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Baby by Chad Valley Rainbow Walker

About the Baby by Chad Valley Rainbow Walker

Prepare for your kid's initial moves towards strolling unassisted. They will be intrigued by the range of toys appended to the front and also the beautiful look and feel of the seat; so comfortable!

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 4591467
EAN/SKU: 4591467
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Baby by Chad Valley Rainbow Walker Reviews

5/5   'Fab would recommend to others does the job for price'

5/5  Bim 'Great beautiful toys add easy to move'

5/5  Me 'Very pleased grandaughter loves it.'

5/5  Gemma 'My son loves it so much'

5/5  Shopper 102 'Does the job and has lasted the test of time. I would recommend this item as it's simple and cost effective.'

5/5  Steve 'Excellent walker highly recommend'

5/5  Nikki 'Havnt used it but friend has the same one and my we man loves it! Can't wait to get it set up for my we mab'

5/5  Jk 'Very happy with product , easy to assemble and sturdy.'

5/5  WakefieldJ 'I'm looking forward to my little boy playing with this on Christmas day'

5/5  Missy_L 'My 7 month old loves this walker'

4/5  Lauren 'My little boy loves his walker mainly to chase the dogs lol, the only down side is I have had to take of the little book as he kept on banging his elbow of it'

4/5  Trevor 'Basic model but good value and does what it says on the box. No issues with click and collect all went smoothly.'

4/5  Liz 'Bought this for my GRANSON he will have lots of fun using this Walker, great colour'

1/5  White 'Would never buyou aging from argos as brought baby walker and all colour has come the same day as baby went in walker and not happy waste of money'

5/5  Nat 'The product was good'

4/5  Pezza84 'Good, sturdy baby walker. It's not the best walker available; however, it's perfect for the amount of time my son spends in it and he enjoys it very much! I would recommend to anyone who wants a low cost walker.'

1/5  Q76 'Bad and very slow wheels'

1/5  Sev 'Seat area so bad'

4/5  Jordlaurie 'My daughter loves this. She spends 20 minutes a day in it to help her legs become stronger. The toys are great sensory toys and you can put a favourite toys on the tray too. Easy to assemble however I did have a problem with changing the height. The plastic switch underneath is a bit stiff so needs a good tug. Overall very happy!'

3/5  DaVampy 'Given the price of this, it is as expected - average. This is very easy to assemble. Not very impressed with the wheels as the front 2 don't swivel easily and sometimes locked at an angle. Then the walker would not go in the intended direction. The rear wheels do not swivel, therefore it's not fully manoeuvrable.'

5/5  R.G 'Purchased this for my nephew. Was very good value. Quite basic design but does the job. 6 month old loves it, toys on tray are very entertaining for him.'

2/5  Daniel 'I didn't think the quality was the best'

5/5  Billy 'Everything as advertised, good quality'

5/5  Steph 'Very happy with this product, it was easy to assemble and was a great size - big enough for my daughter to fit in, but compact enough that she had plenty of room to move around the room in the walker. We did purchase another walker previously but found it to be very bulky, this one is a great size. It also folds away to allow for easy storage. It doesn't have lots of toys/lights etc but it certainly keeps my daughter happy enough.'

4/5  Charz 'My lil one loves this walker. Keeps her entertained when im busy.'

4/5  Upps 'Bought this for my seven month year old. She loved the colours and the small toys on the tray. It is easy to set up and folds well. It works well on carpet and hard floor. Would recommend it as it is good value for money and my baby seemed pleased.'

5/5  Hayley 'My little one loves this walker and is kept entertained with the toys that are on the tray, it's 3 height adjustable so will grow with my child. And it was super easy to put together. Happy boy happy Mummy.'

4/5  Tommo 'All bits included, hours of fun for children finding there legs! Recommend to buy for hours of enjoyment by both the parent(s) and Child (ren)'

5/5  Vectragsi87 'Once u get the thing together which is not easy! My baby loves it would definitely recommend. It's a great price too!'

4/5  Abs 'My little boy loved this and is a great product but he gets bored quite quickly in it and found it to be a bit small but overall its good and nice price.'

4/5  ALaw 'This walker is great. Lightweight, easy for little ones to use, move and get the hang of. The toys are an additional bonus plus you can add things to the tray. My one slight down side is that the edge of the red bottom bumper does hurt when it's walked into the back of your heels - just working on stopping before we hit Mummy...'

5/5  Welshgirl 'Great price, easy to use, would recommend to other parents.. exellent quality..'

