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About the Chad Valley Jungle Deluxe Walker

The Chad Valley Jungle Deluxe Walker is great for keeping your little one occupied and helping them find their feet as they start exploring their environment. The play tray (which can be removed if desired) assists children with learning through enjoyment as they press and grab the toys, with sensory stimulating lights and music rewarding such actions. Easy wipe clean or put the seat cushion into the washing machine, an added bonus for the grown ups! Size H60.96, W86.36, D71.12cm.

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Chad Valley Jungle Deluxe Walker Reviews

5/5   'Easy to put together. Completely safe for baby. Bright and colourful. Value for money.'

4/5  Nik 'Good quality for the value.'

4/5  Reeree 'I like this walker only disappoint is that the seat is not padded.'

5/5  LP 'Had to replace another chad valley walker as my and my daughters hair had wrapped around the wheels and we couldn’t get it off, the joys of long hair! But this walker is great, has a steering wheel with button in the middle that lights up and makes sounds. Nice design and colours are great. Our 7 month old boy loves it and practically rubs around now!'

3/5  Kadz 'Bad quality easy to break wouldn't recommend this to anyone. So pl'

5/5  Ahmed 'Perfect good A1 very good good'

5/5  Hayley 'My grandson loves it but it’s very stiff to adjust height or fold up for storage so takes up a lot of room but great for the price'

4/5  Janny 'Functional simple but safe'

5/5  Ali 'Bought this for my grandaughter and she loves bombing about in it. Well equipped, sturdy and colourful. 5star.'

5/5  Kelz 'Amazing quality product with loads of room for baby to grow into easy to monivour on wooden floor and tiles Worth the money and great play table attached and what is even better is its detachable so you dont have to have it on there'

3/5  Jen 'This works fine as a walker but I was disappointed as the only entertainment on it is the horn which honks or plays a short tune. Other walkers I have seen have lots of different things on. Wouldn’t buy again as not much entertainment for my little one on there!'

5/5  Dan 'I bought this for my 5 month old son and he loves his new independence walking around by himself. The green 'holes' on either side allows you to hang extra toys which is great!'

5/5  CoolMan 'Recently I have been trying to teach my son to walk and this lea valley walker is amazing for his motor skills.'

4/5  Monica 'My daughter loves her walker so much, she plays in there every day!'

5/5  Rana 'My son loved it very much Thanks'

5/5  Gorganite 'The walker was easily assembled,works well looks great and fun my granddaughter has hardly been out of it'

5/5  TheDaddy 'Bought for my 11 month old, and now he’s mobile, which he loves and the family love. Easy assembly.'

5/5  Jane95 'No faults keeps my little girl happy'

5/5  Charmaine 'Easy instructions, really comfortable, easy to build my daughter loves it, it’s easy for her to go on Lino to carpet and back, the 3 stages for hight is perfect all in all I love it she loves it, I do think battery’s should be included but there not but good quality, and we all love it!'

5/5  Mary 'My princess granddaughter absolutely loves this walker. It was also cost effective and has been made to a very high standard. I’m very impressed. Thank you Argos.'

2/5  Rasher 'All four wheels don’t rotate and our daughter found it and finds it hard to steer. Would have preferred if all wheels moved in 360 to aid with her walking'

5/5  Lightteller 'I bought this walker for my daughter. She likes it very much. With the help of this walker she started to crawl. Worth every penny I paid for it. Easy to assemble, adjustable height.'

5/5  Nikki 'Great present for little ones'

5/5  Carpenter 'Well made and beautiful colours. This toy led my godson to scream with excitement, definitely a must have for every little one'

5/5  Amylou 'Easy to put together, although I don't feel the quality of the seat straps are up to scratch. Compared to other ones I have purchased they seem quite flimsy and I don't hold any hope to them lasting. The toy on the front is great, although it's a potch to take on and off if you wanted to use the tray for little snacks etc. Easy to change the height of the walker.'

5/5  Zoe 'The price I paid for this wasn’t bad as it works , it’s not cheap plastics so they won’t brake easy. It adjusts to different heights so it will last a while.'

5/5  Julez 'I would definitely recommend this to my friends it is well worth the price, I loved the design and colour very nice.'

