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Chad Valley Baby Rotating Musical MobileChad Valley Baby Rotating Musical Mobile

About the Chad Valley Baby Rotating Musical Mobile

With soothing lullabies and serene nature sounds the colourful Chad Valley Baby Rotating Musical Mobile captivates little ones. With a plethora of colours to visually stimulate kids, little ones will be delightfully transfixed by this rotating mobile. The mobile has volume control buttons so grown ups can set it at a comfortable level, plus as an added bonus the three (3) hanging toys can easily be detached and re-purposed as a teether and a rattle.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 7063583
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Chad Valley Baby Rotating Musical Mobile Reviews

5/5   'I really liked this mobile but my cot edge and top is double thick so it didn't fit and I lost my receipts so I couldn't take back for a refund however I found a home for it where it did fit the cot so I was glad another baby could enjoy it.'

5/5  GrannySmith 'My little grandson loves it, bought with the travel cot for when he visits well worth the money.'

5/5  Debbie 'Looks great, got it for a really good price, would recommend'

3/5  Elsag 'Baby was scared with the speed of the music, and the music choices not very lullaby like...'

4/5  Pj 'This product is a perfect gift for babies.'

5/5  Romica 'My Kids is very happy for asta thank you Argos'

5/5  RN 'Good one for the price. Easy to setup. Nice songs.'

5/5  Buddie 'We bought this for our new Grandson and he loves it. Gets his attention - his eyes follow the moving characters and he reaches up to try and catch them. Oddly, he spent some time in the local Sick Kids Hospital and they had several of these! Endorsed by us & NHS!!'

5/5  Abhi 'Good and easy to set'

5/5  Sammy 'Brilliant recommend to everyone'

4/5  Aami 'Hi I really didn't want to pay stupid prices for a cot mobile so this is great colourful easy to put together. I have a little boy so it's got areoplanes on it. Press button it turns plays a tune u can mute music and just have it turning because it is quite loud also it comes quite low down and unfortunately if baby grabs hold they could pull down the turning bit has it only hooks on would be better if it clicked on firm. Anyway it's simple that's what I wanted'

5/5  GJ1 'A very reasonable price. Good lullabies. Nice and colourful. Plastic not as durable as ones bought about thirty years ago .Movement good .Granddaughter loves it so it was worth every penny.'

5/5  Jade28 'It's lovely and bright, my son enjoyed it during the day naps'

5/5  Sabiha 'Love it Wanted to recommend this for gift'

3/5  Macbfg 'All brilliant except that the music is very tinny and a little out of tune! My daughter prefers it with the sound switched off!'

5/5  SUZUKIKING 'I'm very happy with our purchase we got this as a replacement for the fisher price baby rotating musical sleeper it was cheaper and has been a great purchase it sends my little boy straight to sleep highly recommend'

5/5  Vicjy 'I recommended it to to my sister in law for my niece it plays plenty of different songs to sooth baby'

5/5  Elle 'My baby loves it. She can grab it by the handles of the toys and the songs are excellent.'

5/5  Pilko 'Product is great was so easy to put together and my baby loves it'

5/5  James 'It was the cheapest so didn't expect much, but was surprised how sturdy it was and has some really nice tunes. wanted one with light so I think i'm going to buy a light mobile seperate.'

3/5  MASONSMUM 'Great value easy to set up The only issues i have with it is my baby can reach the toys that hang down and pull at them which isn't ideal as it rotates.. So i took off the toys and just used it for the tunes.. i would say the tunes are very upbeat and loud even though there is adjustable volume buttons therefore great for distracting baby or play time but not relaxing sleep time'

5/5  Becky 'Pleased with the product, plays nice tunes, volumes fine. Only negative point is one of the toys is heavier than the other two so it it's abit lopsided.'

5/5  Pam 'Colours bright best buy for baby'

5/5  Bogdan 'Very good! And my children are happy'

4/5  Inta 'Good quality ,good price .easy to fixed .'

4/5  Maria 'Colourful design very easy to set up good for the price only down side is that it can only be set up on a cot because of attachment'

5/5  Mrs 'My grandson loves it'

5/5  Miller 'Really easy to set up! Bright colours the baby loves it! And the rubber on the end of one is fab for when they are teething!'

5/5  Anita 'A beautiful bright bouncing chair with vibration function and small toys to keep baby happy.'

5/5  Ste 'Easy to assemble, my grandson loves it'

5/5  JC 'Good product, easy to put together and does exactly what it says on the box.'

3/5  Oliveoil76 'The music sound is not good. I should have spent more money for something more decent'

5/5  D21 'My baby likes it a lot. The music is nice and you can regulate the volume, toys are detachable, so you can put your own plushies as well for variety of it'

5/5  Megamum 'Baby loves it nice and relaxing'

5/5  Saj 'Got some nice tunes. My sons loves it and go to sleep straight away.'

5/5  Thecolonel 'Easy to set up my granddaughter loves it'

5/5  Nanny 'Pressie for my new grandson. Chad Valley always has good reputation. Doesnt take long to assemble, and fits on the cot. Music has volume control which is good, we all singing to it before we gave it to baby! Calms him down a treat!'

3/5  Sah96 'Good quality for price, though the volume I don’t think suitable or low enough for the middle of the night a bit too loud, though is great getting them off to sleep'

5/5  Nomie 'My baby love this so much I am glade we got it . Hasn't broke yet and give us chance to do thing just for little while LOL excellent. I would highly recommend it'

5/5  Steph 'Very coulorful and good quality for the money. Does need a little assembly as comes in little parts'

2/5  Kebab 'I like the look of Chad Valley Baby Rotating Musical Mobile and the fact there are parts that can be used as a teething ring. The sound is very poor quality.'

4/5  Mal 'The mobile it's self is of good quality,but the musical sounds are very bad very slow and poor quality.'

5/5  Kay38 'A really good toy especially for the price, it's worth it. Melodies are nice and the baby enjoys watching the toy go round. Downfall is the blue arch doesn't move to the side if you wanted to take the baby out of the cot so you have to unclip the the bumble bee which is not so bad though.'

5/5  Jen 'I highly recommend this product... Thank you Argos!'

5/5  Annpick 'My grandson loves the tunes, easy to fix up and colourful'

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