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Chad Valley Baby Playnest

About the Chad Valley Baby Playnest

Give your bundle of a joy a chance to unwind and investigate in this machine washable, suitable from birth Chad Valley Baby Playnest. The fascinating creatures around the outside will appeal to the tactile nature of baby with a crease and fuzzy mane, squeak beak, velour muzzle, sparkly sun and crease arms. For the very young, the ring can be semi inflated to give head and neck support when lying down. As your little one grows, the fully inflated provides support in the sitting position.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 4609768
EAN/SKU: 4609768
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Chad Valley Baby Playnest Reviews

4/5   'Great & affordable would recommend'

5/5  Buzzer 'This is ideal for my granddaughter to play in while she is staying with me. It is colourful and she thoroughly enjoys it.'

4/5  Goodas 'My four month old girl love to sit in it they said u can fill it with ur month but I personally don’t think it’s true I have to buy a foot pump to get it in use and I still think it should have wild enough my baby keep puttting her legs up'

5/5  HH 'Baby is very happy to sit here and play.'

4/5  Flame37 'Very safe, very content nipper'

5/5  Lilleigh 'Recommend to anyone with a baby great for learning to sit up as is safe also lots of colours and textures'

5/5  Barnsey 'Great play neat and cheaper than the alternative but just as good Very pleased'

5/5  Trina 'Bought for Christmas presents so unable to answer all star questions but I’m told they are very good playnests hence why I bought them'

4/5  Ros 'My grandchild seemed to enjoy this product and it is a safe environment when they are not sitting up alone'

5/5  Babs 'Item was exactly as stated. Happy with it.'

4/5  Ann 'I think it will help parents to keep Child in a safe place.'

5/5  Tara 'My baby loves sitting on it And touching the texture. (6m)'

5/5  Torz104444 'I purchased this for my nephew who is 5 months old both he and I love it I enjoy seeing him playing with the features and getting inquisitive about the sounds'

5/5  Jojo 'My son loves this item.. he's content inside it playing and now has mastered to crawl out and into it .'

5/5  Abz 'Bright and colourful for young children'

5/5  Chelsea 'We ordered at 3 in the afternoon and got it by 9 on the night! The deliver driver was happy and cheerful and ever so polite, me and my daughter enjoy playing with the seat and definitely recommend it to all my mommy friends :)'

5/5  Hargat 'The playnest has been really handy, great for my little one learning how to sit up. Great visual and touch stimulation. Only downside we feel is that it would be better if it had some loops on it to attatch some his toys. Overall a great purchase!'

5/5  Zoe 'Very well made, would be a bit better if it had more textures and features for baby to enjoy. Good for helping them to learn to sit on their own without having to worry about face planting the floor but my baby is 5.5 months and he already bores quickly I put extra toys in the ring which will buy me a few minute to clean lol'

4/5  Rach 'Very good quality and my little one loves being sat in it with his toys. Would definitely recommend as it gives you time to pop and make a brew and not have to worry about them whilst they're in it as they're safe'

4/5  Sarah 'I am well happy with the quality of the item was easy to assemble and didn't take to long you are able to support your baby in sitting up in the playnest and there is just enough stuff for them to touch and feel around the playnest while they are still learning to grasp things would definitely recommend this product to other parents.'

4/5  SarahB 'A fairly basic playnest with a few interactive features. When pumped up fully it's less comfortable for the babu to lie in. Good for occasional use.'

4/5  Spadge 'Overall very happy with the playnest. The colours and activities are bright and engaging and it works well as a sitting aid. Easy to blow up with a balloon pump. There are a few loose threads and one of the ribbons was ripped.'

5/5  Lauren 'My little boy loves it. Has started pulling all the different animals.'

4/5  Jon 'Great playnest good value and could be used in the garden.'

5/5  Steph 'My 5 month old loves this. Lots of different textures and sounds around the edge to keep her entertained.'

4/5  AMM 'I was impresssed at speed after ordering online that my item was delivered to my chosen pick up point the next day. I was informed that it needed batteries & did l want to buy any as they were on offer so l did. It didn't need batteries at all but did need a pump. Luckily our car tyre compressed worked. Maybe instructions would have been easier on a sheet of paper rather than the plastic bag in which inner ring was in. Ok in the end.'

5/5  Amy93 'Brilliant product my baby loves it.'

5/5  JL10 'This product gives her somewhere she can sit safely whilst she is just getting used to sitting and I just pop a couple of toys in with her and she loves it. She enjoys a little independence not having to sit on our knee or lay down all the time and I get the peace if mind that she can't hurt herself.'

5/5  Bigmc 'Good value for money product. Baby loves it.'

