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Chad Valley Dreamland Grow with Me Nest - Baby PinkChad Valley Dreamland Grow with Me Nest - Baby Pink

About the Chad Valley Dreamland Grow with Me Nest - Baby Pink

Soft to touch, the Chad Valley Dreamland Grow with Me Nest (in a vibrant Baby Pink colour) provides both comfort and stimulation for your baby from birth up to 3 years. This ideal product has a cleverly designed curved cushion which not only protects but also provides support for your baby, with the super soft fabric and padded mat a delight for little ones. As your most cherished grows, the nest is very simple to convert to a seat to support them sitting up. An added bonus is that this Chad Valley Nest has machine washable covers.

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SKU: 7067163
EAN/SKU: 7067163
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Chad Valley Dreamland Grow with Me Nest - Baby Pink Reviews

5/5   'I had all the matching Chad Valley soft fabric things like this. My newborn laid in and on it safely and once sitting up he would play with his rattles and teddies in the circle and once he could kick his legs the smaller ring came off and stuck on the bigger ring to sit up more supportive. Handy it blows up and down to travel with, we took it on caravan and chalet hols.'

4/5  Merhabs 'I gave it as a gift, it looks nice'

5/5  Charley 'I didn’t expect the bottom support to be as large as it was but this will work perfectly when my little one gets bigger so at the moment it is great for her to lay in and will support her when she is bigger and stronger, all round a great product. When the time comes where I need to wash it the material will dry quickly'

5/5  Ade 'Multifunctional amazing for personal use or gift'

5/5  Mittapally 'It’s good worth item and benefits for kids who start to sit and it worthy price'

4/5  Fatts 'My nice loves it loves watching the TV in it'

5/5  EmmaM 'The grow with me nest supplies a safe comfy space for baby to play in also help to encourage baby to sit up on their own'

5/5  Lau 'Lovely and soft material. Easy to blow up and use.'

5/5  Lou 'My 4 month old girl loves it. It helps with her sitting up and also able to lie down and chill out in it. She also loves the colours'

3/5  Kj 'Velcro isn’t great, so ends up easily coming apart'

5/5  Katie 'My 6month old loves this it helps with her sitting'

5/5  Stacey 'My baby girl loves this'

3/5  Gemma 'Nice to look at and my baby enjoys it and the fabric is nice quality for the price although the the plastic inflatable tube that goes inside should / could be stronger as one has already bust has a slow puncture.. besides that I can't grumble for the price of the product'

5/5  Alex 'Helps my daughter to sit up and its soft for is she take a little tumble'

5/5  Kirsty 'Very good quality and my daughter loves it and also an absolute bargain!'

3/5  Andrew 'Not very sturdy. One small kick and the velcro detaches, definitely needs reinforced with more velcro'

4/5  Nanna 'Easy to assemble but the velcro on the ends of the smaller semi circle could be bigger to allow a firmer fix of the 2 semi circles. Nice and bright for baby'

5/5  Ana 'My good daughter love this thing'

5/5  Madge 'Great value for money & so comfy for baby.'

5/5  Amanda 'Ocean grow with me nest is superb quality product. My baby boy favourite place. Very colour full.parent no one selection.'

4/5  Bradfordgirl 'Great price and really bright. My little boy however slides down each time he uses it'

4/5  Sonny 'Bit difficult to assemble and blow up but once it's up it's really good for baby'

5/5  HMama 'Fab, baby loved it from the minute she sat in it. Comfy and sturdy and material is lovely. She prefers the sit up position but has used it for tummy time too (shes just not keen on tummy time) You will need a pump unless you have the lungs of a giant, so ensure you buy one or have one handy! Xx'

5/5  Littlelele 'My son loves playing on this and is helping him hold his head better and sit up too.its soft,supportive and lovely colours'

5/5  Megan 'Lovely and colourful. Great for tummy time. Velcro could be a little stronger for when it’s a full circle and it needs to be propped up when it’s being used as a chair.'

5/5  MrsL 'Purchased this for my grandson to use when he visits. Lovely soft material and bright colours, nicely padded mat and inflatable sides so packs away small.'

5/5  Steph 'Really love this! It’s a safe place for little ones learning to sit up.'

4/5  Nichola007 'Lovely and bright for the baby and good idea but, needs more Velcro as the back raises up when baby leans on it so not very sturdy and baby can’t sit upright on it'

5/5  Andreea 'Great value , easy to assemble , if you don't have a pomp ..strong lungs can do the job , nice design as well and the material is ok for the price that you pay . I will recomand .'

5/5  Ed 'I like this product because it's so comfortable for the baby.'

