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Chad Valley Baby Activity Saucer

About the Chad Valley Baby Activity Saucer

Give little ones a chance to begin their strolling experience with the Chad Valley Baby Activity Saucer. Engage the creative energy of your most cherished with brilliant hues and designs to invigorate their brains with mesmerizing lights, sounds and interactive play. Customizable leg stature means the walker can still be used even as your child develops.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 5277223
EAN/SKU: 5277223
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Chad Valley Baby Activity Saucer Reviews

5/5   'I bought this as a 1st birthday present for my friends baby and she absolutely loves it! The baby also loves it as she has gotten to a stage where all she wants to do is move and bounce! This gives the mum a perfect rest for a while as the baby has fun learning and moving! A great purchase!'

4/5  Rie84 'My daughter aged 7 months loves this, lots for her to do and a good price the only problem is the leg holes are quite small and it can be a struggle to get her in or out.. apart from that would recommend'

1/5  Donsaj 'This product is supposedly designed for 6 months onwards however the seat is extremely narrow for the legs of the baby, my son who is only average in height and weight at 6 months struggle to get him in and out due to the design fault of the seat.'

5/5  Christine 'My 4 month old loves her activity saucer. Easy to assemble, great price and loads of activities for stimulation and learning'

1/5  Sammypro 'Seat holes are far too small for babies legs. Could not get my 4 month old in and out without causing distress and discomfort. Great product except for this major major default with the seat leg holes.'

5/5  Tyler 'My 6 month old baby loves it, she likes how you can spin around, the amount of toys on it, it has 3 heights which is brilliant so will last a while. It is very easy to assemble and re assemble. Very good for price!'

5/5  Nattyw1985 'My 4 month old loves this. He has just started sitting up and it offers great support with fun activities. He really enjoys bashing the piano bit so the lights come on.'

5/5  Gnatalie 'Pros - a range of toys which also come off so he can play with them out of the centre. It doesn't take up too much space It looks comfortable Cons - the seat seems like it needs a lot of strength to turn it - my little one is yet to master it The toys seem far away from the seat so he can't really reach them - he might just have short arms though!'

5/5  Huzaifa 'My little enjoy it only issue with seat as its bit tight for chubby baby.otherthan that it's amazing..'

5/5  Nannypat1 'Bought for my granddaughter and she loves all the bright colours and different sounds'

4/5  Tantan 'Brightly coloured, good amount of things to keep the little one entertained. I would recommend this item especially from about 7 months old.'

4/5  Daisy00000000 'Good product Easy to put together , not great to store as quiet big Got it half price would not of paid full price for it'

4/5  Tee 'I left 4* cos it was a baby shower present so not sure really but seems good.'

4/5  Sofi 'Excellent purchase'

5/5  Flynnie 'He will sit and play in this for ages'

5/5  Robbo 'For the money a good deal'

5/5  Jemma 'I love this for my little girl she likes the lights and different toys to ply with. I like it's height adjustable. The one think I would have liked to see it the leg holes a little bigger as my baby girls legs are a little chunky when we get her out we struggle but other than that can't fault it ☺'

1/5  Sue 'Had to return this activity saucer as seat was so small for my 6 month old grandson., who is of normal weight and size for his age. maybe manufacturer needs to address this as I have noticed I'm not the only one to have this opinion. very disappointed'

5/5  MrLunt 'Very easy to put together, grandson loves it'

3/5  SLT 'Great toy and great price. As a family we have brought two of them and have to say they are fab however the leg holes are so small that our 7 month old average sized baby got stuck. We have now had to unpick both seats and restitch them. No ideal'

5/5  NannaD 'Bought this for my Granddaughter and she loves it, very bright and appealing to little ones, with plenty of different activities - great quality for price, easy to clean and it's height adjustable so she will get lots of use out of it'

1/5  VERONIKA 'One toy was missing and the holes for legs were too small for our 6 months old baby..and she is not fat..'

1/5  Mrs Williams 'This product looks good and brightly colours but my niece is only 4 months old but very progressed for her ages so i purchest this item she is not a chubby baby but when ypu put her in it after 10mins or so she would cry as the leg holes are too small i would say and not cumfy plastic so the item was returned.'

5/5  Gen 'My 6-month old daughter loves the product'

5/5  Ishola 'This product is very good for my baby's activities. He is always happy sitting in it and doing his things. I strongly recommend for others'

4/5  Tone 'Its well worth the money . Good for supporting there backs if they cant sit up properly , so they dont have to be lying down playing all the time . The bit baby goes in rotates so thats really handy . Its very easy to put together aswell .'