5/5  Sophie 'Highly recommended to new parents. It's colourful and unisex'

4/5  Ash 'Brilliant little thing and easy to put up I've been looking for one for a while but didnt want to pay £50 for one of those sit me up cosys that acually didnt sit up (bad previous experience) so i popped in argos and noticed this on the shelf at a bargain price so i snatched it up and my little ones loved it from day one the only down fall is theres no toys on it for little one to play with so have to put your own in but cant argue with it for the price'

4/5  Amelia 'Only of use from 4 month plus for me as baby too small. Its handy but more features on woukd be good'

5/5  Lavi 'I bought last week for my baby a playnest and she loves it!'

5/5  Vicki 'Fab play nest I've had a few over the years but by far this is the best and great value xx'

5/5  Nowknownasmummy 'Great product giving good support as baby learns to sit on her own only downfall is it doesn't come with any attached toys and nowhere to hook anything on.'

5/5  Lucie 'My little girl loves sitting in it she leans to get the pictures which have small details like crinkles and squeaker. When she leans she tends to over lean so it s good as she doesn't hurt herself when she tips. Only downside is the things to grasp at and grab are very small so it's a bit difficult for her to hold them.'

5/5  Samyo 'Bought this for my granddaughter who's 7months old and loves to sit up all the time but hadnt worked out how to stay sitting up, this has helped a lot only thing is I wish it had more things to do and baby's have really reach to get to each toy but in sayin that it really has helped my granddaughter sit up on her own.'

5/5  Liesh 'My son loves it lt, one of the best things I brought for him!'

5/5  Collette 'I bought this as a gift, I would definitely recommend this from birth upwards very satisfactory.'

5/5  Cara 'This is a great playnest, very good value for money. My baby loves the animals, even the ones which don't do anything.'

5/5  Mikeymoo 'Good comfortable play nest that helps baby sit up'

5/5  Lee 'Good for the money not a lot gor baby to do but brightly coloured and keeps him amused'

5/5  Kaz 'This playnest is ideal for babies learning to sit up on there own! It's perfect for storing away when baby gets too big as it's an inflatable ring and the cover comes off too! Can't go wrong with this it's much better than I thought! Top buy!'

5/5  Jade 'Brilliant help baby sit up'

4/5  Alice 'Great product, my six month old plays happily in it. Only wish it had some moveable toys attached. Also, if we hadn't had an electric pump for a blow up bed handy, I imagine it would have been quite exhausting to inflate!'

5/5  Lauren 'Perfect product to help and encourage my baby to sit up and roll over on to her tummy. Great quality too x'

3/5  Nasim 'I think its very small for kids and quality was not good'

5/5  Sammy 'Excellent product my grandson loves it and he is only four months old thank you so much'

4/5  Talktofrank 'Great for tots as can be inflated so than be cradled'

5/5  Alison 'Happy with it and my son really enjoys being in it.'

4/5  Al2015 'The donut itself does go down quite easy when blown up, especially when bubba trying to lean on sides. But other then that can keep him content for a while, little pictures round the edge keep his attention and enough space for him to move his legs around, good buy.'

5/5  Angela 'Good product and ideal for my 3 month old. He enjoys being able to sit up other than in the bouncer and great for tummy time.'

5/5  Stacey16 'Son isn't keen on it (5 months) hoping when he can sit he'll like it more. Nice bright colours tskes a while to inflate so use a pump.'

2/5  Mark 'Will be returning this product. Not very suitable for small babies.'

4/5  Shell 'Wasn't circular once blown up but still helps my 4 month old sit up and she enjoys playing with the features'

5/5  Pemaleso 'I have bought this for our 7 months baby. She loves being in there, as it gives her lots of support, and at the same time freedom. She is now starting to sit alone, and this is a very good help, as she gets stronger. It's good quality material, and the price amazing. Recommend it for sure!'

5/5  Danny 'Helps the development of my child and is easy to put together. Happy with it 100%'

5/5  Shannon 'Love this and very easy to put up my little girl loves to Sit in it and good for a bit of tummy time'

4/5  JayM 'It's very easy and safe to use, also easy to pack away!'

5/5  Mills 'My little boy is 6 months old and he loves this'

1/5  Lisa 'Apart from going flat overnight daughter loved it so returned and got the same thing but a little different and that one stayed inflated'

5/5  JuliaVors 'Bought this for our 6 month old niece. It's perfect for her to sit in as she can't balance herself yet and the animals have different textures for the baby to interact with.'

4/5  BFK22X 'This really surprised me as it looked like a toy buy onnce opened and put up its really huge.'

5/5  Sonni 'Quality product and would recomend to anyone. Really helps with learning to sit. Put some balls in and it's a little ball pool too.'

4/5  Vee 'Pros: colourful, you can deflate to store away Cons: my daughter seems to be uncomfortable leaning against the sharp top edges when fully inflated, the material is thin, bought a pump separately The playnest is not exactly what I expected, but it's not bad. We put blankets around to make it soft.'