5/5  Miki 'This walker has to be my favourite I would recommend it aswell most walkers can not be able to work on carpet but this one was perfectly working.If u have a baby who might cry and wants fun I will personally get it try it today'

5/5  Danielle 'Lovely walker my son loves it and has a little space to add his own toys aswel'

5/5  Cooking Mad 'Very satisfactory, just right size for my grandaughter. Fantastic'

4/5  Annie 'The toys on the tray at sides are a little far back could have done with being a little further forward'

5/5  Chull 'Bought as a gift! new dad loved getting it out of box placing toys in place was easy but found adjusting the height to the 3 levels fiddly but once you had it clicked in place secure enough! Mum loved that everything was cleanable toys removable and seat can go straight in the wash! fab just what's needed for a wee one who is on the move!'

5/5  AGATHE 'Well done good job'

4/5  Shaz 'It was easy to put 2gether but a bit basic for play toys'

4/5  Jp 'Good value walker few toys on it keeps baby busy.'

2/5  Eiman 'The child cant move easily, its hard'

5/5  Den 'Very sturdy , comfy seat value for money great item'

5/5  Dinesh 'Bought it for my 6 months old daughter ... Easy to assemble ... Lightweight ... Loved it!!!'

4/5  Kb 'Great product . Lots of fun had'

5/5  Sam 'My child loves this walker (hasn't got the concept to walk forwards yet) but it's fun and affordable. Good price for a good quality product. The walker is also safe to put your child in without worrying. I would recommend this to anyone .'

5/5  VJ 'Nice product'

5/5  Gem 'I am so happy with the baby walker, it is very good value for money, eye catching design and easy to assemble, hats wearing and easy to clean, fantastic design'

3/5  Jo 'Yes the walker is ok but the seat part is a bit small and not much room in it as you would see when u buy it ...also the toys on the walker is ok too ...but overall you buy cheap you get cheap'

5/5  Ali 'Lovely walker with bright toys and seat. Variable height is great as my granddaughter has little legs and we have struggled to find one to fit her size. This one fits a treat. Thank you'

5/5  Graham 'Good value walker, does what its supposed to do'

5/5  Paulus1958 'Great product keeps my grandson mobile and i dont have to chase him around'

4/5  Ash 'My baby is 7 months old and he loves to play in this walker. I am happy with the purchase. Highly recommend this produt.'

3/5  West Way 'I brought this and assembly was a bit tricky but once up my daughter was trying to play with the toys, they were catching her attention and possibly would have kept her entertained however the seat is designed to lean forward and my daughter has a big bottom so she never sat back comfortably in the walker so retuned for a refund'

4/5  Teeeee 'Great buy, keeps grandson amused , nice to raise the height,loves the toys. but would like all wheels to swivel not just the front ones.'

5/5  Ciaran 'Nice little walker'

4/5  Debs 'I bought 2 of these babywalkers (twin grandchildren), they are good value for the money I paid for them. Took a while to put them together but overall a good product......my 8 month twin grandchildren love them !'

4/5  Sunny 'Overall walker looks great, good build quality & material however, seat is poorly designed hole for legs are too small and narrow and fabric cuts into legs, not comfortable for baby. If your baby is light weight then this product may work fine for you. Wheels are only designed to work on hard surfaces do not roll on carpet easily.'

4/5  Claire74 'Works as it should.'

4/5  Stringer 'Baby Isobel loves the fact she can know get around the house a bit quicker'

5/5  Debs 'Could have had a deeper seat but he still loves being in it'

5/5  Uyi614 'Very good. It practical. For the price is good'

2/5  Mr T 'Bought this for my 11 month old son and was not overly impressed. He is not a massive baby but the leg holes were quite small and also very stiff, Did not look like it would be very comfortable. The attached toys were ok and the construction simple enough. Service from Argos Penzance staff who refunded the item was great'

5/5  Gburns 'This is very good value for money. Colour is fab and lots of toys to keep little ones entertained. There are 3 heights which is great as they get older and more adventurous'

5/5  Maria27 'Happy with my purchase Thanks'

4/5  Angeljellymew 'This baby seat looks great and is handy for when I'm busy in the kitchen! My 7 month old likes being in this and it was a great price.'

4/5  Mackemmoses 'The only change I would recommend for this product, is to have bigger wheels.(For use on carpeted floors'

1/5  Ogasco 'Not working properly'

2/5  Taylor 'My little girl is only 8 months and loves to be on her feet so decided to get this but found the toys were always in her way so took them off. The material she sat on was very wide and pinched her legs so she cried everytime! And the heigh was on the highest setting and when she pushed feet down and stood up it was very low support and would have easily come out if she was left to it! So I wouldn't recommend especially if you have a tall baby!'

