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Chad Valley Babies to Love Lily Interactive Doll

About the Chad Valley Babies to Love Lily Interactive Doll

The Chad Valley Babies to Love Lily Interactive Doll supports sustaining make-believe play through 10 distinctive intelligent elements. She arrives in a vibrant pink all in one with a cap to keep her comfortable and a bottle for nourishing. Among other cool features, your little one can hold her hands to make her jibber jabber or tickle her feet to hear her cute snigger. This type of interaction with your most cherished makes pretend fun that much more real. In the event that she's soothed to rest, she'll begin to nap and making a delicate snoozing sound. Make her chuckle by touching her cheeks or hear her appreciate a drink by when bottle feeding. When she's done, caress her back and you'll hear her delicate little burp.

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Chad Valley Babies to Love Lily Interactive Doll Reviews

5/5   'Great doll for the price. Bought early for Christmas.'

5/5  Stacey 'Well worth the money'

4/5  Tonibaby 'Great doll brought my niece for her first birthday she loved it dressed it in some of little girls prem clothes and she loved it'

4/5  Gemru 'My daughter loves it and treats it like a little baby. It does the job and isn't bad quality for the price paid however the sounds are a little off. The sleeping sounds like Darth Vader and is very loud. Not good when daughter insists on taking it to bed. Also a couple of the sounds sound a little rude to me'

5/5  Kat 'My God daughter loves this doll its one of her favourite toys she carries everywhere with her and even falls asleep with her id reccomend as the doll is fantastic x'

1/5  Ringo 'Got this for my Granddaughter .So she could interact and play .Her mum thought it would be good for her as she is expecting another baby so when she see’s her Mummy feeding /washing etc her sibling she too could join in with her baby . She absolutely loves this doll Very well made lovely clothes and feeding bottle highly recommended.'

5/5  Grandmother 'This pretty little baby doll was bought for my 2 year old Granddaughter. She fits perfectly in the umbrella style pushchair as she is very light. Perfect size to carry around. She came with batteries which meant we could use her immediately. Her sound is fairly realistic and most importantly not too loud or tinny. I am very pleased with the purchase and feel the doll is value for money although we have only had it 2 weeks. It seems sturdy enough.'

5/5  Dan 'Good reasonable you,...........'

4/5  Danielle 'Daughter loves this doll. Nice size for a 2 year old and very interactive.'

5/5  Toys 'My little girl absolutely loves it'

5/5  Lollpops 'Lovely interacive doll she calls mamma snores and giggles away lovely and highly recommended bought for my granddaughter and she is two'

5/5  Jilly 'I bought both my Gradaughters this doll on their 5th birthdays and they both loved it. It's got a lovely face with eyes that close, it giggles when tickling it's feet and face, makes baby noises when sqeezing its hands, says Mama and sucks it's dummy. It also goes to sleep when laid down and breathes heavily which does sound a bit scary. It's well worth the money though and I would recommend to anyone.'

5/5  Jade 'It was a cheaper version of something we’d bought In the past and it’s just as good, if not even better. A little smaller than your usual doll also which is nice and manageable for little hands. Very impressed'

5/5  Mummybee 'Fantastic baby doll and really good value for money, my little girls loves her Lily doll.'

5/5  Mrsdoubtfire 'A little difficult to press on the foot for the doll to laugh, but she will be able to do it once a little older. Fun to play with though.'

5/5  Redcrossstreet 'I bought this for my one year old granddaughter, but her big brother plays with it as well. Both happy.'

5/5  Shakey 'My grand daughter loves it she wont put it down'

5/5  Shahida 'Faulty toy and was not working'

1/5  Granny1959 'Lovely doll. Can be noisey but my grandaughter 3 years old loves her baby.'

5/5  Sara 'I bought this for my daughter who likes panting with it. The sounds could be a bit clearer as sometimes the sounds are a bit muffled and hard to hear what the doll is doing. Also dummy and bottle are hard to put in babies mouth you have to really push it in so my daughter can’t do that on her own yet.'

4/5  Roey40 'Nice doll but the sounds that it makes are a bit like Darth Vader.'

3/5  Andy 'My granddaughter absolutely loves her doll she is playing with it every day it's hard wearingenjoyable and is easy to use accessories for a baby with small hands we are completely satisfied with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone'

4/5  JS1980 'Worth the money and my daughter (21 months old) loves playing with it. Plenty of interactivity. Only complaint is that it’s quite loud and there is no volume control!'

3/5  Puffin 'Granddaughter loved it'

5/5  Kazkat1971 'I bought Lily doll for my grand daughter Lily. the range of sounds is great. press tummy, hands. Lily says 'mama', laughs, cries. however,the noise she makes when the dummy is in her mouth, is awful, loud. it sounds like a ticking bomb...... the loud snoring noise sounds like gale force wind. I would rather have paid £50 for baby Annabelle. a lovely looking doll though, and Lily loves her.'

4/5  WelshRoseGold 'I’ve not opened the packaging as yet as it’s a gift to my daughter for Easter. The doll appears to look really nice. I’ve managed to use some of the interactive features and they appear to be good.'

5/5  Mario 'Keeps my daughter busy.'

