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Chad Valley Babies to Love 12 Piece Doll and Bathtime Set

About the Chad Valley Babies to Love 12 Piece Doll and Bathtime Set

The Chad Valley Babies to Love 12 Piece Doll and Bathtime Set has a limitless number of make believe scenarios little ones can explore. This forty (40) centre metre doll not only drinks but also urinates in it's all in one outfit and nappy. She cherishes bathing and this bath even has a genuine water pump functionality. Utilise the miniature toiletries to clean her and let her play with the adorable yellow duck - quack! quack! When bathtime is done, get her dry and comfortable in her lovely coloured pink robe.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 4124322
EAN/SKU: 4124322
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Chad Valley Babies to Love 12 Piece Doll and Bathtime Set Reviews

4/5   'I brought this for my daughters birthday and it’s good fun for her she loves it allways wanted play stuff like this I’ve just been waiting for it to be right price so I’m happy'

5/5  Mumof4 'My 2 yrs old toddler wanted it and we have been reminding her n encouraging her that you first need to tell us about going to the toilet for wee n poo....we are almost there.we have not used it yet but it looks brilliant for the price and comes with lots of accessories which look great quality.thanks argos.'

4/5  Fran 'Brought it for my granddaughter's birthday and she does love playing with it even though the little bits are very tiny'

5/5  Cath 'My 3yr old granddaughter just loved her baby bath doll and assrsories was bathing doll within minutes of receiving gift'

5/5  Jobee 'Great present for a friend's 2 year old girl, she loved giving baby a bath and thought it was hysterical when dolly had a wee!'

5/5  Lisa 'Great value for money love argos sales'

5/5  Mumof3 'Exectly what I had been looking for. My daughter loves this'

5/5  1nternetShopper 'Bought as a gift for my 2 yr old niece. She loves it. A range of accessories and all at a good price. Would recommend.'

2/5  Laurie 'The item was not put together properly, thankfully my son was able to rectify this problem after re-assembling it'

5/5  Lp 'Brought as a gift for my friends little one and she absolutely loved it and didn’t stop using all her birthday party. I was a little concerned as the reviews stated on some purchases the water didn’t come out but I took the chance and so glad I did. if your child loved dolls they will love this.'

5/5  Lexi 'Bought for my 4year old son. He loves it. Comes with enough accessories and when you press the tap the shower works. Would recommend'

4/5  Jackson15815 'Bought this for my daughter, I had to tape the shower bit in place so that it worked which wasn’t great but for the price I couldn’t complain too much. My daughter still very much loved this and so did her friend, they have spent hours with this toy so would still recommend it.'

4/5  Donna75 'Daughter loves dolls. It’s a basic doll but she loves playing with this in bath. The bath it comes with is great I let her play with it in the garden. My daughter has few of these chad valley dolls. These are ideal size for her to carry and also not heavy. Daughters very happy with this. So happy with this purchase.'

5/5  Hollie 'Would recommend to a friend great present for any young child who likes to bath there dolls'

5/5  Nana 'This doll was for my granddaughter and she loved it, particularly the shower unit!'

5/5  Lulu 'It was birthday present for my friend girl she loved it .. playing with it every day I would recommend it to everyone'

5/5  Mary 'Brilliant price my little girl loves it.'

5/5  Aj 'My 2 yr old niece loved it as did her 5 yr old brotherWe all loved playing with this especially the shower and had fun for more than fifteen mins'

3/5  Hightower 'Brought this for my two year old who loves to play bathing dolly! Came with lots of bathing accessories, just wish it came with a change of clothes/outfit to change the doll into!'

5/5  Chloe 'My little girl loves the shower and this is just perfect for her!'

5/5  Bomb 'A great product for girls'

3/5  Bella 'Daughter loves it but water didn’t come through the shower head'

1/5  Amelia 'The bath shower did not work and the baby leaked water around the neck. Email to argos but no response. Very dissapointed.'

5/5  Mendipmagic 'Bought this for 20 month old granddaughter and she loved the doll and bath. However, we have put the small items to one side until she’s a bit older, just in case. Will probably buy the doll some new outfits later on, as granddaughter adores Holly the dolly, and can’t leave her alone!!'

5/5  Roxanne 'Perfect set for a toddler to play. my girls are very happy with this bath set. Definitely will recommend to buy.'

5/5  Usman 'Pros: This is very cheap and my sister loved it for her 5th birthday. Cons: I thought that there was a manual for it but I was a bit silly looking for a manual.'

1/5  Pattimof 'This doll was very bad and I cannot return as it was a present but dolls head came off I was told first week the bath is fine'

5/5  LeeMc 'Excellent product. My daughter plays with it during bath time'

4/5  Tom 'Our granddaughter loves this and plays with it for hours!'

