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chad valley floating ball fun zone

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About the Chad Valley Floating Ball Fun Zone

With easy push button activation with 60 second auto shut off, the Chad Valley Floating Ball Fun Zone is a great way to make play time majestic as little ones let enthusiasm burst out! Packed with incredible features such as powered ball blower, vibrantly coloured play mat and of course play balls (10), the creative technology and easy functionality of this toy will see you little ones transfixed watching the balls float in the air as if by magic. This toy is perfect for developing dexterity as little ones coordinate the synchronization of their tiny hands and fingers with their eager watchful eyes.

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'My baby loves it the' Leanne

'Good value for money' Betty

'Bought this product for my nephew. It's great fun, although he uses it more to blow his hair up! It does however need 8 hours to charge before use, something to consider if buying as a present. I would recommend this chad valley floating ball fun zone product.' Dan

'This is a lovely fun toy and helps with hand/ eye coordination and looks amazing to a baby, However, the noise of the motor is quite noisy and any child wary of sudden noise will make a bolt for it and cry like my Granddaughter did. I'm sure that with time she will love it as my Grandsons did. It has a play mat what doubles as a carry bag to keep everything together which is handy.' Dawny1

'My son loves this toy. He tries to grab the ball that floating on air and he gets really excited It is a good design the only things that let it down are the noise it makes (like a hairdryer on full blast) and that It takes 8 hours to charge.' Ann

'Great item babies love it!' Paige

'First time we saw one of these (or similar) was at a play centre the first time we took our baby, she absolutely loved it (she was very uneasy and unsure of playing with anything else) when I saw this and I was over the moon. She absolutely loves playing with this Chad Valley Floating Ball Fun Zone. For a baby with a very short attention span this can keep her entertained for longer than any other toy! Quality is great. Cant ask for anything else from this item. Ticks all the boxes! Thanks Chad Valley!' Lauren394

'Good for coordination' Alli

'I've bought this for a gift so it hasn't yet been tried out, although the reason for buying it was because my own daughter had something similar which she loved!' Cwind

'My special needs son love this' Donna

'This for my grandson who will be 6 months soon and he as a brother to who is 4yrs so this will keep them playing together and having fun cannot wait to see there faces when they open the lovely toys from Chad Valley.' Toby

'Bought this for our 1 year old. She loves it. Turns itself off which is a bonus' LVG

'Bought this for my grandson he loves it, great fun' Lilyatnumber5

'To loud it's louder then my hover it's scared my kid not worth the money.' Rob

'Haven't opened it yet as it's a present for my son. Although my niece has this and she absolutely loves it and spends ages sat there playing with it.' GemmMae97

'Haven't opened it yet as pressie for son who will be 6 months in December. It looks really good and he should have lots of fun with it. We are intending on putting it inside his ball pit.' LandS

'I bought this for my grandsons 1st birthday and he loves it. The balls unfortunately don't last too long as the get squished very easily, but they are easily replaced' Crissy

'I bought one for my little boy and another for my friends little boy, we opened ours and he played with it for approximately 10 mins. Went to play it the next day, it wasn't working so we went to plug it in & the port where you plug the lead into was broken! So couldn't charge it. So disappointed as I think this toy has good fun potential. Still yet to take this back but it's finding the time.' Hayley

'Thai product is perfect for my daughter as it is teaching her great hand eye coordination while also being great fun.' LrFearnley

'Had to take the product back as found to be faulted at point where you inserted usb cable and this happened on 3 occasions I was disappointed as I had seen this type of you in use before and that is what prompted me to buy it' Marie

'Brought this for my 10 Month who loves it, so does his siblings age 7,6&4!!' Jo

'I returned this item straight away. Got it out of the box and thought straight away it didn't look very good for how much money I'd paid for it- but set it up anyway as I'm sure my baby was going to love it. Long story short after a full charge the air blower still only managed to blow the ball 1 or 2 inches up in the air- very disappointing and the amount of noise it makes for very little effect- Wouldn't waste your money' Imogen

'Brought this for my 1 year old daughter who absolutely loves it. It's simple to use fun and turns it's self off so no annoying constant sounds you get with most child toys would highly recommend to any parent' Happyparent

'Perfect present for a friends baby's first birthday. Everyone at the party got involved and wanted a shot - even the adults!' Becky944

'It's quite a simple item but the children love it. My toddler loves playing with it and showing my 6 month old what to do. It really helps my baby grasp too. He loves it and is in awe. It's noisy though and can get quite irritating (aren't all children's toys though haha).' Sarah

'Not used it yet but I'm sure from reading the other reviews that my LB will love it!' Kirsty88

'The birthday boy loves this pressie' Mrs D

'Looks great fun for young child hope she as many hours of fun' Jonnyx51

'This is a lovely product, but I bought it for my one year old nephew and he's scared of the noise it makes! It makes quite a loud whooshing noise, which I thought he wouldn't mind; however, even though he's a confident child, the noise definitely unsettles him, so maybe best for children slightly older.' Hannah

'Bought for grandson who likes to run after balls. He loved it.' Alison

'Bought the chad valley floating ball fun zone for my 6 month old but have to say it's also great entertainment for his 2 year old sister. Only one ball at a time floats and not particularly high, however is does the job.' Aslade

'My daughter was definitely interested in this only down side was she was terrified of the noise. It is a bit loud.' Fol

'Great little entertaining toy, perfect for a toddler, safe and easy to use.' Gogo

'My little boy is 17 months and loves this. Fab idea that its you plug it in to recharge instead of using batteries! Brilliant for fun on and off and the children did get a bit bored after a while, like any toy.' Emmmalouisee644