5/5  Me 'Grandson loves this walker'

5/5  Weenie 'Bright colours easy up and down for storage. Different height levels. My only complaint doesn’t move to well on plush carpet.'

5/5  Costi 'Good quality, fast delivery'

5/5  Mel 'This was such a great price I was sceptical but received same day delivery love the colours and sounds and it’s nice and easy to set up also very lightweight and easy for baby to manoeuvre'

5/5  Kokomaii 'Cute baby walker! And very affordable my son loves it he just need his legs to grow a little longer :’)'

5/5  Caza4321 'My grandson loves this walker, he gets all over in it. He soon got the hang of pressing the buttons to operate the sounds. Easy to put together & a bargain with 20% off'

5/5  RT 'My 5 month old grandson absolutely loves this walker! He enjoys feeling his feet on the floor and holding on to the little hand grips whilst listening to the little beep beeps!'

5/5  Tam 'Lovely bright and colourful, really sturdy and well designed, grandchild just loves it.'

5/5  Renee 'Fab my Grandaughter loves it'

5/5  Abiloulou 'Really good value for money. Only criticism is that when putting it together one of the seat insert straps broke. I couldn’t be bothered to return for something so minimal as it doesn’t effect use but not a great first impression of the product. Overall, the walker is good value and does the job!'

5/5  Girl22 'Looks great my son loves it'

5/5  Fuzz 'Good quality product very sturdy , nice features that you can wash the seat pad folds flat when not in use very happy baby granddaughter'

5/5  Thai 'The Walker was easy to put together. I love the bright colours and it doesn't make too much noise'

5/5  Momof3 'Perfect for when my grandson visits ..keeps him entertained and easy to clean'

4/5  LisaMarie 'This is a perfect Walker for a starter for your baby, but needs more music option for babys and a better steering wheel'

5/5  Evie 'Lovely baby walker, all wrapped and ready for Santa to deliver'

5/5  Leona 'Brilliant! did the job. Had a happy speedy baby.'

5/5  Shaz 'Looks lovely easy to set up safe and sturdy'

4/5  Wayne 'Good product, highly recommended.'

3/5  Emma 'Returned to store as the steering wheel broke with in 1 day and the seat was so thin it was just material no padding was cutting into my babies legs'

5/5  Annie 'Excellent walker for our grandson it’s well made and he has hours of fun'

5/5  Rah 'Lovely product my son enjoys playing with it'

5/5  Carol 'My grandson is 9 months old and he really loves his walker it has got him moving around the design is really good and easily manoeuvred around best value for money in my opinion'

4/5  Bec 'Good quality.. Has 2 loops to hang toys which is a good idea and a adjustable seat..cute music on it but not keen on the very loud clicking the steering wheel makes when turned! All in all does exactly what you need.'

5/5  Papar 'Chad Valley Jungle Deluxe Walker worth of money. My grand daughter loves it.'

5/5  Annette 'Great value and great quality'

4/5  Hanni 'Plain and simple baby Walker. Nothing fancy. Just a spare for Grandmas. Will do the job.'

5/5  Amber86 'Amazing value for money. Sturdy walker and not too wide so it fits through the doorways well. Height adjustable and size and easy clean. Fun design and keeps my LO entertained'

4/5  Jonathon60 'Brilliant walker, our daughter has hours of fun taking out our ankles. Just double check length of your child, our 9 month old is really just too tall for it on its highest setting, so there won't be too much more use out of it for her'

5/5  Kasp917 'Great price for the quality bright colours'

4/5  Guy 'My 7 month old really enjoys using this product. It's been about two to three weeks since purchasing it and this was a great choice. So happy with it.'

5/5  Wilson 'Sturdy enough to last maybe More grandchildren'

5/5  Tracy 'Good value for money does the job'

4/5  Tia 'The walker is really easy to set up. Has all different heights and is really good to use to help your little one starting to get about'

3/5  R1 'No parts , bad wheels'

5/5  Marrabooboo 'Our grandson was raring to go now he's bombing around the house.......he's happy that means we are too'

5/5  Arif 'Good item I am happy'

5/5  Lini 'My 10 month old grandson loves this item I think it is definitely worth every penny.'

3/5  Kay 'My son has had two of these and both the wheel noise has broken and doesn’t make the noise anymore I don’t know if I want to replace it again for it to break again.'

