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Chad Valley Babies to Love Interactive Doll and Potty Set

About the Chad Valley Babies to Love Interactive Doll and Potty Set

This lovely doll is figuring out how to utilize the potty. She has two outfits to wear and two preparing nappies to help her pick up this new skills. At the point when your most cherished sits her on the potty, there's a cute tune and the adorable bunny will illuminate. At the point when she's lifted off the potty, there's a flushing sound. Your most cherished will love the role-play game of showing their doll something new and the Chad Valley Babies to Love Interactive Doll and Potty Set is an extraordinary present for your most cherished who may also be learning these skills.

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Chad Valley Babies to Love Interactive Doll and Potty Set Reviews

4/5   'Perfect present for my 2year old daughter who loves her dolls and accessories. The little potty lights up and makes noises and has actually encouraged my daughter to use her own potty at the same time as her doll. Very durable although she loves them she's not the most gentle and the doll is still intact. Excellent value for money'

5/5  Mammap 'This doll is excellent value for money and develop role play and other key skills for any child.Choice with 2 outfits bottle nappy and potty, excellent'

4/5  MrsK 'My 2 year old loves this set. Great price for what it is. Would recommend to a friend.'

5/5  Lisa 'My daughter is just about to turn 2 years old, and she loves this doll.'

5/5  Laura 'Really great value for money I’ve bought two of these for children and they both loved it'

5/5  Karenbbbb 'My little girl loves it lots of little bits to play with and she loves the potty next to her one'

5/5  Pineapple 'My daughter loves this dolly. She is 2 and it is a lovely size for her to carry around everywhere. The potty is a highlight.'

4/5  Titch 'Brought for granddaughters birthday shell love it so did I in sale'

5/5  Shazza 'Not for children of a young age'

4/5  Sue75 'My little girl loves it. I got it to help with potty training. The doll itself and the potty are good quality and the extra clothes etc are a bonus. My only issue really is when you sit the doll on the potty it’s starts to play the tune then the doll tips back slightly and it makes the flushing noise. So you have to hold the doll in a certain position for it to play the full tune. Minor issue but annoying.'

5/5  Anna 'Really good..:) shes love it doll...'

5/5  Heidi 'Absolutely lovely little gift . Every little girl would love one of these .'

2/5  AngharadGwawr 'I ordered this as a birthday gift but had to return it as it was a lot smaller than expected. Would have been a decent gift if slightly larger'

4/5  Dawn 'Great little set with the bottle and change of clothes. Although grand daughter did try sitting on the potty. Maybe it's now time to get her own!'

3/5  Boozal 'Bought this doll for my granddaughter, I’m just pleased I got it reduced!! As would not of paid full price for it. The bottle would not stand up and thought the doll was poor quality !!'

5/5  Natalie 'Doll was great size durable great value for money.'

3/5  Deborah 'Good toy with good price'

5/5  Jackie 'I brought this for my grand daughter and she loves it great role play as potty training'

5/5  Boo 'My daughter takes this doll everywhere, absolutely in love with it'

5/5  Skye 'Great little set xxx'

4/5  Jannie 'The doll and accesories really good the potty makes farting noises which appeals to all kids'

5/5  Lawsandson 'My granddaughter absolutely loves it and only lays it down to bed when she has to go back to her house. It’s been well dragged around the house, garden and car and stood the test of time.'

3/5  Firework60 'My granddaughter loved it but it leaks as soon as she’s been fed so you need a towel to stop it going everywhere.'

4/5  Clarelou 'Bought this for my almost 2 year old and she seems to like it. Only reason I gave it 4 stars is that the potty didn’t work and had something inside rattling, luckily my husband took it to pieces and fixed it.'

5/5  Fuzz21 'Great doll for my daughter lots of fun coming with a little potte good for getting the idea for potte training'

5/5  K1980 'Bought for my nieces 2nd birthday and she loved just perfect for her little hands'

1/5  Anonymised 'Terrible quality returned and changed not worth buying'

5/5  Chloe 'I bought for my daughter when she was 18 month old. She love it. She always take a bath with the doll and even look after her . Great toy and great price.'

