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Chad Valley Babies to Love 4-in-1 Doll's Activity UnitChad Valley Babies to Love 4-in-1 Dolls Activity Unit

About the Chad Valley Babies to Love 4-in-1 Doll's Activity Unit

The Chad Valley Babies to Love 4-in-1 Doll's Activity Unit can easily be transformed into a swing, high chair, carrier and a play gym. Coming with a huggable soft bodied doll, this lovely comprehensive play set is perfect for little ones as they engage in fun roleplay with the doll in an array of situations and activities.

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Chad Valley Babies to Love 4-in-1 Doll's Activity Unit Reviews

5/5   'Got this for our daughter’s 2nd birthday as she loves taking care of her little sister, she loves having her own doll she can cuddle and care for and the range of accessories is brilliant for all imaginative play scenarios'

3/5  Kate 'This is a great idea, I like having one item with different ways of playing rather than separate high chair, car seat and swing. However, the first one I had snapped a piece of the seat within 2hours. It isn’t very easy to click the seat onto the frame as a high chair and my daughter pulled it awkwardly and it snapped the fixture. We swapped it for a new one. It could be better made but as a cheap, simple option it’s ok, it just needs an adult to swap it from swing to high chair setting.'

4/5  David18 'My daughter loves this and plays for hours with it. Only problem with it the plastic hooks that hold it in place to swing are too thin and snap very easy. Other than that it's worth the money.'

4/5  Me 'Brought as Christmas gift for 2 year old. Loves playing with this. Easy to assemble and quick small so doesn’t take up much space.'

5/5  Hitower 'Grandaughter realy happy played for hours with this item well worth the money recommended 100%'

4/5  Watts 'Hours of fun to be had with this, and so easy to change into different uses. It is extremely thin so I am not sure it would last long but at the price it was I cannot moan'

5/5  Cw85 'Daughter loves this. Doesn't take up much room.'

4/5  Gemini 'Easy to assemble and transfer from in activity to another. Light and small enough for little ones.'

4/5  Meg 'I brought this product for my little sister. It is a very good product.'

5/5  Leo 'Absolutely great, my daughter loves this. She plays for hours with her babies and has ask me to buy another for her other baby :). I highly recommend.'

5/5  Grubby 'Very imaginative. Lots of activities to play with. Fantastic value'

4/5  Zoe 'Smaller than expected but my 2 year old loves it and has had hours of fun with it,'

5/5  Mikb 'Got 4 my daughter 4 her birthday gr8 lil present.'

4/5  Frugalmum 'Bit smaller than I expected, probably could have found measurements on the website. It also comes with a doll which I didn't realise, my daughter doesn't need another doll but she'll be delighted when she opens at Christmas! Bought with 25% odd which I think makes it about the right price.'

2/5  Loopy 'Was on my nieces birthday list and wasn’t impressed at all then the fact it broke when trying to change from high chair to swing the only good thing was it came with a little doll So took it back and changed for something else'

4/5  Kelly 'Lovely item just a little smaller than I expected'

5/5  Nina 'My 3 year old grandaughter loves playing dollies so this is just perfect as it has three in one uses'

4/5  Lou 'It is a Christmas gift so not played with it yet. I opened it to look and it looks great. Ideal for my girl as she loves dolls and has a small room.'

5/5  Jess 'I love how it has different ways you can use it! My little girl enjoyed her pram and baby before but purchased this and she doesn’t stop playing with it!'

5/5  Hpick 'My daughter loves it'

5/5  Victoria 'It is good product! Thank you!'

4/5  Willbee 'My daughter has lots of fun with this.'

3/5  Dibni 'Toddler loves it and plays woth it all the time.'

2/5  Alec 'It want easy to put together or change into the swing feature. It was smaller than expected and broke quickly'

4/5  Holli 'Great item nice size not to big great Joe one bit can be used multiple times for different ways'

4/5  Reviewer 'Daughter loves this little set. Plays with it for hours. It could be a little more durable a little flimsy for my liking. Cute little set though !!! To fiddly for a young one to change over as multi use. So get alot of................muuummm daaaaadd !'

5/5  Rhi 'I brought this for my niece and she has loved it, it broadens her imagination as it can be changed to various different styles. Very good quality and value for money I would definitely buy one again for someone or recommend to others.'

5/5  Nikki 'Bought this as a present for my 18 month old who has just started to play with dolls , she loves it . Not to high so she can reach all the stages , great price to and you even get a doll included which I didnt know when purchasing.'

