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chad valley floating ball fun zone

About the Chad Valley Floating Ball Fun Zone

With easy push button activation with 60 second auto shut off, the Chad Valley Floating Ball Fun Zone is a great way to make play time majestic as little ones let enthusiasm burst out! Packed with incredible features such as powered ball blower, vibrantly coloured play mat and of course play balls (10), the creative technology and easy functionality of this toy will see you little ones transfixed watching the balls float in the air as if by magic. This toy is perfect for developing dexterity as little ones coordinate the synchronization of their tiny hands and fingers with their eager watchful eyes.

Brand: Chad Valley
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4/5   'My little one loves playing with the ball set . Easy to set up and folds away nicely for storage when no using. The button is so easy for little hands to turn on and off as they play. Only thing is it's very noisy.'

2/5   'Although the idea of this item is great the actual production is a bit of a let down. It is very noisy, so my son will only play with this when in the mood and if he turns it on. Does go off after around 30 seconds... Saying this, the mat and the balls which are included are good quality but I am unsure how long the unit will actually last, especially if he starts to play with it on a daily basis.'

3/5   'Bought for my daughter. First seem to be as powerful as it makes out in the pics. Very loud too'

3/5   'It works the baby likes it but its so noisy it sounds like a lawn mower, I dont think the giant one in the local play centre is this loud! I like the fact that you can charge it & that it doesnt need batteries it also comes fully charged which is a bonus'

5/5   'Very good quakity. Not very noisy. Goog even for little bit older children playing with small one.'

3/5   'Great item only downside is that the battery doesn't last long and it takes so long to charge through usb, other then that it's great my daughter loves it.'

5/5   'Its great fun for my little one & even for me. It is noisy but thankfully my little one isnt too bothered about it got it as a birthday present for her and havent regretting purchasing as of yet.'

5/5   'Was perfect for my little girl, pretty noisey but my daughter doesnt mind. Exactly what I was looking for. Would recommend'

1/5   'Couldnt wait to use this for my 7month old, charged it for the 8HOURS it needed. Put the mat out and placed it on the mat and got all the balls ready, turned it on and it didnt work. Not happy!!!!!'

3/5   'Very noisy, but fun.'

1/5   'For the price we expected a great toy for our 10 month old, and omg was we disappointed not worth the price, people avoid.'

4/5   'Great fun for kids. I got this for 1 year old grandson, my 3 year old grandson loves it just as much. Only downside is the noise it makes, I'm glad it went home with the kids.'

4/5   'Requires a charge before initial use. USB wire very small but have noticed that a lot of things come with a very small wire recently.... The unit works very well allowing a single ball to float using a small motor inside. Automatic switch off after a minutes continues use. My boy is 7 months and enjoyed interacting with this particular toy. Would reccomend.'

4/5   'Great toy and love how it's chargeable! My 10 month old picked it up pretty quickly... it is quite noisy but keeps my little man entertained for a while... great idea for a birthday present.'

5/5   'My one year old loves it, battery dont last long but until it runs out he has loads of fun'

5/5   'My little girl loves it has a lot of fun and uses the blower to blow her hair she loves it'

5/5   'Hours of fun my lo loves catching the balls and putting them back on'

4/5   'He utterly adores it and picked up how to use it straight away. Unfortunately, it sounds like Boeing 747 lifting off in your living room. It gave me a migraine within a few minutes of use. This will only be coming out on weekends.'

2/5   'Had to return the first one we bought as it wasnt charging properly and then it just stopped working all together. Got a replacement one straight away.'

4/5   'My 1 year old sister loves trying to catch the balls, it is eye catching with all the different colours and love that it charges with usb instead of batteries thankyou'

5/5   'Bought it for my sons 1st birthday but my 3 tr olds loved it equally as much xxq'

4/5   'This toy has provided so much fun and laughter'

2/5   'This toy its suposed to be for babies and my 16 month old got reallt scared with the noise.its extremely laud'

2/5   'To what I thought would be lots of playtime catching balls with my son and be loads of fun turned into his first scare the motor is extremely loud and scared the baby now he wont even let me get out the box, would be excellent toy if not as loud'

5/5   'Bought this for my grandson and he loves it. Hours of fun had with this'

5/5   'Got this for my granddaughters first birthday, she loves it. She realised what she had to do pretty quickly and kept her quiet for a while, once she found where the air came from she would just keep putting her hand in there which would make it stop....she now prefers to do that!!! Its fun for her and something a little different from her other toys. I would recommend although its quite noisy!'