4/5  Michelle 'Happy with this walker. Does the job & sturdy'

4/5  Tina 'Nice looking walker but I think the side toys are set a little to far back. Means baby has twist to play with them... also the front toy should be removable so you can put a bowl with finger food on the tray. It gets in the way slightly.. and I'd prefer the back wheels to be swivel wheels not just forward and back.. all in all an okay walker..'

5/5  Vicky 'Godson enjoys it'

4/5  Ruthie 'Bought this for my granddaughter, she's now excellent at reversing - just need her to go forward but an excellent buy'

5/5  Danni 'My daughter really enjoys this walker lots to do on it for a 6 month old id decently recommend this baby walker.'

5/5  Yaz 'Really easy for her to move she go very fast . It is small and compact just the right size'

2/5  ClaireBear 'Nice colours. Not very easy for my 11 month old to actually move in it. Hopeless on carpet - even with stoppers removed.'

4/5  Paul 'Kids love the new walker 5 min to assemble if that 33 adustable points wheels just push in 2 back ones screw in very stable kids love it'

4/5  Skp1990 'I bought this so my little boy wasn't so frustrated with not moving. It's fairly portable and folds away to be quite narrow, which was important as I wanted to store it whilst staying away at others houses. Easy to assemble, fairly easy to put away, but could do with a clip of some description so keep it from opening once collapsed if you move it. However I wouldn't have paid the full £50 for it. It's nothing special, fairly basic (no noises/lights) but perfect for what we wanted'

5/5  Iva 'My son loves it, will last for a while cos height can be adjusted..'

5/5  Speedy 'Very good baby walker, fun, easy to assemble and put away.'

5/5  Looneynana 'The walker was well made, has 3 activity toys fixed to the tray, would definiately recommend this.'

3/5  Sbaines 'It looked a real bargain when we got it for half price but actually I feel for the price we paid there are better options with more activities on them to keep your child more engaged.'

5/5  Kath 'This product is brilliant and baby loves it. It is of a good quality , lovely colours , easy to assemble and a good price. I would definetly recoomend it to my friends.'

5/5  Trev 'Very good for the price, would recommend, easy to assemble'

5/5  Eilidher 'This is a good value product. Does exactly what it says on the tin! Would definately recommend this walker'

5/5  Jord16 'I thought the baby walker was easy to put up, good for the money, my son enjoyed playing in it at his nans, I'd recommend it to friends'

5/5  Dawny1 'Bought for my 9 month old Granddaughters. Was easy to assemble and has height adjuster so its easier for your child to get around. glides easily on laminate and tiled flooring but is a little tougher for little legs to glide as well on carpeted flooring as the back castors aren't as mobile as the front ones. The granddaughters love the little activity toys on the tray.'

5/5  Bobby64 'When we got it home and put it together, it was great for the baby she loved being in it, and it was very colourful'

5/5  Natalie 'The toys on the side get in her way atm so we have taken them off but she loves the one at the front and it's good for carpets as well as flooring. Great buy. My daughter loves it.'

5/5  Josh 'Fantastic for the price'

5/5  Lisa N 'Got this for my 8 month old very easy to manover round and slim so brilliant for small living rooms and compact for storage'

4/5  Shazzy 'Does what it's supposed to do toys are an added bonus'

2/5  Nikki 'I wouldnt of brought it at full price. The seat isn't very deep at all and so its almost like a balancing act and my lb doesnt look comfortable at all in it and hates it.'

5/5  Grace23 'My little boy loves this walk most just have a car design for boys so I got this one as has the toys for him to play with not just a steering wheel collapses really easy for sorting it away when not in use ️xxx'

4/5  Mona 'I luv this product my son is 7 month old and he love it fast shipping thanku'

4/5  Aizah 'Decent baby walker,easy to fix together, good value for money'

4/5  Nita 'The Walker was well made and was very sturdy . Unfortunately it didn't have the capacity to be able to lower the seat for babies with short legs and was more of a dark pink than the red colour which it looks like'

5/5  Lenshady 'An excellent walker at an excellent price'

5/5  JUE LFC 'Bought this to keep at our house for our great nephew. Great value for money he loves it. Conveniently folds down and easy to store.'


4/5  Lj1001 'The walker was good value for money. Easy to assemble and appears to be good quality.Our son loves playing with the toys and gives him a chance to walk around, to start with he thought it was a bouncer and jumped around!'

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