3/5  Mp24uk 'This product is not built to last. It broke very quickly and although still usable I don’t think it will remain that way for long. It was a well received gift and my daughter loved her new small doll and accessories but next time I will invest in something more durable.'

5/5  SC 'Fab for the price! My little girl will love this at christmas. I did not realise it comes with a doll also.'

5/5  Don 'My little granddaughter loves it and fun to play with. Would highly recommend.'

3/5  Marcus 'Its ok not to sturdy to stay together but my wayne loves playn way it'

5/5  Rhiannon 'My niece loved it and plays with it a lot! Definitely worth the money!'

4/5  Maria 'Fantastic fun for my 5 year old. Easy to assemble and switch between the various uses. She is very happy with it.'

4/5  Goya 'The first we ordered was a much better colour scheme (not all pink!) but was very weak and snapped instantly. When the replacement arrived it was a horrible colour pink but was considerably better quality. This version is strong, versatile and very much enjoyed by my little one. Good value for money if you get the strong version!'

5/5  Granny 'I’m very impressed with this amazing activity toy, I could play with it myself!'

4/5  Roliedog 'Purchased for my grand daughters birthday, she loved it. Easy to assemble and reasonably sturdy but could be better. Happy with the price I paid.'

5/5  James 'The likes it very much'

4/5  Stacey24 'My 2 yo old daughter has lots of fun playing this. She prefers the swing option. Does require a parent to transform it into different modes but not difficult to do. Would recommend as good value for money'

3/5  Julies 'Good value for a 2year old'

5/5  Angie 'Have been told this is one of my 4yr old nieces favourite birthday presents she got. the 4 in one aspect is great, easy to assemble too. extremely good value for money'

5/5  Linda 'Excellent product, good price. Grand-daughter loved it'

2/5  Disappointed 'Item was broken so had to return. After looking at the quality decided not to get a replacement'

4/5  BAITW 'Very happy child on her Birthday'

5/5  Emma 'Great for my 2 year old and her 5 year. Old sister'

3/5  Trix 'Grandchild had hours of pleasure with toybut apart from the doll all the rest was very flimsy.'

5/5  SRR123 'Product is perfect for younger child and smaller dolls. Shame that the harness is so small on the car seat but for the price can’t complain.'

5/5  Jo 'Nice size, don't take up much room and easy to assemble'

5/5  Rach 'She was after a high chair but this so much more, she loves the soft bodied doll and feeding her with the accessories, then putting her in the swing to sleep or out in the baby carrier / car seat. It is light and feels flimsy but my 5 yo plays too and it's held out well. Overall great value, our girls happy and it keeps her very busy.'

5/5  Jaq 'Bought for my 3 yr old grandaughter and she loves it !! great value for money and she loves that it changes into so many things though she’ kept her changing her mind every two minutes ! hours of fun and one very happy grandchild !!'

1/5  AnnieR 'My 4 year old daughter opened this on Christmas Day and we found that two plastic elements and one fabric part were broken. It is either really badly made or we were sold one that had been returned broken. Although a great toy in theory, it is very small and flimsy and my daughter is so disappointed as we will be taking it back for a refund.'

5/5  Jimbles 'This was a Christmas present for my daughter. She has spent hours playing with it. It’s quite sturdy but a little bit to fiddly for her to change it herself'

2/5  Tomo 'Nice cuddly doll comes with it and a lot of accessories but we couldn’t get the seat to fit on the frame because the fixings weren’t lining up. Maybe a faulty one-off? Disappointing.'

4/5  Bigboy700 'Recommend For girls 3 and 5'

5/5  Justme 'My daughter loves this playset. It has so many options in such a compact package and she plays with it a lot. The price was very good for so many activities in one.'

5/5  Starlight 'Great item, loads in the box. Niece loved it.'

4/5  Joselane 'So sweet and my daughter is in loving.'

5/5  Amy 'Very good toy, had a bit of trouble putting it together but we did it in the end'

3/5  Mark 'Easy to put together and my daughter loves it to bits'

5/5  Raquel 'Doesn't have much quality but for the price is a very good you...'

4/5  Taff 'Great for my youngest granddaughter she carried the whole thing everywhere Great value toy for the money'

5/5  Wendmyster 'Lovely doll and she will have hours if fun'

5/5  KatieTatie 'It's a brill dolls activity unit, quite small tho so could improve the sizes'

5/5  Shaun 'Very fun and interesting play toy for children'

5/5  Anne1 'I should have expected for the price that this would be a bit naff, it’s is very small but does include a small doll that we wasn’t expecting, it is however way to small for use with a normal size baby doll, my niece seems to like it but I very much doubt that it will last longer than the Christmas period.'