3/5  Ann 'It’s amazing the kid love it'

5/5  Bernie56 'A great addition in helping a child to use a potty'

5/5  Mamacheetah 'My 5yo loves it. She played with it for hours. The doll is on a smaller side which I like. It is a great value for money.'

4/5  Mally13 'Great toy brings out the child’s imagination, loves the realistic sound of the toilet and enjoys feeding time!'

5/5  Donna 'Brilliant doll for my granddaughter'

4/5  Louis 'Not much to say really , it's a good quality doll that feels strong and won't break, clothes that it comes with are a bit fiddly to put on but apart from that it's good .'

4/5  Zephyrina 'Got this for my disabled 4 year old she absolutely loves it'

3/5  Dani 'Was expecting it to be a little bigger, but works fine and my daughter loves it.'

4/5  LaurenB 'Great for a first baby doll. Not too big or heavy. Perfect for my daughter who is 18 months old.'

5/5  Lubbylou 'I brought for my friends daughter but realised she is to old for this doll which was good because I was thinking to remove the batteries as it was getting annoying but in the returned it'

5/5  Debbie 'This was bought to encourage my granddaughter to go to the toilet. She loves it, changing the clothes and sitting the doll on the potty'

5/5  Dodo 'My great niece played with it straight away'

5/5  Ail 'This is the 2nd one I have bought. Great value for money. My granddaughters love to play with them when they come to visit.'

4/5  Gfinnie 'Perfect for a 4 year olds birthday. Great interactive play'

5/5  Kj 'I get this toys for my Nice And she love it'

5/5  Angelika 'Doll work, is very nice'

3/5  Dilko 'Very nice doll my little girl loves it'

5/5  Casey 'My two year old loves playing dolls and is also potty training so this interactive doll and potty set was an ideal present. Lots of fun and imagination'

5/5  Emma 'Great doll for the price and all the accessories,'

5/5  Liam 'Brilliant look alike baby, fantastic for young children! Description was spot on and well worth the buy'

5/5  Swathy 'Great buy. Got this doll in sale.'

5/5  Af 'I bought this for my 2 years old for her birthday and she absolutely loves playing with it. The potty is great as it lights up and very fun to use with the doll.'

5/5  Maggief 'Bought it for a 2 year old who loved it. Lots of imaginative play can be had with the attachments and even a change of clothes.'

2/5  Ashley14 'Title misleading as doll is not interactive. Only the potty is'

5/5  Abie 'My daughter is 14 months and loves her doll, she picks it up feeds it puts it on the potty with no problems, the doll is durable enough to withstand play, we also bought a push chair which dolly is easily put into fab product'

4/5  Birdie 'Granddaughter loves her new "baby"'


5/5  Kirsty 'I was happy with the price I paid wasn’t too expensive compared to some shops and the staff was very helpful'

3/5  Caz 'I was disappointed with the size of this set it looks well made and lots of fun but i was expecting the doll to be bigger'

3/5  GirlR 'Never took this home returned straight away. Not as expected'

5/5  Jess 'We purchased thus doll to encourage our daughter to use her potty like the dolly does. So far so good. Very good quality and highly recommended'

5/5  Nanna 'Granddaughter loved it'

5/5  Dregish 'Lovely doll my granddaughter took hours of fun an loved the clothes'

1/5  Iphy 'Not impress'

5/5  Lovebeingmummy 'My daughter had this for her birthday she is 3. She has lots of fun playing with it'

4/5  Pip 'Cute doll, lovely set, looks like it will last and my niece was very happy with her 4th birthday present. However the 'wee' function isn't all that easy, you have to really shove the bottle into the baby's mouth. In fact out of my niece, my 6 year old nephew and my 9 year old son none of them got the knack of it until I set it up for them.'

