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chad valley babies to love 100 piece baby accessory set

About the Chad Valley Babies to Love 100 Piece Baby Accessory Set

This Chad Valley Babies to Love 100 Piece Baby Accessory Set is full to bursting with everything your most cherished needs to give tender loving care to their dolls. There is practically an unlimited number of fun playtime possibilities enabling your little ones to explore their imagination. That's not all! You can even use handy included bag to pop favourite accessories for your loved dolly when you're on the move.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 2464170
EAN/SKU: 2464170
Availability: Unknown
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Chad Valley Babies to Love 100 Piece Baby Accessory Set Reviews

5/5   'Purchased this for my daughter, she absolutely loves it, hours of fun along with the chad valley baby i also purchased.'

3/5  EOE 'Weird pack of baby care things. Lots of feeding bottles, milk bottles, lotions. Potty is too small and dummies are too big. Cardbord things are useless, last for 2 minutes. Combs, spoons, plates, nappies etc are great. Would be nice to have less bottles for good sized dummies and potty.'

5/5  Jen85 'Bought this for my daughters birthday as she loves her dolly’s. She will love pretending to feed and look after them with all these accessories. Great price too!'

4/5  Ross 'Much better than expected. Kept my niece happy for hours.'

5/5  Bernie34 'My granddaughter loves this set'

5/5  Becky 'Absolutely excellent, my girl love them and there’s plenty for all their babies. They are very pleased with this item.'

5/5  Dee 'Perfect little set for any little girls comes with so many accessories for dolls to play for hours with daughter loves them all'

5/5  Rhiannon93 'The variety within the pack is amazing. There are loads of pieces in the set and it is perfect for my daughter as when she has friends around they arent fighting over the one bottle.'

5/5  Lou 'Got this for my daughter,keeps her and her babies of course amused for hours!'

5/5  Kaysie 'My granddaughters loved all these accessories. There was enough of everything for them to feed their babies together, change their nappies and wash them. They are used constantly. Really good value.'

5/5  Fodkinson 'Bought this product for a birthday present got it on discount but would have definitely paid full price can’t fault it one bit.'

5/5  WiggleMama 'Great set and fantastic value for money! Would definitely recommend!'

5/5  Bella 'Brilliant worth the money'

5/5  Cheryl 'My 6 year girl was over the moon with this purchase she played for hours kept her very busy'

5/5  Vooghty 'A large supply of essentials for more than one dolly'

5/5  Breezey 'Granddaughter loves it. Spent hours playing'

5/5  Chelsee 'Yhis was pe4fecg for my daughter who jusf reached 5, she loves role playing with her dolls and now she has a tonne of accessories to do that with'

4/5  Georgia24 'My little boy got a toy baby for Christmas and He got some spending money and chose this set! It really is amazing value for money, you get so much in there that’s really versatile and easy to use. He absolutely loves role playing being daddy to his baby, changing his nappy and feeding him ect. Definitely recommend this set, although the only downfall, like many other dolls toys, is that they’re all pink and my little boy wanted blue but he wasn’t overly fussed once he opened it.'

5/5  Tayla 'Bought it for my neice and it is honestly amazing how much stuff you get in this for such as cheap price. Would recommend to anyone'

5/5  Missrobinson 'Great starter set for your little one to play with there babys , you will need to get another baby bag as all the bits don't fit in the bag that it comes with , great fun for your child.'

5/5  Angieb667 'The product was brilliant for my daughter she plays with it with her doll'

3/5  Nana 'Everything a little girl needs for herself and friends playing dolls and prams'

5/5  Charliebrown 'Great value for money and my daughter loves it she hasn't left it alone!'

5/5  Lindy 'Well pleased with this product everything was in what I wanted over moon.'

3/5  Nat 'We were disappointed with this, we feel that it would be a lot better if it perhaps came with less items (lots of pretend baby food) and had a little bath instead.. apart from that it’s fine for the money you pay.'

5/5  Stepmum 'Stepdaughter was happy with the amount of accessorys there was to play with keeps her entertained for hours worth the buy'

5/5  Pammy123 'I had an excellent pick up in store service. No wait & very friendly service! Our granddaughter will squeal with delight at the sight of all that a new mummy could need for her baby dollies!!! Such good value too. Thank you Argos - you've made a little girls Christmas extra special!'

5/5  Shell14 'Worth the money'

5/5  Aspen 'Bought this as a Christmas gift for my niece, she has been asking for accessories for her doll for ages so this is great.'

