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chad valley circus friends walker - deluxe

About the Chad Valley Circus Friends Walker - Deluxe

The Chad Valley Circus Friends Walker - Deluxe assists your most cherished as they being their upcoming adventures. Your enthusiastic little one will love sitting in the seat and moving along with their feet, made easier with the different height adjustments so the walker can grow along with your baby. Coming also with a great range of noises and lights your most cherished will be engaged as this walker assists their movement.

Brand: Chad Valley
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EAN/SKU: 5857337
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Chad Valley Circus Friends Walker - Deluxe Reviews

5/5   'Great service, great price, great quality as safety my baby boy loves it'

5/5  Dps 'Bought this for when my granddaughters comes it is good for the price but not many toys on it'

5/5  Lisa 'Excellent product and cheap'

5/5  Marina 'This Walker is amazing, price is affordable, design is simple and nice, very functional and doesn’t take much place. Very happy with the purchase and definitely recommend. Maybe would only add more levels of heights. Thank you for the good product!'

5/5  BT0204 'This product is brilliant for my baby, easy to set up and he loves the toy steering wheel! Will defiantly recommend to friends and family.'

5/5  Julie 'Lovely walker sturdy and fun my 7 month old granddaughter loves it likes the sounds and can easily use it on carpet and wooden floor good value for money'

5/5  Mary 'I brought this walker for my 6 month old baby and he loves it. He didn't have much strength in his legs but since having this he has come on loads. He loves the wheel and getting about. Highly recommend'

5/5  5z 'Really easy and quick to assemble. My daughter love's it.'

5/5  Blondie 'We ordered the baby walker by click & collect, nice and easy, no waiting in the shop, ideal. The walker is a good bit of kit, does what it says on the box. Easy to put together in a few minutes and away baby goes. Safe to use, easy to fold up/down, A good buy to keep your child interested & amused.'

4/5  KGeorgios 'It was tricky to set up because the adjustment bar is so stiff. But once it’s up it’s a lovely toy for baby.'

4/5  Bez 'Quite hard to build.we got it for our grandson when he is a bit older.so it has not been used yet'

3/5  Manda62 'I like that it has height adjustments. Was disappointed that only the little steering wheel moves . Not much to keep baby entertained.'

5/5  Nanny 'Bought for my grandson. It's not as height adjustable as I thought. Overall good value.'

5/5  Fizz 'We like it because my daughter plays in it and I get the time for work. Its very helpful for me. Thanks'

5/5  Mimi 'It's good..my baby really likes it..'

5/5  Fletch 'Bought as gift , everyone impress with the walker especially the children'

5/5  Lee 'Such a great fun product The boy loves it being pulled and pushed in it It’s a great way to incrureage Leg strength in babys'

5/5  Abdulahi 'Easy to assemble and fun for the child to play with .'

3/5  Slai 'Yes and no. Could do with a bit more fun bits.'

2/5  Hasanul 'Not good at all, just a piece of clothing for standing. No proper cushion.'

5/5  Sam 'I bought this for my grandson he is very happy'

4/5  Grezza270 'The product is very good the only fault is it was very difficult to adjust the height'

5/5  Julie 'Good value for money'

3/5  Vivek 'This walker I bought for my daughter is not worth as there are few things which didn't worked for me. 1. The height, even though it is mentioned as 6-9 month (daughter is 8th month old), with its max height adjust my daughter easily putting up her feet. 2. The wheel sounds in top table is cranky which my daughter don't like it at all. 3. The side knobs are huddle if your daughter want to play with music or want to put hands at front. Otherwise the quality is good of the product.'

5/5  Kmit 'This walker is great it's fantastic value for money and my daughter loves the bright colours on it. It is very easy to clean and also easy to fold and store. Fantastic thing that my daughter will get loads of fun from.'

5/5  David 'It great easy to use'

5/5  Kirsty2967 'My son took his first steps in this. He was standing and showing signs of of walking but didn't take that first step till he was in his walker. It turns really well and moves well on carpet aswell as lino. No stopping him now'

5/5  Andrei 'My little boy just loves it it has 2 adjustable positions its easy to store and easy to work with'

5/5  Carley 'My son really enjoys this walker. He loves that the steering wheel has lights and sounds. Good buy'

4/5  Hp 'Great value for money and unisex to pass on after short ussage'

4/5  Mk9 'The kid loved this for a bit then got board with it for the price you pay it should have more on it.'