5/5  Sarah 'This is a great first baby Walker, my grandson loves it'

5/5  Holly 'My great grand son is 16 months and due to disability has problems standing alone so hopefully this strengthen his legs. My granddaughter says he loves it.'

5/5  Jade 'I would recommend to start your baby walking'

4/5  Fm18 'This is good for kids and it is helping for better satisfaction.'

5/5  Jemmie 'Certainly wait until your baby is able to sit by themselves and hold there balance better as the seat is spacious. Super compact and affordable'

4/5  Rafi 'It's a you're standard baby Walker. Very sturdy with neutral colours. I wanted one with more for my kid to play with on the tray but all the others were a lot smaller or more expensive. Overall though she loves it anyway and enjoys being in it.'

5/5  Laura 'The walker is very good for the price, feels sturdy enough, comfortable for baby with different heights and he loves the steering wheel on the front!'

5/5  Ann 'Good value, functional and safe as we have steps.'

5/5  Clair 'This is a great walker. It’s sturdy and a lovely design. I like how I can clip his favourite toys onto the loops on the tray too. Perfect hight for my 7 month old on the lower hight.'

5/5  Kat 'Very good product my son love's running around in it but it's only good on hard floors'

4/5  Guffaw 'It's good quality for the price however my little one gets bored quickly with just the steering wheel. We mostly just use it while I get on with housework. Also, if you do purchase, watch your feet! It really hurts when baby runs you over while in this!'

4/5  MrsR 'Bad quality plastic. Very flimsy. My child got bored very easy when put in the walker. Not very tall when on highest setting. My child was too big for it in the end. From 6 months but I'd say a very small 6 month old.'

2/5  Inda 'Really value for your money easy to put up and works brilliant'

5/5  Paul 'Easy to assemble. My grandson has lots of fun zooming around the room in it.'

5/5  Pat58 'Does exactly what it's supposed to. Sturdy design and entertaining.'

5/5  Megzeleysh737 'It's amazing my son loves it.'

5/5  Monz 'Easy set up, looks lovely and baby just wants to stay in it all day. He zooms from the Hall way to the living room with a big grin on his face trying to pick things up along the way. Best purchase I have made as it means I do not have to carry him all day. Parents who want an easier life must buy one of these.'

5/5  Susan 'Very useful, my son love it!!!!'

4/5  Amy 'So far my lil one is getting his balance right, managing to understand his strength and sense the different colours. The red coloured wheel must be very attractive to him coz he dont stop beeping and bashing it! Noisy but strong based and seems safe. No little bits and as I'm a clean freak it's not hard to clean either. I have brought another same one for my friends son too. Price is right for the length it gets used for. Tried a cheaper one but seemed toy-ish so I exchanged it for this model.'

5/5  Sam 'Awesome my daughter loves it, easy set up and easy to put away 5*'

5/5  GG 'This walker is perfect for the price. No problem with it whatsoever. It was easy to assemble and adjust and baby can get about in it with complete ease.'

5/5  Jma 'The walker is a well constructed and quality product. Assembly was straight forward and more or less self explanatory. My only comment would be the limited amount of height adjustment available.'

4/5  Louise 'We bought this walker for my 6 month old. A month later and he still loves it! It was so easy to assemble and keeps the little one entertained. The variety of heights available means it grows with your child.'

4/5  Autz 'A great priced product Was disappointed at the lack of activities on the walker tray. But for the price I suppose it's wrong to complain.... A great little first walker and my 8 month old is able to manovere in this as it's height is adjustable.'

5/5  Coops 'Solid and simple to assemble but not very good on carpet,better on hard surfaces'

5/5  Preet 'Love it It’s really nice product'

5/5  Nicola 'Yes it was good.my grandson lv it'

4/5  Nana6 'I would recommend this walker to anyone it strong and sturdy'

5/5  Carly 'Great value for money been Brill for my little boy'

5/5  Challenger49 'Got this for our 6month old grandson and he loves it, not quite got the hang of walking in it yet but can move it slightly, he loves the music and flashing light, good value for money, and well made, easy to move over carpet and hard flooring, would recommend this to family and friends.'

5/5  Sandra 'Good value for the price paid grandson of 7mths loves it'

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