4/5  Hammy 'Really good purchase niece love it and great present'

5/5  Tiffy 'Absolutely amazed how much you actually get I didn’t realise to being with. Haven’t opened yet as it’s for my girls birthday but seems good ! Excited to see her open it for her dolly'

5/5  Lul36 'Bought for my 5 year old daughter as she loves playing with her dolls with this set she will play away for ages'

4/5  Vickz89 'Daughter loves this set. Great value for money'

5/5  Panda 'Plenty to play with'

5/5  1290 'Loads of baby products in this set has kept little girl occupied for weeks. Loves the nappies dummies and bottles. Cardboard food packets are not so great and includes quite a few of these but more than enough other stuff to keep them entertained.'

5/5  Jem92 'We have purchased this for our daughters 6th birthday, there is literally everything your child will need to take care of their dolls!'

3/5  Nuala 'The item is definitely worth the money but is a little on the small side for the chad valley dolls'

3/5  Yorkman 'Grand daughters present she loves it'

5/5  Kpop90 'My daughter enjoys playing with it and there are many stuff in the box.'

5/5  Gemma 'Do purchase'

4/5  Bma0312 'Great set, my daughter loves it, loads of accessories to play with multiple dolls'

4/5  Busymum1 'Lovely for pretend play. My daughter likes the bottles to open but lots don't open. Boxes are annoying as you have to put every box together.'

5/5  Steph25 'Fab for first time dolls as got everything you need for accessories'

5/5  Kelly 'Brilliant bundle this is the second one I have brought, brought one at Xmas for my niece and just purchased a second one for my daughter, brilliant for the price you get so much in it 2 happy children aged 3 and 7'

4/5  Gerty 'Purchased as a birthday gift, my granddaughter has had loads of fun playing with it.'

4/5  Foster 'Loads in the box only downside is making up the small boxes abit fiddly to do.'

5/5  Terry 'My little girl loves this item'

5/5  RReid 'We bought this set for my friends daughter and she loves it. It comes with everything her 'baby' needed. It even comes with spare bottles so she can pretend she is going out for the day and have enough. Having some multiples also allows her to share with her friends when they bring their babies over for a play date. Overall a great set.'

5/5  Sar 'She absolutely loved this - fantastic value for money, kept her entertained for hrs to, thanks argos I will definitely recommend.'

5/5  Mojoo5 'My 6 yr old daughter used her Christmas money to buy this. Loads of different items in box and we'll worth the money. She will have loads of fun playing with this pack.'

4/5  Little Gran 'Bought this for Xmas for my grandaughter, she loves it keeping her entertained for hours. Ty'

5/5  Emma29 'Great little girl loves it lots to play with & brought when reduced so great value!!'

5/5  Joeblogs 'Great value for money'

5/5  Trina 'Granddaughter is enjoying playing with this item always packing a bag up for her dolls to go out with'

4/5  CT 'The kids have loved playing with all the bits in this kit. There is so much. I am very impressed with the quantity for the price. We don't have a Chad Valley doll, but it works with our doll just the same.'

4/5  Satsuma 'Bought this for my five year old daughter who loves playing with her dolls. She loves this set. Would recommend.'

5/5  Charlie 'Perfect for my daughter that loves babies'

5/5  Sammy37 'Good product grandchildren loves it'

5/5  Jaz 'Its a brilliant baby set for my daughter even my son likes playin with it with his baby shoulda have bought it earlier, highly recommend'

5/5  Am 'Excellent value for money. Enough items supplied to just use some at a time and replace when worn out or lost etc'

5/5  Niks 'Not opened yet as it's for Christmas my daughter is only 2 an i m sure she will love it'

5/5  Linz 'Beautiful accessories to add to my daughters games with her babies.'

5/5  Mammy 21 'Bought this for my 4 year old daughter who loves her dollies. This is the perfect gift for any child that loves their dollies. So much items for the money and hours of imaninary play.'

4/5  Vikkiw 'Good choice of baby items. I think my daughter wont need them all'

4/5  TeeZah 'The Accessory Set is great fun. My girls really love there is so many different things to play with. Keeps them busy and plently things so no fighting over one thing. The only down side is that the potty is really small cant really put a baby doll on there unless its proper small.'

3/5  Jess 'It's full of cardboard packets... Which will last five minutes, however the other contents are not too bad and for a little girl who adores anything to do with babies it's perfect.'

5/5  Tammie 'Youngest daughter will be over the moon with this item because it's got everything in the bag that a little girl needs for to play with her babies'

5/5  Sambora 'Brought this for my daughter and she loves it. Had got everything a doll needs to be looked after.'