4/5  Micabe 'Keeps my boy busy and happy. It is fun.'

2/5  Laura 'Leg holes are very tight I had to cut them so that I could get my 5 months old my average size son could get in and out with ease.'

5/5  Dawnie 'My 9 month old loves this. Bought this when on offer. It's great value for money for what I paid. Even at full price it was a fraction cheaper than others I was looking at getting. Easy to put together took no longer than 5 minutes.'

5/5  Momma Abroad 'The activity center was easy to put together. It is lightweight and durable. We found it to be great value for the quality and number of activities on the saucer.'

5/5  Beth091328 'I purchased this for my baby who was prem but with a blanket rolled behind him he soon figured out how to use it. I got this one instead of another jumperoo as this takes up a little less space. Only difference is that this one doesn't bounce.'

5/5  Nat 'Fantastic colours and good quality. Only negative is the seat is tiny, was only able to use for a couple of weeks as my baby was so uncomfortable in the seat. And always got stuck when getting out.'

5/5  CJC 'Just what we needed now as my daughter is 6 months old and just getting into the playing stage..very happy with this item,well worth the money'

4/5  Mumma 'I love this toy and, more importantly, so does my son. He loves being able to stand up and move himself around and for me its great that he's in one place and I don't need to worry about him grabbing something he shouldn't! The only problem is that whilst he's not a tiny baby he's certainly not the biggest and it takes two of us to get him out as his bottom and thighs get wedged into the seat! The toy is well made, easy to clean and entertaining.'

5/5  Kay 'My baby loves her new activity gym it Is great fun and she can move around in it'

5/5  Gem 'My 6 month old was getting restless and bored of bouncy chair donuts and play mats this is a good alternative and strengthens his core. Would recommend'

1/5  Gabbyjoe 'The leg holes are so small my niece got stuck in it (she's 7 months) & had to get help to get her out.Shame as she loved being in it the one time she used it but now have seen other reviews saying the same :('

5/5  Keeks 'Really easy to assemble. Bright and colourful. My 5 month old loves it and enjoys being able to more around in the swivel seat. My toddler also enjoys helping his brother press all the buttons.'

5/5  Mo 'Baby loved it'

5/5  Elza 'It's such a good toy for my son I have recommended to my mates'

5/5  Bella 'Great item for your baby'

5/5  999fire 'Great job, safer than a walker, easy to build, solid build, lots of activities and bright colours. Children love it.'

4/5  Sarah_al 'Great addition for babies playtime and at sale price a bargain too. Leg holes come up small making getting baby out a little struggle. He is only 4 months old now and it Is quite tight. Other than that good value for money'

4/5  Natalie 'Really great fun for baby but hard to get her out, her bum gets stuck in chair and takes two of us to get her out. Apart from that's it's fab'

4/5  LJ 'Bought this when it was on sale great product for the price. Keeps my 7month old entertained while at his grandparents house. Though don't think I would pay full price for this as there are others out there that are worth paying a bit more for.'

3/5  Libby 'Perhaps I should have realised it did not bounce, I thought they all did, and my twin 8-month-old grandchildren were rather disappointed as were we. The leg holes are not big enough and it is difficult to get them out as they get stuck! We had Piles of newspaper on the base as even on its lowest setting their feet were not on the base. Other than that it is fine.'

5/5  KelleBelle 'It's just what our LO needed although he does get frustrated as he wants to put EVERYTHING in his mouth. So we have to clip teething things on it.'

5/5  Reks 'My granddaughter loves it Spend hours playing with it And the best thing I bought'

4/5  Em 'Valuable for its money. Lots of activities to keep my little one occupied. Fun. My daughter loves it.'

5/5  Rockcake 'Excellent product hours of fun would recommend'

2/5  Sam23 'We just bought it as a spare for grans house, wouldn't recommend for full time at parents house, the part of the seat that goes round the legs is very tight and it takes two people to get baby out, one person needs to hold her and the other remove her legs from the seat.'

4/5  Abi 'It was a lovely item my son loves it very much and can spend hours playing with it.. the downside is the leghole is quite small and my son is not that big,. but still a good buy gives me time to go to the loo peacefully.. :) and half price its not that bad.. :)'

5/5  Tan 'My grandson loves it'

4/5  Mummy23 'My little one loves this and her big sister loves playing with it too to show her what to do'

5/5  Shazza 'Very happy with all my products'

4/5  Ash 'Does what it needs to!'

5/5  Clairesouthend 'Easy to put together , my 8month old daughter was getting excited watching us put it all together. Once all up she absolutely loves it. Turns seat and plays with all toys . She loves the musical part. Less than half price too which is brilliant value. Highly recommend.'