3/5  Fifi 'My son loves potty training his baby! He plays with his doll for ages and loves changing her clothes. Great product!'

5/5  Kelly 'Seems like lots of fun for our little one. She enjoys playing with it but it hasn't got us any closer to the real thing yet! Good for keeping some interest.'

4/5  Charly 'Xmas pressie'

5/5  Nuala 'I actually brought this so that when I potty train my daughter is might go about better if she potty trains her doll but she loves it anyway definitely worth it'

4/5  Jacks 'Lovely doll my granddaughter loves it and it will help with her potty training because doll uses her potty after shes had a drink good flush noise on potty'

4/5  Tony 'Leg came off doll within first hour, delivered late and left outside'

3/5  Mum 'I did buy this doll for my friends daughters first Birthday. I would love to get one if it was made for boys. However, I did ask my friend what she thinks of the gift, her answer was - daughter absolutely loves her new doll and her 5 year old son is guiding his sister how to play with it!'

5/5  Biskit93 'Very nice toy for my daughter's friends birthday. Good price and she loves it'

3/5  Jem 'Excellent value and quality'

5/5  Jojo 'Staff amazing so friendly xx doll brillant x goddaughter hasn't stopped playing with it since got it xx'

4/5  Rose 'The quality of this product is poor. The potty stopped working (making noises) after a week. The bottle did not fit in the dolls mouth properly which resulted in water everywhere! However my daughter still enjoys playing with the doll and changing her clothes! She loves taking her in the bath and putting her on the potty even without the sounds.'

5/5  Mrs R. 'I bought this toy for my 2 year old daughter, who I am trying to potty/toilet train. It's so cute to see the way she cuddles the baby and puts her to sit on the potty.'

3/5  Blondie25 'Order was easy and very efficient staff.'

4/5  Beckie 'The baby comes every where with us. My daughter is using her for her potty training as its helping her to understand.'

5/5  Tcn 'Loved by two year old embarking on potty training'

5/5  Battyboy 'We bought this for our granddaughter for Christmas.'

4/5  Lynda 'Lovely looking doll reasonably priced .'

5/5  Louise 'Brought this for my daughter and she absolutely loves it. She enjoyed the fact that she had to potty train her baby.'

5/5  Maddie 'I buy the doll as a gift and the little girl loved it. Is good to help with potty training.'

5/5  Betty 'Very good would pay this again'

5/5  Mummyof2 'Great cheap fill. Potty makes noise too. Helps with potty training too'

5/5  Pg41562 'Good doll at great price. Hope to use it to help potty train my two yr old'

5/5  Polly 'It's a bit small for the pram I bought but at 18months it's not a problem -the doll is good value for the money'

5/5  Emily 'My daughter likes this doll. Good value for what you get'

4/5  Cath 'Bought dolly for grandchild aged 2 & half. Poor dolly has her clothes put on and off she must be dizzy. Not sure about the feeding with the bottle yet as not sure if all the water will actually come out. The potty is great and appears to live in dolly's pram! Good fun all round!'

4/5  Me 'Based on the doll my child is learning a lot by doing things with the doll such as poty training. Great doll'

4/5  Northangel 'Just what a liitle girl loves to play with.'

5/5  Debbz 'The doll looks good and my grandaughter will luke it ery much'

5/5  Vic 'I bought this for little 1 to play with while she's potty training so she can learn aswell'

5/5  Dizzy 'I went for Chad valley as I know there strong and good quality'

4/5  Sg 'Great but wud say its small so more fun for a 2-4 yr old'

4/5  Tasha 'Great little doll for teaching potty training. Very fun yet also good for teaching potty use.'

4/5  Elle 'Bought this for my niece for Christmas. When I first got it the box it comes in is very small so was a little worried that I'd choose wrong but upon opening it it looks better, doll, clothes, bottle and potty what more could a little one need.'

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