5/5  Pat 'My granddaughter loved this loads of different items for her to play with'

5/5  Cas 'I was amazed at how many super dolls items were in the pack. Enough for birthday and Christmas! All you need in a dolls accessory kit. Used by my gran daughter immediately. Super for role play, nurseries, schools etc.'

5/5  Jess 'I bought this for my friends little girl and she was two even tho she is for 3 plus and was just amazed at the quality of some of the items she was soooo happy with items highly recommend'

4/5  Gem Gem 85 'Great value for the money, need plenty of storage boxes though to store them.'

5/5  Chelsea 'Was very cheep for what it is daughter loves playing with it and playing Mommy'

5/5  Mum40 'My daughters love all this stuff highly recommend'

5/5  Natalie 'Amazing my daughter loves it'

5/5  Sophie 'Fantastic my stepdaughter loves it soon much I even love playing dolls with her she is pre-paring for when her baby sister arrives in 2months we also got the chad vally baby to so it all fits perfectly thankyou'

5/5  Cherryblossom 'Bought this for my 2 year old daughter and she absolutely loves it. It's great for imaginative play and she loves changing and feeding her baby doll. All of the items are good quality and a good price for what you get.'

5/5  MrsW 'My 2year old loves her baby and this is the perfect extension to her 'care' of baby.'

5/5  Toodle 'Bought for my 2 year old for birthday. She has not got it yet but know she will be over the moon as loves playing with her dollies and bags.'

5/5  Shelley P 'Got this for one of my lil girls 8th bday presents she loved it.'

5/5  Mother Of 2 'Really good quality, bought for my 4 year old daughter for her dolls and she loves it! Comes with everything imaginable, really recommend :) oh and the nappies are the cutest!'

5/5  Holly 'This is a brilliant product, my 4 year old daughter loves playing with all the great items. Great for building on all the different types of delopments through role play and imaganite play. I would reccomend this item.'

5/5  Lyn 'Bought with Baby to Love Interative Doll Lilly, with the pram/carry/carrycot and clothes. My 2yr old Granddaughter loves everything.'

5/5  Kirsty39 'Fantastic product for fantastic money :-) my daughter (and son at times) has hours of fun'

5/5  Vanessa.haworth1991 'MY DAUGHTER LOVED IT'

4/5  Mogie 'My gran daughter thought the play items were terrific. There were lots of items in the package and she spent a lot of time having fun with them. It set her imagination on fire.'

5/5  Abby 'So good we had to buy another one for our other niece'

5/5  Phil '1st class product that captures the imagination instantly, ensuring hours and hours of fun play. Expertly utilised by my Grand daughter..'

4/5  Mumsy 'A lot of tiny little toys for girls to enjoy. I on the other hand felt a bit overwhelmed...so much to tidy away!'

5/5  Mezza 'This product is amazein my daughter loves it'

5/5  A.faisal 'Brought this for my daughter she loves it got so many pieces from bottles to nappys keeps her well occupied would defiantly recommend my daughter is 8 .'

5/5  Kirsty93 'Great product and fantastic customer service really happy with overall service thank you argos'

5/5  Ann-marie 'Brought for Xmas my daughter is going to love it x'

5/5  Grandma 'This product would feed the imagination of any little 2- 68 year old. Attractive colours, and safe for its recommended age group, also most of the hundred items would be easy to wash and keep hygienic . Thank you'

5/5  Ca 'Soo worth the money my little girl will love it when xmas comes highly recommend this'

5/5  Nanny Mac 'This was bought for my grand-daughter, there is a huge variety of items that will keep her entertained for hours, great for role play, amazing value for money.'

5/5  Twain11 'My little girl has hours of fun with this item! She plays shops with her friends, uses it to play with her dolls too! Only problem is 150 peices always end up on the floor for ME to tidy up afterwards! Haha! Very happy with item and highly recommend'

5/5  MrsHanger 'Comes in a huge box so will look great in the present pile come Christmas Day, all accessories visible in packaging so I could see what I was getting for my money and I was really pleased with it for the price. My nearly 6 year old loves her dolls so this will be absolutely adored by her and she will get hours of entertainment for the price. Bought during 3 for 2 toy event so got a great bargain!'

4/5  Jane21 'This is a really great set. This keeps my daughter entertained for hours. Good value for money'

4/5  Jayne 'My 2 year old spends hours playing with her dolls & this was just perfect for her, it has so many baby items that she never gets bored using them. The cardboard pieces are a great touch to. Overall it keeps her happy with her pretend play dolls.'

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