5/5   'Would recommend this! A little noisy hut to be expected. Great price and quality'

5/5   'I brought this for my 7 month old niece I think its fantastic and definitely worth the money.'

5/5   'Rechargeable by USB point, great idea'

3/5   'When i bought it for my niece who is 1 years of age,i actually thought she would love it,how wrong was i,1st worst of all was the noise the noise actually scared her, i understand they need to have a fan to run to blow the balls in the air but not one that sounds like 3 hoovers put together.As for gameplay not very good,it doesnt really blow the balls high enough,theres no gameplay to it & the charge doesnt last long enough.maybe im being fussy but not for me & definitely not for my niece sorry.'

5/5   'Amazing gift fully recommended so much fun'

3/5   'Child like place balls on the blower but it is extremely loud when on...'

3/5   'This toy is a really good idea, but it is very noisy my 11 month old doesnt like the loud noise it makes, I am hoping that when he is a bit bigger he wont be bothered by it.'

5/5   'I got this for my nephews first birthday. All of the kids loved it, even the bigger kids. It works great with balloons too. Would definitely recommend.'

5/5   'Nothing bad. Amazing value for money and works well with young children'

1/5   'Really disappointed with this product, doesn't reach any height with the air flow and battery has lasted not even 5 minutes.'

5/5   'Theres no problem with the product my daughter thinks its amazing'

4/5   'Great fun for young kids. I have a one ear old and two year old and they are mesmerised by it. The only problem I would say is that its very noisy. Sounds like a Hoover is on when you switch it on.'

4/5   'The idea of this is great but its very noisy and puts my 11month old off playing with it.'

5/5   'This was a Christmas gift for my1 year old son but it turns out all 3 of my children loved this toy 1yrs 4yrs and 7 yrs.'

5/5   'My 2 year old loves this toy and picks it out almost every day, his big brothers also love this and have been quite rough with it at times but it still works great.'

5/5   'Brought for my cousin's daughter. A little noisy at first but she loves it now. Great little toy for her.'

4/5   'Great price quick and fast service'

4/5   'My niece loved it, Got lots of enjoyment out of it. Would recommend'

5/5   'Really fun for all ages we was having fun with our baby she loves it'

5/5   'This was loved by my 10 month nephew and his sister aged 3. They both played together. It is noisy though! No batteries which is a big big plus , you charge it via USB.'

5/5   'This was bought for my son for his first Christmas. He had so much fun watching the ball 'float' in the air, made him giggle. He even sat up for the first time to try and reach for the ball. Only thing I would mention is that the fan that ball floats on is quite loud. It didn't bother our little guy, but can see that it might with a more sensitive baby.'

5/5   'My niece and daughter were playing with this on Xmas day and both loved it. Teaching them to reach for ball while it floats up and down, basic but for that reason good value as it didn't cost the earth. Easily rechargeable via the USB port so no wasted money on batteries.'

5/5   'Kids had fun for the first time playing it but then after that it would t work again so I will be taking it back it wouldnt even charge !!!'

1/5   'Great price, great product my 8 month old twins love this. It folds up neatly for storage too, only downside is its a little loud when on but it is still great fun'

4/5   'My grandson loves it hes only 10 months old and his brother who is 3 loves it to'

4/5   'The air starts via a red button but its very sensitive, you knock it slightly and the button will turn the blower off. Also quite loud. Although, my son loves it, its kept him entertained, overall Id recommend'

4/5   'Fab toy, my 11 month old and 23 month old girls love it. They have hours of fun & when fully charged battery last ages.'

4/5   'My nephew loves this but it is louder than expected when in operation so not suitable for children that are sensitive to loud noises or parents for that matter!'

5/5   'My little boy loves playing with it its fab!'

5/5   'It was a perfect gift'

5/5   'It's amazing. My baby is playing with it all the time'

5/5   'Grandson will have hours of fun with the floating ball it great fun 5 star'

5/5   'Child loved this present. Great value.'

5/5   'Nice toy baby likes it but it is quite loud like a hairdryer some children may find this upsetting. However my child loves it but the noice bothers me so im 50/50 on this one'

5/5   'Great service and good quality every time I purchase Argos goods'

5/5   'A lot of fun for the child and she loves it . Would recommend to people with a toddler'

3/5   'I bought this for my granddaughter who is 9 months old. I charged it up for 8 hours then set it up on the mat. Its got Velcro on the mat so the base doesnt move. When it was switched It on it gave out such a loud noise my granddaughter started crying so turned off immediately. There should be a volume button on it. It would be really fun if it wasnt so loud'

5/5   'Great fun for babies'

5/5   'My grandson loves the product and the purchase was fantastic I will always buy from argos'

3/5   'It's a present for my great grandaughters birthday. Im sure she will love it .'