3/5  Rosie 'I bought this for my granddaughter as all her other dolls are soft bodied so couldn’t be bathed. She loves the actual bath with the shower but it wasn’t made clear that the doll was twice the size so couldn’t lay down. Either the bath needs to be bigger, or the doll needs to be smaller'

4/5  Mands 'My daughter loves playing with baby and bath while in bath very good'

4/5  JaneLikesToShop 'My baby obsessed 3 year old loves this. The baby goes in the bath and will also drink water from the bottle and have a wee afterwards. The doll didn't come with all of the accessories pictured, however. The baby grow was missing and the bottles were different from those pictured. The doll is rather ugly, but my daughter didn't seem to notice! All of the plastic bottle and jars have screw off lids, so they could be filled with bubble bath and talc to make the roleplaying more realistic.'

5/5  Louisea88 'Better than I thought it would be. Doll good as well. Daughter loves playing with it and enjoys giving her baby a nice bath. Easy to empty and clean.'

5/5  Kathy 'Bought this for my neice for christmas. She loves dolls and she could not wait to play with her doll and bath tub. A really good toy for all those children who love to 'roll play' with their doll. Would recommend to children from 3+ years'

4/5  Shorty 'My daughter loves it I would recommend she hasn't stopped playing with it since Xmas day'

5/5  Barbara 'Grandaughter loves playing with it in the bath'

5/5  Naff 'The bath set is really good for children and due to the larger size than standard its easy to clean up after and find pieces'

5/5  G 'As described'

5/5  Johnnyfive 'As what was ask for hours of fun play with doll and water'

4/5  Kat 'My little girl loves this doll and bath plays with it all the time hours of fun for us both. I'm pleased with the purchase and service received and would recommend this to a friend x'

5/5  Angie61 'Bought as a gift for my 2 year oldgranddaughter,s Christmas. She is having a new baby brother/ sister in February. Great toy and the plan is it will help her feel involved in bathing new baby.'

5/5  Saul 'Play with it all day'

4/5  Lindy52 'My 4 year old granddaughter has been having lots of fun with this doll and bath set. The shower works well and doesn't require batteries. We didn't realise that the doll feeds and wets until we got it home. Good value for money compared with other dolls. Clothes are easily put on and off. The doll could be made of a softer plastic but it hasn't put my granddaughter off.'

5/5  Tracy 'I got this for my 4 year old daughters birthday and she has played with it every day since would have loved for it to come with an out door outfit aswell would have payed a bit extra for that although she loves it xx'

5/5  Elaine 'Theses toys are so much fun to play with and are really good value my grandaughter lioves to roll play with theses toys also do I brings back so many beautiful memories of being a young child'

5/5  Naz 'Niece loves it. I bought the same for my daughter last year who has turned 4 now and she loved it. So this is the reason i bought for my niece this year who only recently started enjoying playing role play at age of 3. Hours of fun.excellent quality.'

5/5  Jackie 'My daughter loves this set!'

5/5  Missrobinson 'Great fun and learning too for our children.'

5/5  Chloe 'Brought it for my 2 year olds birthday she loves taking it in the bath with her and all the extra features you get and it wees which hopefully will help with potty training'

5/5  Rusty20 'I would highly recommend shopping within kidderminster branch, very friendly and very helpful.'

5/5  Taz14 'Brilliant toy for little one great design and quality brilliant price well worth it'

5/5  Keke 'My daughter is enjoying her package nd plays very well...it is a good quality that I can recommend anyone of Argos...'

4/5  Jo P 'Fun at bathtime with this lovely doll and bath set.'

5/5  Samrye 'Great toy bath set, my daughter loves it Lots of fun and a very reasonable price'

4/5  Looba 'I bought this doll for my niece's birthday, and although the doll is hideously scary looking, my niece loves it.'

5/5  Kay Kay 'Little girl lit with happiness as she opened this'

5/5  Beckyboop78 'Bought this for my daughter and it's lovely. Some of the higher end priced dolls aren't as nice as this one. Lovely for girls.'

5/5  Sb 'Well made and easy to use. My little girl loves to play hath time with her doll. Great addition to her dolls and accessories'

5/5  Flutterby 'I bought this for my daughter for Christmas and I was very pleased with it. She loves pushing the button to shower her dolly. Great value for money.'

5/5  Michelle 'Good product for the price .'

5/5  Nikki 'Great value for money changed a more expensive one for this at the store and glad I did does same job and comes with the doll'

4/5  Chris Leach 'A great value product with lots of accessories for hours of play.'