'Good product. Unfortunately baby a bit wary of it as quite noisy. But will keep trying it with her so she gets used to it as think it will be a good toy to keep her entertained' Trace

'Very good product...does what it says. The only downside is the mat is not very big and the machine isn't as quiet as I'd prefer. But apart from that very good product' Cee Jay

'Very entertaining and easy to use!' Stevex123

'When I saw the box I didn't think it would be as good as the picture, but then I charged it via USB which is handy instead of having to buy batteries! And the chad valley floating ball fun zone it really does have some power it's a little loud but it looks amazing once the ball is floating.' Brooke96

'Wonderful toy good value only down side a little loud but granddaughter 9mths loved it and also 2/5 year granddaughters love it easy storage well made' Frannigel

'Brought this for my one year old niece for her birthday and she absolutely loves it.' Jhskugj7628

'My child loves to play with this the only down side is the balls are a little soft and one broke in the first week' Dad

'My granddaughter loved this chad valley floating ball fun zone which I purchased as a present, It gave her hours of fun!!' Mrs H

'My daughter loves it, me and my partner do too haha!!' Lulove

'Great toy and can keep the kids entertained however, it is very loud when the air pump is turned on.' Pedro

'My daughter loves this toy but it is a little on the noisy side' Louise

'Good toy. Baby likes to watch' Le Le

'One year old grandson loves this as do the older children a big hit' Angela

'The balls bearly float above the blower more than a couple of cm. It's also very loud. Hugely overpriced for what it is!!' Claire

'The grandson loved it.' Russ

'My son absolutely loves this toy, his favourite present! Wish it blew the balls higher and more then one at a time but great value!! And would recommend! Easy to store too :)' Kelz

Good, but the ball doesn't float as high as you might think from the picture. Warning: charge before giving. It takes 8 hours to reach capacity!' Mils

'Toddlers love it, very entertaining, helps develop coordination, it is just a little bit noisy' Cazbar

'Very good item! My son love it!' Monika

'The chad valley floating ball fun zone works better with balloons and better still four tied together lol' Jenjen

'My baby loves this toy. Helps with development skills of balance, grab and reach.' Gricey 76

'My children get great entertainment from this toy' Mum

'My baby loves it. I think my partner has more fun with it' Mitch

'Great little product. It's great that this can be charged by a USB cable, so don't need to go through loads of batteries!!' Mike120b

'Yeh service 100% way to use nice customer service girl very helpful and polite and item well played by my grandson' Big Ali

'This is amazing and I would recommend this product and my little boy loves playing with it so glad I got it' Jade Bop

'My daughter loves this toy she has hours of fun and giggles' Kerry

'Love this - bought as a present for friends baby - can't wait see them playing with it !' Debbyhow

'My little boy loves this!' Richieb

'Seen this on the tv and thought my 1 year old daughter would love it, instead she crawled away screaming from the noise' Cher

'The Chad Valley Floating Ball Fun Zone is an amazing product! Our little one has hours of fun playing with this toy and thoroughly enjoys chasing the balls!' Lee

'This was a present for my one year old son. He loves it and so does his nearly four year old brother. They have lots of fun playing with it and it also works brilliantly with balloons as well as the balls. A really lovely product and it folds into a handy bag. Great also that it charges with a USB rather than batteries. Very happy with this toy.' Becky

'Got my daughter this for her birthday, she opened it we turned it on and she cried the place down. It's so noisy it sounds like a hoover or something the balls don't really move up much from the actual part! The material of the little mat is cheap definitely will not be recommending this' Kimberleym

'This is for my sons birthday in November he will love it' Gemmalou

'Fun, kids love it!' Ck

'Great toy teaching hand eye coordination for children,hours of fun no need for batteries. Just recharge.' Bonnet

'The sound of the air blower was louder than i expected like a hairdryer and it upset my little boy so I actually returned this' PH

'Brought for my son can't wait for him to start using it :)' Becca

'My little one has played with something like this at the soft play place we go to and she loved it. This is fab for her to play with at home.' Hotdog

'My granddaughter loves this chad valley floating ball fun zone, the noise scared her at first but now she's fine with it, even the dog loves it so I now need some replacement balls!' Lloydy222

'This comes in a handy pack that fold up to carry everything in which is handy, however, my one year old didn't seem too impressed with it. She played with it for a few minutes then seemed more interested in putting her fingers into where the air was blowing out of rather than putting the balls into it. Maybe she'll have more fun with it if playing it with another little one.' BB Belfast

'My grandson and granddaughter are amazed by the floating ball. They try to fathom out what keeps the ball in the air. The colours are bright and eye catching and the mat keeps the balls from rolling away. Lovely entertainment for all, makes me smile just watching.' Bonny

'I loved the idea of this but the reality was somewhat disappointing. Having to charge for 8hrs before use was a shame, although the usb charger is a stroke of genius - no batteries needed. The floating ball machine is very noisy and actually scared my baby. My 3yr old was more interested. Neither of them found it particularly engaging and it was back in the cupboard after just a couple of minutes. But of a disappointment. If the motor was quieter and it "did" more, this would be much better.' Silverstone

'This set includes a play mat, 10 balls and a ball fountain. The fountain has a battery, but this is rechargeable by using a usb cable e.g plugged into your laptop or portable charver. This is great as it saves you money and you don't have to keep buying new batteries. We need more rechargeable toys like tbis.' Ahmed226

'Bought this for my sons 1st birthday and he loves it. So does my older two. The actual blow unit is quite noisy but apart from that its great. Bonus is you do not need batteries! As it charges by a usb. The chad valley floating ball fun zone is great value for money.' Shanijh

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