5/5  Garry 'She loves tickling the feet'

5/5  Sue 'Can't wait for my niece to open her present tested it before I wrapped it really good quality'

5/5  Sam 'I would recommend this baby sounds .my daughter loves it amd good for her imagination too'

5/5  Joyce 'Great value for the money. Makes life like sounds, and is a quality toy. Thank you. Beautiful baby face too.'

5/5  Irobbot 'It is a very good toy. My baby is very happy about her toy.'

5/5  Amanda 'Great little doll my granddaughter looked the fact you tickle the feet and she giggles.'

5/5  Andrea 'My daughter loves this doll. She now takes it every we're best money iv ever spent on a doll'

5/5  Stephen 'This was a Great first doll for my twin nieaces I got them on each and at £20 each you can't complain'


5/5  SueF 'Great toy. Good for two year old'

5/5  Lawrence 'My little granddaughter loved it. Take everywhere with her.'

5/5  Tom 'Grand child loves it'

5/5  Sian 'Bought for 2 year old daughter, thoroughly engaged by all the sounds it makes. Would recommend'

4/5  David 'The doll did everything it says in the description and our niece absolutely loved it'

5/5  Charliesnan 'Bought for 14 month granddaughter she loves it , it makes lot of baby noises,its giggle is infectious .Lovely soft body which she can hold easily,and a cute face .'

5/5  NanaKathy 'Good value for the price, right size for a 2-3 year with realistic features'

4/5  Chesca 'My granddaughter loved this doll. She's very cuddly and her sighs and giggles are lovely. Her snoring is a bit like a plane taking off but that didn't put us off. Great value'

5/5  Soph 'My niece adores this so much she plays with it day and night, she laughs with t and takes it out with her !!'

5/5  ChPhEm13 'Playful not to heavy of hard for toddler to carry'

5/5  AAA 'This was bought for my daughter for xmas, she absolutely loved it, definitely would recommend! Argos has never disappointed us!'

5/5  Michele 'A lovely doll, with noises, giggles cries, slurps etc. Bought as Christmas present for my 21month old granddaughter, it was a big hit. She loved it and I loved watching her play with it. It is soft bodied and it's eyes shut when laid down. Comes with a bottle and dummy. Great for caring skills. 4 year old grandson also enjoyed playing with it when he could get a look in!!! Definitely recommend it.'

5/5  Mark 'When my friend’s 2 1/2 year old daughter received this she loved it immediately and has not let go of it since. Very good value and good quality. I would highly recommend 10/10.'

5/5  Retiredlady 'My three year old great granddaughter loved this doll on sight and played with her all afternoon, and was still playing with her when we left. Can't recommend highly enough.'

5/5  Viera 'Maximum satisfaction. My daughter is glad to have a baby doll. Fast delivery. Pleasant behavior, willingness'

5/5  Kitkat 'Lovely doll. Interactive fun and lots of accessories to buy.'

5/5  Brian 'Really pretty little baby with crying as well. Good price too.'

5/5  JWR 'Lovely looking doll for my 3 year old, nice face, soft body & good size. Hugely let down by the sounds - face stroking giggle didn’t work so exchanged for new doll, it worked sporadically and only when touched in a very specific place on neck! she makes the sleeping sound over and over when held upright, dummy doesn’t fit properly in mouth and the dummy/bottle sounds don’t work consistently either. Daughter got annoyed and asked us to 'turn her off’ within 10 minutes of opening box!'

5/5  Jayne 'Bought this as a Christmas present for my little girl so not out the box yet. But I love this doll, it looks and sounds great.'

3/5  Lien 'Nice soft first doll, bought for a 2 year old. The doll makes sounds but some are not really realistic. (I'd hope a baby would never make that kind of snoring sound)'

5/5  Grandma 'My Granddaughter had this for her birthday. When she opened the parcel the doll giggled. Both my Granddaughter and her Mum were enchanted.'

5/5  Jackie 'Lovely doll for my granddaughters first Christmas'

5/5  Mo 'Tried sounds very realistic made me laugh child will love it'

4/5  Granwendy 'They love to roll play so will get lots of fun out of these lovely fills'

4/5  Maria 'My 5 yr old granddaughter loves this doll, brought this item with the pram . Good quality would recommend'

5/5  Sue1 'This was bought for a birthday present, do i don’t really know exactly what it is like. When I was trying it out, it was really cute. It wouldn’t shut up! I think it was and will be a good buy for any little child.'

4/5  Granny 'Our 4 year old loves this doll, it's her second one as the first one is far too mucky to take out lol'

5/5  Morgan88 'This doll is very good value for money'

4/5  Annie 'Safe & baby like. Price was great value for money.'

5/5  Sophie63 'Bought this for my three year old granddaughter for her birthday, to say she absolutely loves it would be an understatement. So far it is the only baby doll she will play with when she comes for a visit,. The only thing I would say negatively is when the doll makes her sleeping sound it did frighten my granddaughter initially, but after a few hours saying the doll sounded like daddy when he was asleep she was ok with the sound'

5/5  TJ 'My granddaughter loves it.The price was good value. She had it for her birthday &hasn’t put it down since!'