5/5  Mama Bear 'My 5 month old loves it x'

4/5  Jackie 'Bought for our toddler group at church. Excellent for babies although some mums were a bit worried by the rocking floor.'

5/5  Cathy 'Great sit and play for babies.. Sturdy and supportive Great price too'

3/5  Mills 'Bought this for my 6 month old baby he loves it only thing I find wrong with it is seat holes for legs not much space not ideal for chubby babies part from that excellent easy to put up and loads of fun for little ones'

5/5  Stacey 'My baby girl is loving this. She spins around in the seat and plays with all sections.'

4/5  Mrs.J 'Right little product to keep my niece happy when she comes to our home'

5/5  Mummy Munt 'Got this for my daughter for Christmas. and she is now 5 and a half months and she loves it always smiling and she will happily sit in it for hours on end. Really happy with the product.'

4/5  Faz 'I needed an alternative to the baby walker because I have thick pile carpet and this was ideal'

5/5  Emza 'Baby is 5 months old she loves it.'

5/5  Hanns 'I received the item the same dayy i ordered it was so easy to assemble without even having to read the instructions however , the seat is actually tiny my daughter is 7 months old and she can just about fit inside the seat but taking her out the seat her feet get stuck luckily shes small and tiny but if your baby is big then i wouldnt really recommend buying this but overall it has lots of activities and the seat spins around so your baby can enjoy different activities and have fu. playing (:'

4/5  Emma 'Great item for money. Only issue is stitching coming lose under seat, my boy is heavy but expected it to be more durable than that. Otherwise great'

5/5  Rach 'My daughter loves it keeps her amused and interested lots of activities to do on it it's fab I would recommend it to anyone'

5/5  Babycakes04 'My 6 mth old love's it I will definitely be recommending it to my friends well worth the money'

3/5  Claire 'This activity centre is intended for babies 6 months however our 4 month old is so strong and likes to stand or sit with support so we have put him in the play centre for short spells of time. He loves it - however it isn't easy to get him out again unaided, as the seat seems quite snug around the tops of his thighs. He isn't a small baby but isn't significantly larger than average either - he wears size 3-6 month clothing.'

4/5  Donal 'This is excellent Value & a good product'

5/5  B 'My grandson loves this keeps him happy for hours'

5/5  Mo 'It was deceptively easy to put together and very sturdy'

5/5  Applechip 'My little boy loves this so much and it gives me chance to have my hands free for 10 mins.'

5/5  Danny 'These product is billinant and has really help my baby'

5/5  Kez 'Would recommend for children good Lear I got / sensory item . M'

5/5  Mands 'I have bought this for my grandaughter who will be 4 months at Xmas..the colours are lovely and bright. The noises will stimulate her beautifully and the toys around the "saucer tray " she will love...'

4/5  Olow 'This baby activity saucers is good according to it's make And durability but leg spaces are tight so it only fits tinny baby'

4/5  Melissa2911 'Brightly coloured son enjoys playing with the toys. Easy to put together.'

5/5  Mumma 'My little lady is 6 months and absolutely loves it. We have now recently bought one for each grans house so she has 3 in total. Could not recommend it anymore such a good buy.'

5/5  Shanann 'My little one loves it keeps himnhappynfor hours'

5/5  Jo1970 'Firstly, everything is well packaged and is so easy to put together. The seat is padded and really comfortable. The base is sturdy and everything feels secure and safe. The seat turns freely and allows the baby to turn around and choose which activity they want. It is bright and colourful, plenty to keep the baby occupied, but most importantly safe.'

5/5  Boz 'Gave the Baby Activity Saucer to my 6 month old niece she absolutely loves this. With bright colours and patterns and the lights and sounds she really was in a world of her own. Adjustable leg height lets the saucer grow as your little does. As the weather was really warm we but cool water in the tray , she loved splashing around. Great for keeping them entertained for hours on end'

5/5  Happy Tel. 'My grandson absolutely loves this activity centre. Great he can turn around in it as seat is on runner . All things to keep toddler happy . Great stuff.'

4/5  Damo 'Can see how it teaches baby to walk but he seems to like it didn't take him long to figure out it moves and seems to enjoy it but he hates the fact he can't get out of it and much prefured pulling himself up on it tobolaybwoth the toys. Seems well made and the adjustable leg height is good'

5/5  Zoe 'My little boys loves this so much he is so content playing in his at home. It's keeps him occupied whilst I do the house work and Cook dinner :)'

5/5  Angela 'I bought this as a gift for my niece she thinks its wonderful and spends ages playing in it'

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