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chad valley baby to love drink and wet doll

About the Chad Valley Baby to Love Drink and Wet Doll

This Chad Valley Baby to Love Drink and Wet Doll is ideal for imaginative roleplay and a fun way for little ones to come to grips with potty training. Your most cherished can feed her with her milk bottle -ensuring she's wearing her bib of course! - and then place doll on the potty when she's finished.

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Chad Valley Baby to Love Drink and Wet Doll Reviews

4/5   'My daughter loves this doll, good for the price.'

5/5  Char 'Great item. Purchased for a pass the parcel prize. Child was thrilled to receive it.'

5/5  Rachel 'My niece loved this doll, good size for a toddler.'

5/5  Amum 'Lovely little baby for the price.'

5/5  Vicmoo 'My little girl loves this doll and giving her the bottle. Its a perfect size and was such a good price.'

5/5  Debsargos 'It was a birthday gift, however, the person is on holiday so not sure whether it has been used yet, however, we have one and use it all the time it is great.'

5/5  Abby 'My 1 and a half year old daughter loved it, she likes to feed her baby and go potty :)'

5/5  Sammy 'My daughter loves this doll and it's worth the money...'

5/5  Sevo46 'Its a birthday gift to my cousins daughter who is turning 5. Defo going to love this.'

5/5  Chio 'My 2 and a half year old loves it, it's the right size and not to heavy to carry around, She is ready to potty train so nice she pretends with the toy. Good price and it was Christmas present. Worth the price..'

5/5  Julia350 'Purchased accessories also which has provided hours of fun and imaginative play'

4/5  Les 'Good value for the money as it came with extra things with it'

5/5  Ebony 'I recieved this for my daughter for Christmas and I was amazed at the quality for the price of it and my daughter absolutely loved it'

5/5  Car 'My little 2yo niece loves it! It's just the right size for here and compact. It can stay in a seated position. Good quality and for the price.'

2/5  Ali 'Bought this as a Christmas present for my niece who asked Father Christmas for a baby doll that pees! You would think not difficult but think again. Finally found this and was really happy until my niece opened it on Christmas Day to find the bottle doesn’t easily fit into the dolls mouth and the doll does not pee easily. Disappointed niece so failed present from Father Christmas!!'

1/5  Lin 'Doll looked cheap and did not have a dummy as the picture shows.'

5/5  Nan 'My grandaughter loved this, perfect size for a 2 year old, won't put it down'

5/5  Chrissy 'A great priced dolly, you get what you pay for, the recipient was very pleased with her dolly'

5/5  Jo 'Great value for money.'

4/5  Gemma 'Ok doll cheaply made When I pushed its belly in to make it wee it didnt pop back out Also would've been great if it came with nappies'

5/5  SQ 'Granddaughter loves her new doll. Loves to feed her and then sit her on her potty and giving her lots of cuddles.'

5/5  DAC 'Lovely present for a girly girl'

5/5  Robynp86 'Nice little doll for starters'

5/5  Penny 'The doll set was worth every penny good quality'

5/5  Bisto 'Love shopping from argos always shopping from there as it's good to buy things for everyone'

5/5  Melissa 'My daughter will love it'

5/5  Gunny 'Can't wait till my daughter see this on Christmas day'

3/5  Brummy 'The accessories are a bit less for 10 pounds'

5/5  Bridgend 'Excellent role play toy'

5/5  Emma 'My daughter loves this baby doll .. it's really good for the price'

5/5  Jonathan 'Nice item. Had to give it as present'

3/5  Durrant88 'Thought it would be a bit bigger also it’s cheap plastic bodied. Would of thought it was soft bodied. Purchased as a Christmas present but won’t be using.'

5/5  Supernan 'Lovely baby doll with her very own potty and bottle. My grandaughters love her. Great value for money,'

5/5  Princessb3 'My granddaughter is quite small so some dolls are quite heavy and big for her. But the description for this doll was perfect.'

5/5  Kira 'Bought this as a present for my little girl, she loves it. It is great for their imaginary play. She is very maternal when it comes to looking after the baby'

5/5  Jassy 'Doll is much smaller than expected and is pretty basic but I wanted it as a potty training tool and it’s good enough for that but not as a main doll for playing with, I think it’s definitely worth paying more for a better version.'

5/5  Tas 'This is a great first baby doll for a 2 or 3 year old. You can buy more accessories and a cheap price from argos.'

3/5  Mummy5 'Nice little doll and my niece liked the fact it had a potty'

5/5  Slighty 'Bought for my neice who loves dollies this was a great addition to the collection'

5/5  BernieVee 'I bought this for our granddaughter. She loves it.'

4/5  StickToTheFacts 'My purchase was necessitated due to the fitting at the end of the (identical) doll's leg breaking off when I removed it to empty out some water. 'Marjorie' had to be sent to the 'doll hospital' while I scoured various shops looking for a replacement. Other than the above weakness, these dolls seem OK, and are not very expensive. Be warned that little children become very attached to these dolls, so buy two of them, put one away and avoid a mini-tragedy when the other gets damaged or lost.'

5/5  MozziMummy 'This doll is perfect for my 9 year old, she is currently being assessed for ADHD and autism, so is very particular about dolls, likes to constantly change them and treat them like real babies. The hard body allows her to take it into the bath and is wipeable if taken into the garden. Comes with a few nice accessories like potty, bib and bottle so she can feed and change her. For the price, there’s lots of play to be had :)'

4/5  Minto 'My niece saw this on Argos site and really liked it. I bought her the doll and she was very happy with it. It's very well made and good cost.'