5/5  Vjr 'My granddaughter will love how this doll giggles when touching her feet. Can see her having so much fun.'

4/5  Melsbelle 'This was my 1 yr old granddaughter's first doll She loves it, unfortunately so does her 2 yr old brother, so they spend a lot of time wrestling it off each other - it's very durable.'

5/5  Manx 'Very fast delivery - item exactly what was looking for'

5/5  Jeannie 'Great toy would recommend for younger children'

5/5  Lainy 'I can't really comment totally about this doll as it's a Christmas present for my 3 year old grandaughter. I have tried the functions on it and they seem to be just what she'd like. She's into looking after her baby dolls so I'm sure she'll love it.'

5/5  Cigana369 'I would have preferred a more silicone touch type of doll with more lifeline features, but this one is still fun for my granddaughter.'

5/5  Bungee 'Quite a nice looking doll but the breathing and crying sounds not very good'

3/5  Caitlin 'Excellent quality doll hours of fun for imaginitaive play'

4/5  Lemon 'Bought this for a 4th birthday present and my niece really loves it. Very pleased with the purchase.'

5/5  Moonie 'Purchased for my niece, a bit smaller than expected and could be more interactive. Good price. Would recommend'

5/5  Sssss 'Lovely looking doll at a much more reasonable price than other brands. I am saving this for Christmas so can't comment on what my daughter thinks but I am sure she will love it. It makes lovely sounds . I have also bought the additional outfits and accessories for her!'

4/5  Bunty 'A wonderful little doll for a little girl into her own 'baby’. Would be a great present for a little one who has just become a big sister.'

5/5  Clairebear 'Lovely little doll for my 2 year old. Better than a basic doll as it is interactive but not much more in cost. Would definitely recommend as a 1st doll'

5/5  Ree 'I would recommend this doll it is great value for the money I payed my wee granddaughter will love it'

5/5  Nanny 'The Love Lily interactive doll took my three year old grand-daughter by surprise, as it made a range of different sounds that she was not expecting. She particularly likes the laugh and the "Mama," sounds. She's not as impressed by the sleeping, or should I say snoring sound, which is not baby-like. Nonetheless, she loves her doll and mothers it tenderly, feeding it with the supplied baby's milk bottle .'

5/5  Trayoj 'My 3 year old daughter loves this, lots of interactive sounds'

4/5  2Winkletoes 'My daughter loves this lily doll, she has a cute giggle when tickling feet and stroking face. Only thing that stopped me rating as 5 is that there is no off button and as lily is quite loud so every time the doll is touched it sets the sounds off but would definitely recommend'

4/5  Blacks1973 'My 4 year old daughter loves this baby. It makes a reasonable range of sounds it's great value for money. We have previously had a more expensive doll which proved too big and heavy so it didn't get played with much. This doll is lightweight and the perfect size for my girl and as such it travels with us everywhere. My only warning is a light hearted one that there is no slide off switch so if you tire of the baby gurgles and giggles youll have to find your screwdriver to remove the batterys.'

5/5  MrsF232 'Got this for my daughters 3rd birthday, she absolutely loved it! I’m not so sure, the sounds are a bit hit and miss, they don’t always work and her asleep breathing sounds uncannily like Darth Vader! Good little starter interactive doll for the budget though.'

4/5  Tan 'Got this for my 5 year old daughter, and she absolutely loves it! It's a great interactive doll, and also has a soft look to it (unlike some other dolls that look a little scary).'

4/5  Jemskie1 'I brought this for my daughter and she loves it , she has several other baby dolls but this one interacts with her which she loves. Great value for money too'

4/5  T1ny 'Perfect gift for granddaughter who couldn't put it down once out off box'

5/5  PAE 'We bought the doll for our two year old granddaughters birthday .i have not taken it out of the packaging yet but it looks great , it has a try me opening in the box to touch the feet and face , you can hear the doll laugh and when you lie the doll down it sounds just like she is falling asleep , so I think it is well worth the money and it seems like a good buy .'

5/5  Kirsty93 'My two year old absolutely loves this baby doll. She plays for hours with it and it’s such a good price too! Would definitely recommend. Does everything it says'

5/5  Bluegrass 'Brought this for my granddaughter she's loves it when you press the doll foot she laughs my granddaughter laughs with it'

5/5  Susan 'My 5 year daughter loves it it’s perfect and does exactly what it says it should do'

5/5  Nanni 'Got this as part of a Birthday gift for my 3year old granddaughter, she absolutely adores her baby lily, it’s amazing how satisfying & heart warming it is to watch the innocence of a child at play . Highly recommend, hours of fun for the kiddies while they listen to lily talk, giggle, and many more besides that.'

5/5  Feefee 'No dos and donts it amazing value for money'

5/5  Amy 'Bought this for my daughters birthday, she is in awe of all the interactive noises and it's the perfect size for her to carry around. She loves it.'

5/5  Mandy 'My granddaughter who is just under 2 years old enjoys playing with this doll. I think the sounds and the voice could be a bit clearer. There is a sound which Ive yet to interpret what its supposed to mean! A little pricey for what it is but id stlll recommend it'

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