4/5  Nettie1976 'Baby nest was great,colourful and my baby just needed that little bit of support when sitting annd this did the job.'

5/5  Hannah29 'My baby loves this, it helped him learn to sit up and also keeps his toys within reach. Excellent value for money as well.'

4/5  Breeze 'My 3 month old grandson is just getting used to this product with loads of smiles. Hopefully he'll get the full impact very soon.'

4/5  Lin 'Ideal for a young baby not old enough to sit up. Only scored average on some but only because baby's is too young to get full benefit from it yet but so far she loves it'

5/5  Tinamcc 'This was bought for my 2mnth old granddaughter so at the min shes just lying in it. but it seems to be well worth the money. it has lovely bright colours and toys around it which im sure my granddaughter will love when shes a bit older'

5/5  Magicalmum 'We bought the ring for my 5 month grandson who was sitting up but occasionally would fall to the side . He loves it and if he does fall it's deep sides protect his head It has some rattle and squeaky toys around the outside , It's lovely bright colours which baby's love would reccomend to anyone .'

5/5  Meg 'My 6 month old grandson loves sitting upright and playing with items attached to the ring. I also give him toys on his lap. Keeps him happily busy for ages. A refreshing change from when he gets bored lying on his playmat. Well thought out!'

5/5  Kelly 'Bought for my niece, she loves it, also helps with development, would definitely recommend'

5/5  Loppy 'My 5 and half month old son loves this. Along with my 2 year old daughter. She will happily sit in it and watch tele without budging for hours.'

5/5  Reilly 'Great for my 7 week old nephew lots so different sounds and feels .'

5/5  Cv2 'My baby loved it'

5/5  Mum 'Great space for babies to play and chill in!'

3/5  Lylexx 'Bought this to aid my son with Sitting up. There isn't much to play with on there, So he normally gets bored, and falls asleep in there!'

5/5  Gem 'Very happy dose what its made for'

5/5  Mum 'Lovely safe, entertaining place for him to play x'

5/5  Pauline 'Bought for my grandson for Christmas. He seems to be impressed as he had a big smile on his face when his Mummy sent me a pic.'

5/5  Annie 'Excellent product for my 3month old great nephew, safe and reliable. Cover comes off to wash, bonus! X'

5/5  Sheena 'Great for my youngest grandson only thing his older brother of two thinks it's his when his brother is not using it.'

5/5  Sarah 'Was really easy to put up love it and so does baby'

5/5  H 'This is fantastic for the bsby'

5/5  Salwa 'I love this playnest it's so helpful my 4month old baby enjoys it She can sit on it without me staying around her side.'

5/5  Ruth 'My great grandson loves being in his playnest so pleased we bought it for him'

5/5  Sophia 'Love this item it's excellent value and the product is well worth the money it entertainment value is second to none'

5/5  Daniel 33 'Let's ur lol one sit unattended letting u carry on with ur house work.'

5/5  Grannyg 'Brought this for my great nephew who was visiting from Netherlands. Kept him safe and entertained and was easily transportable'

5/5  Jordlaurie 'My daughter was able to sit up unaided after 3 days of using this. The features are great, it's easy to assemble & perfect to keep your little ones occupied for long periods of time. There's room where they sit so you can put their favourite toys in there too. 100% best thing I've bought my daughter.'

5/5  Tashybee1 'I purchased this for my 3 month old daughter as she likes to be propped up instead of laying flat, I was nervous at first that she would be too little but it stated from birth so I went for it. My little girl loves it, it supports her well and is good quality, I also like that it will be suitable for her for a good length of time unlike most child products. I would definitely recommend.'

5/5  Gal 'This was a great little addition to my babies seat array!! She really loves to sit in it as it is unrestricted no strapping her in etc. Only thing to point out is to make sure you put the inner tube into the cover prior to blowing up!! Or you will prob pass out if you have to blow it up twice! Like i did'

4/5  Lc 'It could do with a bit more for a baby to play with on top'

5/5  Irwin 'Bought the Chad valley play nest as my Grandaughter has outgrown her bouncy chair. Great buy'

5/5  Joyous 'Purchased for present for my grandson,once set up we put him in it ,he pulled a face then kicked his legs....huge smiles he loves it and his parents are over the moon to have something that keeps him so happy and occupied in great safety too...am a happy grandma'

5/5  Naomi 'This is great play nest to keep little one occupied however I wish I had of bought it sooner as little one is almost 8 months and is starting to climb out of it! I've only had it about 2 weeks!'

5/5  G 'Great for my daughter who is now sitting up! She can play safely and won't hit her head'

5/5  Dek 'Great play ring for babies, good quality, Helps to keep them occupied'

5/5  Aj 'Good item does what it meant to do my little boy like it'

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