5/5  Del 'Very practical my daughter loves playing with this and copying her mummy with her baby brother.'

5/5  Ml 'Great price point for kids toys, ok for indoors and outdoors play.'

4/5  Shar 'She loves it playing all the time and sleeps next to her in her cot'

4/5  Nicola01 'Really nice present for my little girl, she really loves baby’s'

5/5  Sam 'My little girl loves feeding the baby it’s great for her'

5/5  Motherof2 'Niece has great fun looking after her new doll. Accessories are great.'

5/5  Dpets 'Stunning baby blues. Entry and exit points for liquids. 360° head rotation.'

5/5  Sue 'Goo£ little doll to leave at nanny’s house'

5/5  Marcus 'My daughter loves it'

5/5  MommyCook 'Baby doesn't sit on the potty as advertised, was intended as a potty training aid. Also smaller than would have expected.'

4/5  Chez 'The doll looks good at first sight but it really isn’t the sold head is good quality but the body is hard, thin and sharp and when you feed the baby it wets immediately so you have to have it naked and on the potty'

2/5  Grandpa 'Supposed to drink from a bottle then wee into a potty. The bottle lid doesn't seal so bottle leaks . The bottle is very difficult to get into the dolls mouth (Impossible for a young child) Almost no water goes into the doll. Tthe doll is supplied in a one piece outfit which has to be fully removed before trying to get the doll to wee. The doll is cheap but I expected better from a product stocked by Argos.'

1/5  Lk 'Bought because it has a dummy on the picture with it. It doesnt come with one. Daughter seems happy enough, but it is falsely advertised'

1/5  Dawson63075 'Great little doll, my 22 month old daughter loves it'

1/5  JUK 'My 3 years old loves it for her role play. It would be a good toy for potty training.'

5/5  Isla 'This is really cheap for what it includes, my daughter is going to love it'

4/5  Meg 'The dolls was well worth the money Grandkids loved playing with them .'

5/5  Cj87 'Good little doll. Isn't as easy as you would think. Hard to get the bottle in the mouth :-/ and as soon as you sit the doll up it drips the water out.'

5/5  Tinkabella 'This doll is Absolutely brilliant way of learning and caring, she likes to fed the doll & takes it everywhere with a smile on her face !'

4/5  Annie 'The plastic on the legs was not finished off well so it is a little scratchy but my daughter loved it as it could bath with her and get wet. The drink/ wet function not very efficient.'

5/5  Andy 'Daughter loved it played with for hours'

3/5  Jodz 'Brillant for the price'

5/5  Mick 'Would recommend it to all my friends'

5/5  Shelly 'Not worth getting spills water all over the face and don't even collects enough water for it to wet the potty !'

5/5  SANA 'For my 1 yr old. Cutie. Good doll'

1/5  Beck 'Great xmas present xxx'

5/5  KIN 'A nice handy baby doll, by which a little child can demonstrate her/his love to copy their parents by feeding the baby doll and talking to it. I believe it also can help the child to understand how to be gentle with babies.'

5/5  Mia 'My daughter liked this doll I think this the potty was to small'

5/5  Solvita 'It's a lovely little baby doll for my daughter to play'

3/5  Tanya 'Nice dolly, I bought it to encourage the Potty training with my toddler. They sit next to each other on their potties :) One negative aspect - the suit doll is wearing is a bit tricky to remove, and that's what you'd need to do every time doll needs to use her Potty, dress would be much more convenient.'

4/5  Flic 'Lovely item, so good for the money Would recommend'

4/5  Caroline 'Bought this doll for my 2 year old niece who loves dolls at the moment. Smaller than excepted but a good price. She loves it.'

5/5  Katiek 'It’s good value for money, my daughter loves playing with it and putting the baby on the potty. It’s nice that it comes with a few bits as well'

4/5  Shelley 'Perfect for tiny hands to learn new things'

5/5  LJS 'Bought 2 on the offer and the kids loved them'

5/5  Robo 'Can't really comment on her drinking and wetting till after Christmas, but she's a cute little doll to look at .'

5/5  Linny 'Very good value for money and sturdy would highly reccomend'

4/5  Gina 'My daughter takes it everywhere with her and don't let anyone touch it'

5/5  Michelle 'Purchased this to help my very reluctant three year old use the potty. Helped massively.'

5/5  Matey 'Not great, very brittle plastic. Leg piece sheared off and was nearly swallowed by my little boy!'

3/5  Shell 'Great price lots of fun and the doll is the perfect size for my toddlers.'

1/5  Tanvi 'My doll loves this doll'

5/5  Karina 'Bought to my twin daughters and they loved it!'

5/5  Kezzak 'My granddaughter love it goid price'

5/5  Harries 'My daughter loves her doll, she is learning how to feed and dress a baby with it and it's amazing to see!'

4/5  Mandy 'It's quiet handy for little hand. The size is just okay. It has removable hands and legs, so when they fall off they can be fixed back.'

5/5  Claire 'My grand daughter loved it and she takes it to bed'

4/5  Luke 'Nice doll, we bought her a loveabella doll for Christmas but she wanted something light and basic.'

5/5  Kittie 'Get what you pay for with this. Ended up putting doll in bit as it broke within first day'

5/5  Daniel 'Value for money and the kids love it'

2/5  Katie 'Great for interaction & brilliant for potty training, for my child to copy'

5/5  Reggaelady 'This item is steady and looks beautiful.'

4/5  Ki 'Don't bother waste of money As as you put bottle with water in dolls mouth it comes straight out n you get wet. Not what I wanted gone right in bin'

5/5  Leanne 'Small but great for little ones.'

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