5/5  Cher29 'I bought this as a Christmas present for my 5 year old daughter she loves it and plays with it all the time. I was really impressed with the quality of the bath and baby and all the accessories that come with it. Would definitely recommend'

5/5  Kord 'Good quality for money and keeps my 3.5 year old niece constructively engaged'

4/5  Kaz 'My daughter loves this set. The shower can spray water when the bath tub is full. I had to buy a set of clothes for the dolly as well as it only comes with a bathrobe and nappy. Would be bettervif an extra set of clothes was included.'

4/5  Sarahy_27 'My daughter couldn't wait to get this out of the box once she unwrapped it! It was easy to set up and she can use the pump by herself to wash the baby!! All the accessories are great, she plays with them all!!'

3/5  Gabby 'Looks very cheap.'

5/5  Melissa 'Bigger and better than what I expected. Good for learning.'

4/5  Roxanne 'Overall I'm pleased with my purchase and my cousin loves it. The quality is as expected for the price and I would recommend as a gift, many hours of fun.'

5/5  Miranda28 'Great value for money'

5/5  Ellab 'We bought this for our nieces 3rd birthday. She absolutely loved it! SO much fun for her and really great quality products.'

5/5  Jackie 'I bought this for my little girls Christmas so I opened it to make sure that everything was there! Excellent size of doll! I just know my little girl is going to love it! The price is excellent aswell! Fantastic buy for little girls who love babies.'

5/5  Frog 'My grandaughter was thrilled with this.'

4/5  Billy 'Good value for the money'

4/5  Greg82 'My little girl love it play with that doll'

5/5  Tanya 'Very cute and nice doll!!!'

3/5  Gillybean 'The doll is good quality but the bath is not . Easily tips over when shower depressed'

5/5  Lulu 'This was chosen by a 9 year old girl who loves it also the 5 year old loves it too. Good purchase.'

3/5  Rebe 'My daughter absolutely love the doll and if only consider the price then is good value but if you looking for something better made. This is not the one.'

5/5  H 'Brought for my 4 year old absolutely loves it plays for hours with it'

4/5  Rob LFC 'My daughter really enjoys using this toy, she washes different dolls every time you look at her.'

5/5  Happy Mom 'A very happy little five year old who lives to play mammy.'

4/5  Drbigalt 'My granddaughter enjoys playing with it.'

2/5  Banana 'The bath and shower work great, the doll is very well made but it has a crucial flaw. It lets water in while you give it a bath and there's no way to drain it. The exit hole is only for the water than the doll drinks. So you end up with mould growing inside the doll due to the leaked water. This is the second doll I've owned and it has the same issue.'

5/5  Mum 'Bought for grandchildren great value for money grandchildren loved them'

4/5  NAZ. 'My little girl wanted this as one of her b day presents and she loves it. She plays with it and bathes her baby with her little sister. It a brilliant toy, and good value for money. The only problem was the doll doesn't have closing eyes but overall a lovely present and two very happy girls. Thank you Argos.'

5/5  Princess S 'My lil girl loves this, such good value for money'

5/5  Sharebear 'My little girl loved it and good value for money'

5/5  Mumtotwo 'Great present for a girl! My 2 year old so happy! Ecxactly what i was looking for.'

4/5  Me 'Bought this as a gift for my daughter. .. she absolutely loves it and bathes her doll every day'

4/5  Lou Lou 'Bought this alongside the buggy for my step daughters 3rd Birthday. She absolutely loves it. Once the baby has been pushed about in the buggy it's home for a bath! The accessories it comes with are just enough for imaginative play but not too many you get a bath full! The water tap which is the pump for the connecting shower works well and given the right aim covers the baby nicely. An excellent play toy for the bath.'

5/5  Will7teen 'My daughter loves this toy and the water feature is brilliant, keeps her entertained with her baby. Not only does it entertain my 4 year but also her 6 and 9 year old sisters.'

5/5  Emi 'Brought for my friends little girl as she loves her dolls, she has lots to play with but not one for when she has bath time so thought she would enjoy this and she loves it! Plus they now have a new little baby so she enjoys bathing her doll while mummy baths the new baby'

5/5  Kelseypurslow 'She loves babies anyway but she can have hours of fun with this espically with the working shower. Pleased with this purchase.'

5/5  Jay 'My little girl (7) loves it. Couldn't wait to get bathing her doll. Comes with loads of bits and bobs. Also comes with a baby which I didn't realise until I opened it so added bonus if you don't want to buy another doll.'

5/5  Vicki 'Not used as yet as for my nieces birthday but looks good'

5/5  Aggie 'Bought for grandaughter she loves her'

4/5  Rmp22 'I bought for my daughter and she's liked it, and she play all day with doll.'

5/5  Tanya 'Ideal little gift for my 3 year old for her birthday'

5/5  Ann 'Good size doll , lovely accessories , loads of fun for my little one . She's happy I am happy'

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