5/5  Alex 'Good price and hours of fun for my little boy who is currently wizzing round my living room'

5/5  Tobytom 'This is a great buy, very sturdy so no chance of baby tipping it over. My granddaughter absolutely loves it ! Excellent price for an excellent item.'

5/5  Amandat35 'My son flies round the living room in this. Easy to assemble. Quality product'

5/5  Teeboy 'I bought this walker for my 7 month old and he absolutely loves it. The sounds keep him busy as he has to generate the sounds himself to enjoy them. The walker is best enjoyed on a flat surface though such as laminate flooring, otherwise baby will struggle to get around with it.'

5/5  Jojo44 'This really is good value for money. It’s robust, sturdy and can take a few knocks. A good buy.'

5/5  Jonnoboy 'Good value for money- strong product'

4/5  Richyrich 'Nice toy for when your baby is trying to walk. Descent quality and design.'

3/5  Cattuskitekattus 'Walker is alright but I would not buy it again. I thought all the wheels are going 360° but they are not except the front one- so baby keeps going backwards or forward. Quite stiff. Plastic wheels- i have expected rubble one. In general it does the job. Could be more colourful.'

5/5  Sian 'Thought a bit expensive. But im very pleased with my purchase.'

5/5  Dude 'It a nice walker easy to put together and little man love it rubber wheels are good so it dosnt just slid around on wood floor a good buy'

5/5  Laura 'My 7 month son enjoys it, he’s crawling now so we use it after he’s eaten as he won’t sit still. Gets bored after 15 minutes but he’s like that with everything. He’s quite tall but looks like we’ll get a fair use out of it as it’s adjustable heights which is easy to change and easy to flatten to take to Granny’s.'

4/5  Charley 'This item was easy to assemble and my son loves it so worth the value for money.'

5/5  Lealan 'Easy to put together but the seat can be a little fiddly other than it’s perfect'

5/5  Jetaime 'Very good product and very handy to my son, he loves it and helps a lot for walk and play time.'

5/5  Rob 'Works well and is adjustable, folds flat'

3/5  Laura 'Not too interactive but expected as not the most expensive product my baby likes it and it keeps her entertained'

4/5  Jean242 'Well made easy to assemble just a bit disappointed with the lights. The only light was the steering wheel bibber nothing else. Grandson loves it'

3/5  Douze 'There is not much activities on the walker my son only seat on it for few minutes than get bored. Just do check the walker before putting the baby in as I have noticed that the back leg comes out some how'

3/5  K3 'The wheel is very difficult for my 8 month old to manoeuvre. Not ideal'

4/5  Emma 'Easy to assemble. Good for the price'

5/5  Ifty 'Excellent purchase for my nephew it was so easy to assemble to. Deafineatly would recommend this .'

3/5  Chris 'It is good for thw cost but the xhild does not have much to play with when in it. It also moves on hard surface but the wheels make it difficult for the child to move on the carpet. They get stuck. Also the music on it does not last long and quite hard for a child to press to play.'

4/5  Jo84 'Great walker only negative is the steering wheel stopped making nose after just one day, my little boy didn’t seem to mind so I didn’t either.'

4/5  Agne 'Its di jis job but not fun back veals not muving around so difikul for a baby making nice saunds but in second day broke down the tou weal'

3/5  Freak 'Should have better toys mainly ones that makes sound.'

5/5  Nic 'This walker is great value for money grandson loves the freedom to move around'

5/5  HT 'The walker I purchased is exactly as I hoped. Easy assembly, easily adjusted for my daughter as she grows. It is colourful and my daughter finds it easy to manoeuvre which is a plus, it keeps her attention with the bright colour scheme and short but cheerful tunes. When I purchased the walker the staff were helpful and attentive, and reminded me that the walker needed batteries that weren’t supplied and which size to get. I didn’t have to wait long to collect and my transaction was easy.'

5/5  Athul 'It is very helpful for my son to move .'

5/5  JanB 'East to assemble fun little walker my grandkids love running about in it'

4/5  Deb 'Only criticism is the toys on the front could be better.'

