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Chad Valley Design A Friend

Your most cherished will love exploring their creative side with the Chad Valley DesignaFriend range, a range which provides the perfect opportunity to allow innovative sides to flourish. Whether your little one is an emerging fashion designer, a budding photographer or has their own vibe they're sure to find a kindred spirit during their creative play with these amazingly detailed multi faceted themed dolls. Little ones love to style and tailor their own DesignaFriend, personalising the dolls with fantastic mix and match looks to create something they absolutely adore.

Chad Valley DesignaFriend dolls - or design a friend if you prefer! - make the ideal friend for your most cherished. Each and every doll has luxuriously soft hair which is a delight for little ones to style and comes gorgeously packaged in soft tissue paper. On top of that your most cherished can wear the included stunning bracelet and jot down style notes in their very own fashion diary!

Looking to add the wow factor to your DesignaFriend doll? We've got you covered! Whether it's weekend accessories and a shoe selection that's needed so your doll can hit the town there's sure to be something that'll add the finishing touches to an outfit. That's not all - there are a plethora of accessories ranging from a simple underwear set to the more extravagant including an absolutely stunning dolls house. With items regularly added and existing classics refreshed to keep up with the latest trends your dolls are sure to look the part. On top of stylish new outfits grab a unique charm with each new look to add to your charm bracelet. Make your own DesignaFriend dolls world.