5/5  Gabi 'I think this product is very good my son loves it the only thing I would change is the Velcro on debatable bits I feel they should be bigger to keep it together more secure'

5/5  AshRaccoon 'This product is soft and comfertable My little one lives being in/on it'

5/5  Sophie 'Really good item... my 7 month has just started to sit up and is absolutely ideal for him to play safely'

3/5  Lb85 'Quite a large item. Ideal for 9 months and over i would say.'

5/5  Jayhen 'Bought this for my 4 month old son, he loved it, bright colours great fun. Use it for chilling, playing and tummy time has helped him no end to strengthen his neck and back. Fab design simple and effective yet doesn’t cost to much. Highly recommend'

4/5  Rasheeda 'Does what it says and my son loves it.'

4/5  Sophie 'My baby like laying on it, shes not old enough to sit up yeg so havnt tested how sturdy it is'

3/5  Hema 'Bad quality returned'

5/5  Fred 'A very well made product that my granddaughter found very comfortable and thoroughly enjoys her time in her nest'

4/5  Zuzi 'To big for babies it’s for babies from 8 months plus'

4/5  Leoni 'Lovely design and was bigger than i thought it would be'

5/5  Jones23 'Very good item archie willove it'

5/5  Csmith 'Excellent, would recommend my 3 month old loves it.'

5/5  Lili 'Very soft and comfortable'

5/5  Loz 'Such a good product for your baby especially if you want too sit them on the floor in the nest with some toys my baby loves it'

5/5  Chapman 'I am very happy with this product. Its brilliant to help my little one sit up and supports her. The quality and design is brilliant for such a reasonable price. One happy mummy and baby.'

5/5  Rkilgour78 'This nest offers opportunities for babies to have tummy time from very young age, offers support to enable this. It also offers support for babies to be able to sit and play safely.'

5/5  Natasha 'Lovely to use my baby loves sitting in it good value for money'

5/5  Stephy 'Really happy with my purchase you can use it for sitting babies up, tummy time and to sit and play with toys. Highly recommend this. We even take it in the garden so our baby can play outside in the nice weather.'

5/5  Chel 'Got for my little one who’s trying to sit up on her own the only problem is it doesn’t stay inflated for long to get the full effect'

4/5  Chan 'I got it for my new born but he's a bit tiny for it but my 5 year old loves sitting it and it's comfy.'

5/5  Melanie24 'Fun activity nest, can be turned into many things and be used for sitting up and tummy time. Great entertainment for baby'

3/5  Nje 'Love the colour bright and fun brought for my LG 5m I had to go and replace this a few times bit i still end up with the same problem it keeps deflating last about 2h and its flat again I gave up so I just keep blowing it up. Other than the problem great little product Great pricre as I got this on sale.'

5/5  Aji 'My baby is learning to sit up and absolutely loves this sit me up.'

5/5  Nikkiboo 'It's great my son loves it x'

5/5  Ash 'Fab item highly recommended'

5/5  Carly 'Looks and performs well.'

5/5  Jules 'This item is fab if you have a little dog who likes charging round the house like she’s a big dog - keep baby safe and the brightness of the ring itself amazes baby and keeps them content - pop a baby gym over the top and you’ve got a safe environment for baby to relax and just look around - later turns into a prop up to help baby’s sitting skills'

4/5  Niki 'I didn’t expect this item to be inflatable but once I saw how small the box was it made sense. The fabric is soft enough and easy to clean. I brought this originally to do tummy time with my 6 week old, it’s a little bit high for her to do that at the moment-but it’s great to sit her up on or turn it into a complete circle to lay her down in and put her toys in there with her knowing she won’t hurt herself.'

5/5  Nic 'My daughter loves this good for helping their muscles too!'

5/5  Babymama 'Daughter loves it design is lovely n it's sturdy!'

4/5  Alex2212 'Seat was not stronge enough to have my 1 year old lean over as the other end up goes up in the air and the velco patch to contact the piece to make the circle wasnt strong enough and my daughter was able to kick it off'

5/5  Smithy 'Very impressed, excellent quality, would recommend'

5/5  Bobbie 'Havent used it exactly yet but price is amazing and looks amazing'

5/5  Mel 'As my baby is only 3 month old we have only used it in the nest position and she loves it for just chilling with her soft toys. It's also good for tummy time in the nest position too as the sides are high enough for baby for dangle over and not too low so she can't see around her. This is a really good product. Would definitely recommend.'