5/5  Dan13 'Standard mobility on carpet obviously better on solid floors. Comfortable and squeaky toys works great'

4/5  Jay 'Walker looked good easy to set up'

4/5  NJ 'Quite a good product'

2/5  Haaris 'Over priced could do with some more toys fitted on the Walker.'

4/5  KAB 'Good quality baby loves it, doesn't work very well on carpet but he likes it.'

5/5  Maria 'Very happy because it goes on the carpet and it s not so big'

5/5  Jenny 'I brought this for my grandson he loved it'

5/5  Katy 'My son really enjoys this walker. It is really helping him to learn to walk.'

4/5  Pauline 'Excellent value for money, grandson loving it..'

4/5  Kenny 'Easy to put together and my son has been able to move around with it from the first day. Good value for money .'

5/5  Beccy 'Doesn’t work very well on carpets but brill on hard flooring'

5/5  Granny 'Bought as a gift for our grandson. He loves it. Great quality product.'

5/5  Debbie 'Well worth the price, could have a few activities on top not just a steering wheel but my son loves it so worth it'

5/5  Spap 'Very good design and worth every penny i paid it my daughter was over the moon.'

5/5  Nattyw1985 'My little one loved scooting round in this. Great way for him to get about.'

5/5  Achowdhury 'Good price Small in size Light weight Lovely colour'

4/5  Maisie 'Good basic walker. Toys are a little basic, steering wheel hard to turn but ok for the price. Overall good for the price.'

3/5  Andrea0493 'Arrived very quickly and is easy to assembly. Sturdy construction however it does not manoeuvre well over carpet of soft flooring.'

5/5  Tasha 'My little boy loves it. I brought this as the one we had was too heavy and bulky for him to get around. This was slim and light weight and now he gets around everywhere and can easily turn around it.'

5/5  Michelle 'The price for this walker is reasonable.'

5/5  Fran 'Liked it and will shop there again'

5/5  Mabs 'My 6 month old loves this. It goes on carpet and wood flooring. Great value. Would recommend'

5/5  Pat 'He plays with it every day. Lots of sounds and colours as rewards.'

5/5  Stevie 'The walker is great, easy to fold up and put away so it's not taking up to much room. My little girl absolute loves it!'

4/5  Mandy 'Great little walker very basic could do with some more lights or different tunes of music to keep baby entertained but I can't complain because the price was fantastic and it's just what I was looking for'

5/5  Laura 'Great for it's price would recommend.'

5/5  Bishnu 'Good shape & good quality'

4/5  RAJESH 'Good value for money'

5/5  Miss 'It's perfect size for her at 6minths her feet touch the floor and as she grows their are 2 more height adjustments. The toy is fun for her . I think it's great , i have no concerns , and she loves it's and it moves quite well on wooden flooring .'

5/5  Marose 'Bought for our grandson to use at our house, it folds which is good and he absolutely loves it! As he is only just 6 months has yet to speed around in it but he is great at pushing backwards but am sure he will be flying around in it before too long'

5/5  User 'It's very good and safe as well as easy to operate for young baby. It's smooth in walking and moves in different direction as baby walks. Seat also comfortable. It serves the purpose good stuff for baby as learning to walk'

5/5  Chan 'So happy with this product, bubba loves itand being able to move around so easily, so easy to put together and defo worth the buy'

4/5  Soybeans 'Overall very pleased with this. I like that it can be folded down when not in use, and that the seat comes off the be washed. Downside for me, is the back wheels are fixed, so not as easy to whiz about in as a previous walker I had that all 4 wheels could spin.'

5/5  PinkLemonade 'I brought this recently for my son who is desperate to walk but his legs aren't doing what his brain wants yet. This walker has given him his much desired freedom and is also helping his coordination no end. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has a restless little one desperate to gain some (supervised) independence'

5/5  Billie 'Bought for my 6 month old, great product, my baby enjoys using it'

5/5  Tbwonen 'Was easy to assemble, is good quality and the baby loves the music it plays.'

4/5  Trene83 'Good babywalker, easy to assemble and easy to clean. Very sturdy.'

5/5  Vanessa 'This product is very good for my nephew because he needs it to start walking'

5/5  Ange 'Good value for money'

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