have more fun. Good value and knowing that he is safe ticks all our boxes.'

5/5  Cj 'Very easy to set up, clips on and very safe'

5/5  Xzoex 'Excellent value for money. Easy to use'

5/5  HABITatty 'I bought this to encourage my 6 month old to try out her legs and build all-important strength. She's had a few go's in it now and is finding her feet, swinging around and doing gentle bounces which is just what I wanted. And she loves it! It's a sturdy piece, feels good quality and safe when up. Only a couple of bits to put together before getting started. Can be tricky to get baby in and out but that's not really a problem. Very pleased with the item and great price.'

5/5  Tezza 'My some loves it as he wants to stand but can't on his own yet. Cute animal design and easy to set up and use'

5/5  Courts 'Cute design and very fun for my little one, also helpful for when the housework needs a quick go over while he's occupied. He loves his door bouncer. Very happy.'

5/5  Leila 'My little boy absolutely loves it, wouldn't say anything bad about it.'

4/5  Morgan 'Really nice bouncer. Hangs easy in most door frames. Make sure on the width as didn't fit all my door ways. My baby enjoys this so much .'

5/5  Mommybear5 'Such good value for money and my little one loves it. Would definitely recommend.'

5/5  Animal1988 'This product was so easy to set up the package said 6months + but my son got in at 5 and he loves it and never wants to come out .'

5/5  Jay 'Our little ones not heavy enough to bounce in it,as yet but loves us useing it as a swing.'

5/5  Rach 'Bought this for my daughter and she absolutely loves it, so easy to put up just clips round the top of a door frame, great price too!'

5/5  Mickeymouse57 'Baby has so much fun'

5/5  Caz 'This baby bouncer is fantastic for baby that wants to stand as it supports there weight . It’s easy to use and bevy can see you in more than one room . So reduces anxieties.'

4/5  Nony 'I had bought two different brands of bouncer and had to send them back because the height adjustment still meant the babies feet were flat on the floor and they did not bounce . This one does bounce and although I am not sure how long it will last for the height adjustment is better though . I am not keen on the metal bar that holds the seat together , when the baby leans forward it is under the armpits and I feel could rub the baby so more padding would be better .'

4/5  Noor 'Very pleased to have it. My 7 months boy love it. Highly recommend'

5/5  Bisma 'I really like it ... it helps me alot when i busy in somework i put my baby in cuggle ..'

5/5  Zoe 'I bought it for 8 months old son. He loves it although he can't bounce but he loves sitting in it. Happy with my purchase easy to use. Bit big for my baby so I put blanket in it to fill the space as he is so small.'

5/5  Bri 'There is nothing to say about jungle door bouncer as it easy to use and to put on and my twins love playing in it.'

5/5  Garysharlott 'Great light weight design grips perfectly to our door frames so no worrying about it slipping off highly recommended cheap to'

4/5  Lola 'Product is easy to install and use. Height adjustment easily done. Nice design only criticism would be that the seat is far to big so baby flops around inside if not wedged with a blanket'

5/5  Kay 'Well made & value for money'

4/5  Hippyabby 'Easy to assemble he was in it 10 mins after getting it home. Velcro makes it easy to adjust. Good value for money there are ones that are more expensive with activities but he loves bouncing while I clean the kitchen so I am singing songs and talking while he is in it which he loves, and a great way to get my kitchen done at the same time!'

3/5  Damo 'Its a easy to use product good quality I do feel that the distance in leg space could be reduced for more comfort and come in more colours but it's a reasonable for the price'

5/5  Gabbie 'My little girl absolutely loves this door bouncer! It's so easy to set up and also easy to travel with light and pack able too'

5/5  Linzi 'Was really easy to assemble in place, good value for money, would recommend.'

5/5  Themarketer 'Good product for price safe and easy to use, this has made my 7 months girl very happy and has learned to move her legs, now she bounces on her own'

4/5  Kp 'My grandson, 7months, loves it. Easy to set up and take down. Great value for money'

1/5  RWN 'My grandson is a pretty large fellow but the metal frame that holds the seat sling is so large that he flops all over the place. Should be good once he’s old enough to walk but what is the point by then?'

5/5  Susanbee 'Bought for my grandson and he loves it.so easy to connect'

4/5  Kt 'Ok.... needs a little extra padding due to size ie slight build...... but once she is in she loves it'

4/5  JB 'Little one enjoys it but it’s not particularly adjustable height wise and the 'sit in’ bit is very large!'

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