5/5  Shellie 'Great for baby soft and snug'

5/5  Bert 'Baby loves the play nest'

5/5  Aqi 'Am really pleased with this, my child sits quietly and playing with his toys in this, 100% would recommend this to others'

5/5  Stephen 'There is nothing to say bad about the item I brought everything is perfect'

5/5  Nonna 'This doughnut was just the thing my daughter needed for her 7 month old daughter. I wanted her to be able to carry on with her tasks knowing Elsie could be seen, talked to, watched, and in a safe upright position whilst mum got on with things. Elsie could see mum and was happy even if she rolled over, as the doughnut was soft and bouncy. With repositioning by mum, Elsie was again upright and happy. It's so colourful and roomy, with lots of space for all Elsie's toys.'

5/5  Stef 'My baby loves tummy time and this helps as well, it’s also great for my other child to sit in and hold baby for extra support'

5/5  Fairy 'Great buy suitable from birth my son loves it'

5/5  Lolly92 'Bought this for my 6 week old he loves to lay in it and wriggle and now that he's a bit bigger it's great for propping him up so he can see what's going on'

5/5  Kmcnulty 'We brought this for a 17 week baby he loves it and a settle a lot I am able to leave him in their and he happy and peaceful he can also play and sleep in it to.'

2/5  Nic 'Looks nice in theory and might suit smaller babies but as my son is a long bigger baby and the item is blow up it tipped whenever he leant against it. Doesn’t offer much support.'

5/5  Lynda 'Great price and quality. Portable and keeps my granddaughter safe. Great size. Have already recommended to friends and work colleagues.'

4/5  Smiles 'Was everything it said it was! I’d just suggest if “baby” moves to the side they fall and therefore it could have some sort of harness to support baby till they can sit unsupported.'

4/5  Jess 'Good product, pattern is good as baby loves to look at it.'

5/5  Mags 'Easy to use, lightweight but sturdy enough to support a newborn, would definitely recommend'

4/5  Emmie 'My baby loves to chill and relax sitting up against this or just lounging about in it. So simple'

5/5  KrissyBellsX 'My 3 month old daughter loves it! It’s great for her to lean against and develop her back and neck strength for sitting up unaided would really recommend it!'

4/5  Jessie 'It's the perfect size and helps the baby sit up and loves to sit and state at it.'

5/5  Dani 'It’s been great to use to get my 3month old daughter to learn to sit up and lift her head up from laying over the side, definitely would recommend it to everyone. Great quality to and easy to put up & change around.'

5/5  Jojo 'My grandson loves it. It enables him sit and play without being in a bouncy chair.'

5/5  PJ 'Easy to use fun for my grandson and helps support him sittin and playing..'

4/5  Buttonsmonkey 'Just what we needed after our little one started wanting to sit up to see the world! Helps him sit up and supports him comfortably. He loves the bright colours ib the design'

4/5  Cat 'Great item, very colourful. Only problem is blowing it up. Could do with including a pump.'

5/5  Racho 'Excellent buy and baby loves it'

5/5  Supernan 'Very good value ordered it online ready next day'

5/5  Bear 'It's bright and colourful Perfect for my little girl to help her sit up.'

3/5  MissRed 'I bought this for my 5 month old son, I thought it would help and support him to sit up on his own more often however when I opened it it’s literally an inflatable thing you have to blow up, I do like it as he does use it but not as often as I thought he would as when he sits on it he leans back a little with it and slides down due to the inflatables.'

5/5  Jodie 'Can be used for sitting up or lying down'

3/5  Blackers 'It was a very nice product for a baby/toddler but unfortunately it didn’t come with a pump! It should’ve at least come with a mini pump as it was bought for my niece for Christmas and she couldn’t use it cause we never had a pump and I never knew you needed one!'

3/5  Lou 'Took ages to blow up but good when up'

5/5  Denise 'My 8 month old loves sitting on this and playing with all her toys. Only thing is that it looks a lot darker on the Argos website than it does in real life but apart from that I really like it.'

5/5  Natasha 'My 5 month old son loves playtime with this. Really colourful to and spacious only downside is the smaller bit to attach to make a ring doesnt stay'

1/5  Sean 'Was sent the wrong product got a scooter in seat for a 6 month old baby still have to take it back'

5/5  HappyDad 'Our LO can sit up but occasionally gets tired and falls over. This cushion really gives them some independence and they love sitting with it and playing with their toys. Would be slight better if velcro for ring mode has bigger patches. Still great.'

2/5  Shan 'Rhis has no weigjt to it so dosnt have any support and not confotable for a baby'

3/5  Bry 'Great little baby nest but constantly needs blowing up. Had to return the first one I bought as the plastic on the blow up part came apart. Baby does love it but it is not the best quality.'

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