5/5   'All the balls were squashed and wouldnt go back to the right shape. The air device is very loud which my baby hated, the mat wasnt great quality either. Massive waste of money!'

5/5   'A great idea that keeps the little ones entertained'

5/5   'We got it and took it back the next day. It's soooo loud, my daughter absolutely hated it and was scared of it. :('

1/5   'Lots of fun, easy to use. Packs away nicely too!'

5/5   'The idea is great but its so loud! My baby just bursts into tears and reaches out for me to pick her up. Hopefully she will like it when shes older'

1/5   'This toy is all good fun the only downside is the noise It sounds like a Hoover and scares my 10 month child.'

4/5   'It's a great purchase to get for my nephew aa he enjoys his gift very much.'

3/5   'Love this however, it would be better if it stayed on until you turn it off and not have a time limit. Also, it is a bit loud so my daughter gets scared by it and it takes her a littlw while to warm up to it.'

4/5   'Great product couldn't ask for better'

5/5   'It's perfect on my opinion just bit more noise when start but after its okay'

4/5   'Is noisy but no worse than a hairdryer. Little one wasn't scared of it. Put balloons on it and works really well. Also colour scarves.'

5/5   'Great item, bought for my 4 month old who can now sit and she adores it, was unsure at first but she now 5 months and played with it lots and shes always laughing, sitting down watching the balls or playing with them or lieing down watching them and is trying very hard to pick the balls up... love love love'

5/5   'Uses a usb to charge rather than batteries,very noisy but my baby loves trying to catch the ball'

5/5   'Its a fun toy but she got bord quite easy with it but she did like it.'

4/5   'An unusual but interesting toy, I bought it for my 1 y/o brother and he seems to enjoy it, however the noise it makes puts him off after several minutes. It is compactable so you can take it out when your on the go, and even place in your garden if your worried about noise. I think the product is worth its money and you get a decent quality present for your kids. (If the balls were foam it would be better)'

4/5   'Bought this for my one year old nephew and he was intruigued by it. My five year old daughter and 7 year old nephew were also impressed with it!'

4/5   'I shall be returning this awful toy to Argos.'

3/5   'The only thing I could say is that its too noisy'

5/5   'This is great, it has kept our three entertained. The balls fly up to differing heights and theyve enjoyed making other things float - like birthday balloons The balls themselves arent very durable I think light foam would of been better'

1/5   'My son does like this but the noise of the little machine he doesn't but he will like it if I'm sat with him it's a lot of fun catching the balls .'

4/5   'This was a prezzie for my granddaughters first birthday. As mentioned in previous reviews it is very noisy for a timid child. But our little pumpkin loves it and finds it hilarious. So does her three year old brother who joins in the fun.'

5/5   'Son who is 1 absolutely loves it'

5/5   'I bought this for my 8 month old granddaughter , she loves it and reaches out to grab the balls. It is loud and sounds like a hairdryer , doesn t bother my granddaughter but it may if your child doesn t like noises.'

4/5   'Bought for my one year old niece who absolutely loves it! Very happy with my purchase.'

5/5   'Bought this for my sons 1st birthday. He loves it and gets excited when playing with it. Its a bit noisy and because the balls have to be light they are very easy to squash and so are very rarely round. Would recommend.'

4/5   'This is a really fun toy and a great way of teaching your little ones about science. Easy to roll up and take anywhere. The balls float really well and even some other things like plastic rings can spin for ages. Great for floating balloons too. Only thing that is a bit annoying is the fan is quite loud and only stays on for a minute so you have to keep pressing it but overall a good toy to encourage motor skills.'

5/5   'Bought for my Granddaughter as it's unusual she was a bit apprehensive at first as it makes a noise, she is mesmerised by it, am teaching her to get the ball'

4/5   'My little grandson who is one loves it'

4/5   'Its a very fun and entertaing product but it is noisey it takes my LB a bit of time to get used to the noise'

5/5   'My daughter is 5 months old and absolutely enjoys this she watches me place the balls on the machine and follows it's every move good for eye and hand coordination'

5/5   'Lots of fun, baby didn't like the noise to begin with but soon got used to it. Toddler loved it.'

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