5/5  Sunny 'Awful, fell apart as soon as my grandchild touched it. Wouldnt clip together properly, would have returned it if still had box/receipt.'

4/5  Drosia 'I bought this as a gift for a girl in the nursery I work. She is always playing with baby dolls and loves taking care of babies so she was more than happy with this gift!!!'

3/5  FRCmummy 'Ordered as a Christmas gift so not been opened as of yet. But for the price, it looks great. And didn't even realize that the doll is included in the price! Great x'

1/5  Jayne 'Perfect Christmas present'

5/5  Pop 'Very good for the price and also for the child’s age customer service also very good'

5/5  Chloew884 'Daughter loves playing with her doll with this worth the money bargain'

4/5  Justine 'A lot of different options from one toy, which is great for avoiding having lots of bits lying around. I know my niece (2) will enjoy it, but it is a lot smaller than I expected. However, a good little gift for any children that love dolls/babies.'

5/5  Mrs 'I wasnt aware that the swing came with a doll so i had purchased an interactive doll from the Babies to Love range to use with this toy. The other doll doesnt fit the swing tho, it is a lot smaller than i thought it would be but works great with the basic doll provided. My 2 year old loves playing with it.'

5/5  Keels 'Great value for money as converts into 4 things and also comes with a baby!'

5/5  VHardy 'Arrived quickly, looks aestheticly pleasing and a good size product.'

4/5  Heathert33 'It’s good value for money and my daughter loves it'

4/5  Chick 'Excellent product ad role play toy.'

5/5  Leah1992 'My daughter loves this i was going to keep it for xmas but gave in to letting her have it early'

5/5  Jpkers 'Granddaughter loves it only 3years but feels like a grown up.'

5/5  Morgan 'Great fun for imaginative play. Grandaughter loves it.'

5/5  Sij 'This is very simply toy for my little girl she wants to grow up and be nurse nd look after kids so i brought this so she can pratices her duties when she grown up. This is a very light doll ans has all the equitment that she nees to prsctise nd learn towards nd acheive the best thing evr i thing argor should offer more thing like this 2 help children then very fast nd diffeent.'

5/5  Chaudhry 'I buy it for my daughter and when I try to fix it one part was missing and I returned it and get new one and the function they tell us 4 in 1 is totally wrong we can’t change it properly to use other purposes I don’t recommend to but it'

5/5  Amie27 'This item is brilliant my niece loves it easy to put together will definitely be buying one for my baby when she’s here and old enough to play with it'

5/5  Liv 'Brilliant item good value for money'

5/5  Hidhi 'I brought this for my niece birthday she asked for a highchair I looked at all the other options and as most of us are shopping on a budget and this one is definitely value for money a highchair, swing and a car seat and even a added bounus of a doll. Highly recommend.'

3/5  Autumngirl 'I was very keen to purchase this for my twins but it was really flimsy and keep on coming of from every part so I wouldn’t really paid full price but because it was on sale so I bought it but regretted so much because it got broken with 15 minuets and my kids went so upset'

4/5  Kayleigh 'Not opened yet but im Sure my daughter will love it'

5/5  Lisa 'Great toy, my two year old loves it'

5/5  Geebee 'Brought as present for 3 year old god daughter, she loved it.'

1/5  Dea 'My daughter has just turned 3 and she loves her dolls, I looked at many for her birthday but this one caught my eye the frame turns into many different set ups, such as a high chair and swing etc. She absolutely loves it and has played with it everyday since she's had it. Would recommend!'

5/5  Kim 'Good value for money would highly recommend'

5/5  Homemaker 'Two very disappointed children who had decided to spend their pocket money on this toy. Crucual part missing meant having to take it back to the shop for exchange. Argos staff dealt well. Poor description in catalogue meant not clear that it was too small to use with the Chad Valley dolls they already had. Not the first time we've had a problem with this manufacturer's toys. Prepare to be let down.'

5/5  Jena 'My niece was obsessed with my sons real swing chair so I got her this for her birthday and she’s had endless amounts of fun with it'

5/5  Ann 'I bought this item for my daughter's 7th birthday and she loves it. The fact its many things in 1 makes it perfect for people with little space.'

5/5  Laura 'High chair doesn’t fit properly but good with swing and carry cot'

1/5  Ola 'My both daughters really love it. They love playing with a doll separately and with other stuff as a set. They especially love feeding and swinging. I would day it could be better quality but for this price it's just perfect!'

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